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October 9, 2015


Some of those reality show participants deserve Reality Hell

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 24th 2009 11:03AM
Reality HellWhen reality shows first started to gain a lot of traction after Survivor, I had a tendency to at least sample most of what's on the air. Now, that would be an impossible task. The airwaves are overstuffed with so much reality crap that it's getting harder and harder to find any of them worth watching.

Even worse is the caliber of contestants. After early reality "stars" gained notoriety and temporary fame, suddenly any obnoxious bozo who wants attention is jumping into reality television. Now the show's as much about the ridiculous contestants as it is about the premise. It is in regards to this that E!s new take on reality holds promise.

Reality Hell airs Sundays at 10:30 PM ET on E!. We're two episodes in; the premiere tackled modeling shows, while this week's episode took on wife swapping. So far, they're one for two.

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TV's Joel McHale riffing with Rifftrax on Red Dawn

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jun 27th 2009 3:03PM
Joel McHale, star of The Soup and CommunityActor, comedian and classically trained suit wearer Joel McHale has taken his talent for riffing to the next level.

The star of The Soup and the upcoming NBC sitcom Community has joined forces with Michael J. Nelson's Rifftrax.com to provide a running comedy commentary for the perennial craptastic 80s classic Red Dawn. Nelson announced the guest commentary on the Rifftrax site and his Twitter blog earlier this week.

Rifftrax, for those who may not be familiar with the site and are therefore in no way cool, is the comedy website that provides downloadable MP3s of funny movie commentaries featuring the voices and talents of the minds behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 including Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy. It is the only reason I still own all three Matrix films, that and the fact that my desk is missing part of a leg.

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The results are in, and you voted Speidi off of E!

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 23rd 2009 2:02PM
Spencer Pratt & Heidi MontagSo E! ran a poll to see if their viewers wanted the network to stop covering the train wreck that is Speidi. Okay. Sure, that's fun. And by a startling 94% margin you have spoken, and you don't want E! covering Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag anymore. Even more surprising is that E! has agreed to follow this edict by their viewers and limit Spiedi stories only to life-altering or -ending events.

I think the celebrity-fueled tabloid news networks and magazines should look at these results and think about it. Speidi has been fueling many gossip stories the past few weeks, and here we find that nearly 100% of people don't want to hear it. And E! fans are gossipy fans to begin with.

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