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October 10, 2015


Family Guy: Saving Private Brian

by Brett Love, posted Nov 6th 2006 10:35AM
Stewie - Family Guy(S05E04) The ARMY, awwwww yeah. Finally, baseball is over and it can quit interfering with our television programs. It's been so long since a new Family Guy that this almost felt like a season premiere. The wait was worth it though, as they delivered the best episode of the young fifth season.

That was probably due in part to giving Stewie and Brian a big adventure. I always prefer their stories to those involving Peter. It's tricky with Peter. I think less is more. When they use Peter extensively, he can be grating. Tonight was just right. The Full Metal Jacket/Stripes angle for Stewie and Brian was great, right down to the Stripes music during the obstacle course. And Louis Gossett Jr. as Sergeant Angryman is a nice bit of casting.

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Dr. Katz speaks to The Onion

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 20th 2006 2:05PM
dr. katzJonathan Katz, like Norm MacDonald, is someone who I knew quite well from his stand-up comedy long before he ever carved out his little niche on television. Katz's brand of comedy was very dry and very subdued, and certainly not everyone's cup of tea, since Katz was, in his own words, "a comedian trapped in the body of an accountant." His quiet demeanor and razor wit wouldn't quite jibe with audiences until Dr. Katz, Profesional Therapist came along and he was teamed up with a comedian as equally dry, H. Jon Benjamin. I assume that all this comedic dryness caused some kind of respiratory problems and that a humidifier had to be brought into the studio to correct this. This is the darker side of comedy not many people talk about anymore. Anyway, Katz was recently interviewed over at The Onion's AV Club where he talked about his stand-up days, Dr. Katz, and continuing to work while dealing with multiple sclerosis.

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Dr. Katz coming to DVD in May

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 20th 2006 12:32PM
dr katzTo modify a line from an old SNL routine of Al Franken's, the next few months are looking good for me, Adam Finley. First I find out Wonder Showzen is coming out on DVD, and now the first season of another favorite show of mine, the sorely missed Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, is also getting the digital versatile treatment. Dr. Katz, like the first season of Home Movies, was filmed in SquiggleVision, an animation technique in which the characters would wiggle and vibrate on the screen. It featured comedian Jonathan Katz as a therapist to several stand-up comics who would come on the show and basically just do shtick. The first season comes out May 9 and will feature audio commentary from co-creators Jon Katz and Tom Snyder (not this Tom Snyder, a different one) and guest stars Ray Romano and Dave Attell. According to TvShowsonDVD it's unclear as to whether or not H. Jon Benjamin, who played Katz's son Ben, will be featured on the audio commentary.

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