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October 10, 2015


Bill O'Reilly Points Finger at Jon Stewart on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 4th 2010 2:30AM
The O'Reilly Factor, Jon StewartJon Stewart appeared on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weeknights, 8PM and 11PM ET on FNC) last night, and was given a little what-for on how he presents Fox News on 'The Daily Show.' After some frightening finger-pointing by Bill O'Reilly, Stewart finally conceded a few things.

"Fox News is the most passionate and sells the clearest narrative of any news organization, if that's how ... are you still referring to it in that manner?" said Stewart.

O'Reilly answered, "Right, that's how the poll referred to it. Nobody had any problem with it. Only you."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Jon Hamm on 'Saturday Night Live': Clip Highlights (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jan 31st 2010 11:20AM
Saturday Night Live, Jon Hamm, 2010A clean-shaven Jon Hamm hosted 'Saturday Night Live' this week, and the 'Mad Men' star brought the laughs during his second time hosting the show -- especially as a "crazy sexy" saxophonist named Sergio.

The 'SNL' crew also took the politicians to task with bits on Obama's State of the Union speech, Sen. Scott Brown's new gig, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor's visit to Weekend Update. All that, and some Michael Bublé tunes.

Watch the videos after the jump.

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What You Missed Last Night: Democrats are just like Kevin on The Wonder Years

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 28th 2010 11:29AM
Ah, The Wonder Years. Kevin's older brother used to tease and bully him all the time. Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart used a clip from the show to illustrate what Republicans are supposedly doing to Democrats right now on healthcare, tax cuts, and many other issues.

He also makes a football analogy that no one in the audience gets.

[Watch clips and episodes of The Daily Show and other shows at SlashControl.]

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Democrats ask MSNBC's Ed Schultz to run for the Senate

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 6th 2010 10:00PM
The Democrats are getting desperate to retain the baboon hair thin majority they have in the Senate.

How desperate are they? They actually asked political TV shouter Ed Schultz to run for a vacant seat.

The pundit and host of MSNBC's The Ed Show got a call from Democratic Rep. Merle Boucher asking him to run for retiring North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan's vacated seat.

Schultz hasn't said whether he'll run one way or the other but when he does, expect his booming voice to knock out a few car windows and the occasional fragile wine glass. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Top TV Stories of 2008: The election - VIDEOS

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 2nd 2009 2:00PM
MSNBC Decision 2008
What was the top TV story of the year? The choice was obvious to all of us, and probably all of you, too: The election. The 2008 race for the White House was not only historic, it was dramatic and played out more on TV with recognizable star personas than any election in recent memory.

And like a great TV show, it was a season-long run of highs and lows, tension and release, defeat and victory. Along the way, Americans made a choice about who will run the country for the next four years, but they were also entertained by a near constant barrage of media coverage in the form of maximum cable news, thousands of commercials, daily political commentary both serious and comic, a plethora of debates, and -- naturally -- Saturday Night Live's take on it all.

It all started about a year ago in the cold of Iowa and New Hampshire...

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Obama's acceptance speech has been supersized

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 9th 2008 9:03AM
Crowd with ObamaNow that the Democratic party has decided to present the final night of their convention from Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver before as many as 80,000 enthusiastic voters -- a venue that will underscore Senator Barack Obama's skill as a speaker -- the networks are deciding how they want to cover the event. Will the big three give the Democrats the entire night? One hour, two hours?

Will ABC and CBS be compelled to cover the night, when NBC and Fox have the option of using their cable outlets and keep entertainment on the broadcast side?

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The Simpsons: E. Pluribus Wiggum

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 6th 2008 10:31PM

(Jon Stewart appears on The SimpsonsS19E10) "To Springfield!"

"Which one?"

"The one where The Simpsons live."

My oh my, was this a jam-packed episode of The Simpsons or what? I haven't seen this many sight gags in one installment of the show for the longest time. Not only that, but this was probably the first episode of the season where Homer and the rest of the family took a back seat to the rest of Springfield's citizens.


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Questions for CNN/YouTube debate due Sunday

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 19th 2007 4:11PM
youtube; cnn; anderson cooperBy now many of you have probably heard about the upcoming presidential debates put on by CNN and YouTube. The first one is on Monday night, where the democratic presidential candidates will debate in South Carolina. CNN is soliciting questions and asking people to upload their questions to YouTube. So far, CNN has received 1,400 questions via YouTube.

