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October 13, 2015

Dawn French

Hugh Laurie going off before he became House

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 7th 2009 7:45PM
A rather amusing video popped up on the Internet's neverending series of tubes earlier this week: one of Hugh Laurie's early acting gigs as a rather rude person.

Laurie plays the world's worst customer service clerk in this instructional video opposite Jennifer Saunders, star of Absolutely Fabulous and one-half of the comedy duo French & Saunders, called How to Lose Customers produced by John Cleese's Video Arts company. Laurie not only becomes the rudest clerk since the dark days of Service Merchandise, but Saunders becomes one of the few people to successfully put the overbearing House in his rightful place.

[via Fark]

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Ab Fab creator back with two new series

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 6th 2006 9:08AM
Jennifer SaundersBBC America has teamed up with Ab Fab creator Jennifer Saunders to produce two new series for the network - one of which reunites Saunders with Ab Fab's Joanna Lumley and longtime partner Dawn French. And, get this, both series are being produced by Jon Plowman, who oversaw the UK's Office and Extras. Does comedy news get much better than this?

The first show - Clatterford - is being compared to the Golden Girls with Lumley and Saunders playing women's club members in a small English town. Lumley is an eccentric stirring up trouble, and Saunders is the town busybody. Dawn French and Sue Johnston are also on board.

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The Vicar of Dibley to be remade in the U.S.

by Brett Love, posted Sep 21st 2006 10:09AM
Vicar of DibleyFox has announced plans to make a pilot based on the UK hit The Vicar of Dibley. The Americanized version will be renamed The Minister of Divine. Of course, bringing comedies across the Atlantic to be retooled for the American audience is nothing new. What does remain to be seen is whether this latest attempt leans more toward the updated Office, or the updated Coupling.

The Vicar of Dibley tells the story of Geraldine Granger (Dawn French). She comes to the small town of Dibley after their ancient vicar dies. Initially she encounters some reluctance, but eventually her outgoing spirit breathes new life into the failing congregation. Most of the show focuses on Geraldine and her interactions with the collection of misfits that make up the church council. It's very English and very funny.

Now if someone would bring Black Books across the pond, we'd really be in business...

[ via Digital Spy ]

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The Office: Episode 11

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 9th 2006 5:21PM
The Office
(S02E05) I always refer to this episode as "the one where Tim and Gareth kiss" or "the one where Tim and Dawn kiss". However, everyone else does a lot of "um"-ing and "uh"-ing until I mention David's infamous dance. Yes, yes. It's "the one where David dances", but, gosh, so much more happens. All the events in this episode prepare us for the season finale, when feelings are sure to be hurt, hearts are sure to be broken, and fools are sure to be... uh... made... out of.

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