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October 4, 2015


Get Ready to Experience 'Life' on the Discovery Channel

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 19th 2010 4:30PM
LifeTake the voice of one of the world's most iconic women, Oprah Winfrey, add extraordinary wildlife visuals from the makers of 'Planet Earth' and what do you get? Discovery Channel's newest surefire hit documentary, 'Life.'

The nature series premieres March 21 from 8-10PM ET across seven Discovery Communications properties: Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science Channel, Discovery Health Channel and Planet Green. Subsequent episodes will air only on the Discovery Channel from 8-10PM ET until April 18.

'Life' comes from a partnership between the BBC and Discovery, much like the other hit nature documentary 'Planet Earth.'

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Discovery Channel also going 3D

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 6th 2010 10:29AM
The only way a 3D version of ESPN could be cooler is if ESPN aired some kind of awesome competition at the X-Games that involved skateboarders and sharks.

So until some stoned extreme sports team organizer invents "sharkboarding," we'll just have to settle with a three-dimensional Discovery Channel.

The network is teaming with Sony and IMAX to launch its own 3D, 24-hour channel by 2011. It doesn't say exactly what the programming will entail, but expect a lot of giant man-eating animals trying to jump out of your TV and claw their way up the food chain.

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Cash Cab becomes iPhone game app

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 17th 2009 4:02PM
Cash CabAre you the kind of person who watches Cash Cab (and you do because admit it, you can't not watch it when it's on) and thinks you could do ten times better than the dunderheads that Ben Bailey just picked up?

Do you know the answer to every question before they fly out of the host's mouth faster than a New York cabbie hurling a curse word out of his window during bumper-to-bumper gridlock?

Then prove it. Put your iPhone where your mouth is because Discovery and Capcom have released a new Cash Cab game app for the device.

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The Duggars welcome number 17 to the clan

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 7th 2007 9:30AM

Michelle Duggar and newest family member Jennifer DanielleIf you're a fan of the channels that make up the Discovery Communications kingdom then you have probably seen Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 16 children in one of their specials. Maybe it was Raising 16 Children, where we were introduced to the Duggar clan, or On the Road With 16 Children, which focused on their trip to Disneyland. Or, perhaps, you may have caught Creating an Independent Country With 16 Children, which was shown only once and removed from the air by the government (and, if you watched that special, they would like to have a word with you. Something about conspiracy).

Well, get ready for another slew of specials because Michelle, Jim Bob, and all of their J-named children have welcomed a new baby girl into the brood. Jennifer Danielle Duggar was born on August 2nd at 10:01 in the morning. She weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 21 inches long. Jennifer is the seventh girl to be born to the Duggars, who previously had six girls and 10 boys, including two sets of twins. Mother and baby are doing just fine and Michelle is already saying she'd love to have more children.

By the way, I was serious about a new set of specials. Discovery Health will premiere a new Duggar show in September that will feature Jennifer Danielle shortly after her birth and at home with her family.

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Animal Planet plans tribute to Steve Irwin

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 6th 2006 8:04AM

Animal Planet plans a tribute to Steve IrwinThe partnership between Animal Planet (owned by Discovery Communications Inc.) and the late Steve Irwin can be traced to the network's inception in 1996. Back then, Irwin's series The Crocodile Hunter was one of the initial offerings of the fledgling network. The pairing of the two resulted in Irwin becoming an international star and Animal Planet reaching 160 countries across the globe. That's why it's no surprise that Animal Planet channels around the globe will honor Irwin on Sunday, September 10th with an all-day marathon of Best of the Croc Hunter programming.

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