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October 13, 2015


Jonathan Saves Dick Cavett From John Hodgman on 'Bored to Death' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 25th 2011 2:00AM
'Bored to Death' - 'The Black Clock of Time'Jonathan's arch-nemesis Louis Green (John Hodgman) was back, and this time the two were booked on Dick Cavett's new talk show, which mean instant fun on 'Bored to Death' (Mon., 9PM ET on HBO). Louis and Jonathan are always brilliantly hilarious together.

Hodgman is so delightfully evil in this role, that it was a hoot watching him lose his mind when Jonathan's segment was going so well, Louis got bumped. In an attempt at revenge, he intends to drop the curtain, but winds up going much further.

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'Dick Cavett Show' Audience Member Recalls the Day a Guest Died

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 25th 2010 10:10AM
Dick Cavett'The Dick Cavett Show' has long been a talk show of legend. It not only broke the traditional late night mold of jokey sketches and characters, but it also birthed a long list of interesting and historic television moments from the famous "Woodstock" show to his public support of John Lennon as he faced deportation that scored him a special mention on the Richard Nixon tapes.

One of the most infamous moments resurfaced on television when Cavett made a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night'. Cavett recalled one episode that the public never got to see because a guest, Dr. James Rodale, actually died on tape.

The episode has never seen the light of day even though the tape still reportedly exists in the network's vault, but Kathy Starcher of Bridgeport, Conn. sat in the audience for that show and recalled what it was like to watch a TV moment that only a few people have ever seen. Read our interview with Mrs. Starcher after the jump about her fleeting foray into TV history.

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Dick Cavett: 'A Guest Dropped Dead on My Show' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 11th 2010 5:20AM
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Dick Cavett had a guest die on his showOh these wimpy late night hosts these days. They'll whine about the dumbest things. Contracts schmontracts. But have they ever had a guest DIE on their show?

Dick Cavett stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (weeknights, 12:35AM ET on NBC) to talk about the experience. Not only that, but the guy was a health expert! Talk about boring a guy to death. (Hey, Cavett's words – sort of - not ours.)

Watch the video after the jump.

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10 TV Talk Shows We Wish Hadn't Bit the Dust

by Leonard Jacobs, posted Jan 23rd 2010 10:00AM
And another one bites the dust.

Tyra Banks had long been contemplating ways to forge an Oprah-style media empire well before the debut of her eponymous talk show in 2005. Setting aside her guest shots on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' in the 1990s, Banks decided to establish her TV-Q as a host by successfully launching 'America's Next Top Model' in 2003. That gave her the clout to fashion 'The Tyra Banks Show' -- which she segued to just three months after leaving the runway -- into something that was part tabloid, part tasteful.

Now that Banks has announced she's ending her talk show this season -- she'll be focusing on her production company, Bankable Studios, among other projects -- we formally add 'The Tyra Banks Show' to the pantheon of great talk shows we wish hadn't bit the dust.

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Dick Cavett interviews Jerry Lewis - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted May 20th 2007 8:01AM

jerry lewisI'm too young to have watched the Dick Cavett Show, thought I did enjoy his cameo in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

Anyway, thanks to YouTube and other such sites folks like me can finally see clips from some of these old TV shows, and I must say I'm glad I came across the one below with Jerry Lewis.

Lewis talks about his critics, and it's impressive, to me anyway, that he's willing to listen to a critic who doesn't like him if the critic is competent and has a clear love of film. He even claims to have written to critics and thanked them for negative reviews. Now that we have the blogosphere it's hard for me to imagine such an exchange taking place. If anything, I'd imagine an actor would respond to a negative review by posting something nasty about the reviewer on their own blog. And then I would write about that exchange on this blog.

The video is after the jump. After the commercial break is a brief Q&A with the audience, which isn't especially interesting or revealing.

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Carrie Nye dead at 69

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 19th 2006 9:55AM
Carrie NyeNye was a veteran stage, TV and movie actress. She died of lung cancer last Friday at her home in New York City.

Besides her long career on the Williamstown, MA and Broadyway stages (Half A Sixpence, Second String, The Man Who Came To Dinner, The Trojan Women, Real Inspector Hound, and others), she appeared in episodes of Hart to Hart, St. Elswhere, Hallmark Hall of Fame, and other shows, and had two different recurring roles on Guiding Light. One as Susan Piper in the mid 80s, and one as Carrie Carruthers in 2003, in one of the stupidest plot lines I ever saw on the show (please, don't get me started...).

Nye might be equally famous for who she was married to: talk show host and writer Dick Cavett.

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