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October 10, 2015

Dylan Ratigan

Ted Rall Discusses the Violent Overthrow of Government on 'The Dylan Ratigan Show' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 9th 2010 3:52PM
Appearing on 'The Dylan Ratigan Show' (weekdays, 4PM ET on MSNBC) left-wing cartoonist Ted Rall brought up the specter of a violent overthrow of government during a discussion of his new book, 'Anti-American Manifesto.'

"I argue that violence is the last case scenario. It's the worst case, nobody wants it. It's easier to go other routes," Rall explained. "But we've seen for the last two years, since the economy melted down, that neither the Democrats nor Republicans nor any possible third party is poised to step in."

"In terms of passive resistance, the American left has been very peaceful since the early '70s, since the Kent State shootings," he continued. "And where has it gotten us? Millions of people marched against the war in Iraq. What did it do?"

Hinting at the violent overthrow of government rarely helps you win an argument (Just ask Sharon "Second Amendment Remedies" Angle.) However, it probably isn't a terrible strategy if you want to sell a book.

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Dylan Ratigan Responds to Drama Between Bill O'Reilly and 'The View' With Epic Anti-War Rant (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 15th 2010 1:25PM
Appearing on 'Morning Joe' (weekdays 6 AM ET on MSNBC), Dylan Ratigan emphatically expressed his opinion that the media and our politicians are distorting the nature of our enemy in the Islamic world by not focusing their sights solely on Saudi Arabia and Wahhibi extremists.

"There is a core issue here," Ratigan explained. "Which is there is a small group of well-funded Wahhabi extremists, funded by the Saudi Arabian government, to whom we gave money. . . Those guns, that money, to Wahhabi extremist Muslims in Saudi Arabia. The only ones who have ever killed us. Them."

"We are not at war with Islam, we are not war with Muslims, we are not at war with Afghanistan, we are not at war with Iraq, Iran, it's nonsense," Ratigan continued.

Then he opined that the media and our political leaders do everyone a dangerous disservice when they don't single out Wahhabi extremist Muslims from Saudi Arabia, "as the only people who have funded a terrorist attack, from that part of the world, on us."

Ratigan has long been known for ability to fire off seemingly off-the-cuff, but articulate, rants. He may have just delivered his most epic one yet.

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'Morning Meeting' Host Dylan Ratigan Apologizes for Being Rude

by Scott Harris, posted Dec 22nd 2009 1:00PM
Dylan Ratigan Morning Meeting on MSNBCAs Congress winds up deliberation on government health care reform, the issue is getting other people wound up as well -- on the air.

According to the Associated Press, MSNBC's 'Morning Meeting' host Dylan Ratigan has issued an apology for a live confrontation with congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Florida who appeared on the show last Friday to discuss the health care reform bill with Ratigan.

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MSNBC also apologizes for using wrong Palin footage

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 20th 2009 7:12PM
If you're playing a TV news drinking game wherein you and your dumb little buddies have to do a shot every time someone posts fake footage or film for a story, you might want to think about switching to Tang.

Now MSNBC's Morning Meeting has been caught dipping their hand in the Photoshopping jar when they aired rather obvious fake photos of Sarah Palin while doing a diss-session on the former VP candidate and her never ending book tour. Seriously, why is there this much coverage over one book? Even The Never Ending Story has an ending.

Dylan Ratigan issued an official apology to the viewers, Palin and her family for "mistakenly" using the doctored images. He also said he and the network took the weekend to ensure this would not happen again. I guess that means there's one less email forwarding fratboy on MSNBC's research payroll now.

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Weird TV moment of the week: CNBC and "what have you got?" - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 31st 2008 11:55AM
CNBC logoThere was a time when I watched CNBC all of the time. I got to know the anchors and the reporters, memorized many of the company symbols flying by at the bottom of the screen, and even watched Power Lunch every single day at noon. I don't watch it that often anymore, though it has been fun to tune in here and there during the current Wall Street crisis (and by "fun" I don't mean the crisis has been fun, I mean the coverage of it).

But I'm not sure that even die hard fans of the network would be able to explain the video after the jump. It's from a segment the other day with Charles Gasparino, Dylan Ratigan, and Melissa Lee. Ratigan and Lee, on the floor of the stock market, are trying to get Gasparino, in the studio, to talk about Merrill-Lynch. But Gasparino can't get the phrase "what have you got" out of his head and just keeps talking about it, as Ratigan and Lee try to get him to move on. It's all very strange, but those are the best kinds of live TV moments, right?

And remember: "what I got is not what I have." Someone make a t-shirt or bumper sticker with that phrase and sell it on CafePress.

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