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The Daily Show: June 4, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 5th 2007 9:04AM
Jon StewartIt took me a few moments before I knew what was going on, because I hadn't heard this tuberculosis news yet. I've been busy, okay? Anyway, I Googled the news and, I must say, that is terrifying. Sigh... Now Greece hates us, too.

Clusterfuck to the White House: There was another Democratic debate and, this time, Wolf Blitzer decided to try some new things, including vague details about specificity and fun hand-raising activities.

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MSNBC and FOX News to air debates this spring

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 9th 2007 6:33PM

MSNBCMSNBC has just announced that they will air the first debate of the 2008 Presidential campaign. The network will have the first Democratic party debate at South Carolina State University on April 26. A few weeks later, on May 15, FOX News will air the first Republican party debate from South Carolina.

Um...wait a second. The election isn't until November of 2008 but the debates are already starting this April? More than a year and a half before the election? Has this always been done? I usually pay close attention to these things but I can't remember them starting this early before.

Then again, all the supermarkets and drugstores had Christmas candy on the same shelves as Halloween candy a few months ago, so I guess everything starts early these days.

[via TV Newser]

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The Daily Show: November 27, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Nov 28th 2006 9:32AM
Jon Stewart"Mess O' Potamia": Of course, we've been stuffing our fat faces full of turducken or participating in Black Friday (or Cyber Monday and it's buddy, Identity Theft Tuesday... the mention of which caused me to do the weirdest little laugh) to really know what's been going on in the Middle East, so here's a quick update... Iraq just experienced its bloodiest week since the beginning of the war. Matt Lauer says it's okay to call it a civil war now. We've been in Iraq longer than we fought in World War II. John Oliver is still awesome. That is all.

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The Daily Show: November 14, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Nov 15th 2006 8:07PM
Jon Stewart"Mess O' Potamia": Call for a new Secretary of Defense... The administration is looking for someone with fresh eyes and open ears (the picture of the perfect candidate was actually really scary... like, scarier than Rummy, heh). Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver briefly talked about all the ways that Congress may or may not be Bush's bitch. Oliver's attempt to be snippy was absolutely hilarious... I loved hearing "Know what I'm saying?" in his crisp, British accent. Okay, um, yeah. I think I may be falling in love with John Oliver. That is all.

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Funny Zucker campaign ad

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 12th 2006 1:54PM

elephantDavid Zucker, one of the men behind Airplane!, The Naked Gun, and, probably my favorite, Top Secret! created a hysterical campaign ad for the Republican party that features a faux Madeleine Albright making nicey-nice with evil dictators and terrorist while they continue to wreak havoc on the world. Drudge reports that the ad was rejected by the GOP for being too over the top. I find it hard to tell if the ad is really meant as a slam against Democrats, or his own satirical view of how Republicans see anyone who's opposed to them. Did Zucker really think this would be used, or was he just having some fun? I don't really know, I just sit back and enjoy it, because it is really funny. Check it out after the jump.

[via Best Week Ever]

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The Daily Show: September 25, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Sep 26th 2006 5:41PM
The Daily Show"Truculence!": FOX News' Chris Wallace was being a real douchebag (lack of a better word... except maybe "prick") to Bill Clinton during his interview. Surprisingly enough, Clinton fought back really aggressively and really let Wallace have a piece of his mind. Clinton also said some really solid, informative things, but, no no, the media wanted none of that and focused solely upon Clinton's outburst. Jon did a really good bit here. I suppose he felt even more compelled to back up Clinton because the man was a (really great) guest on The Daily Show just last week. Senior Media Watchdog Samantha Bee briefly elaborated on the issue.

We -- and by "we", I mean "I" -- interrupt this post to mention some nifty news: America: The Book is now in a paperback teacher's edition! Burn your hardcovers and buy these new ones (Amazon.com has a nice clip of Jon talking about the paperback).

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The Daily Show: May 15, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted May 16th 2006 1:37PM
The Daily ShowJon Stewart attempted to summarize Bush's speech, despite taping The Daily Show a few hours before the speech even aired. Bush has decided to tap Mexicans' phones. Donning his ever-accurate Bush impression, Jon said, "Jose hasn't been using his phone... I think he might have made the move North."

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