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October 8, 2015

Emma Caulfield

'Buffy' Reunion on 'Ringer,' 'Alphas' Actor Moves to 'Nikita' & More TV Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 7th 2011 4:20PM
Amber Benson RingerIt's a 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reunion on 'Ringer'! Amber Benson will cast her spell on The CW drama in the show's 10th episode.

According to TV Guide, Benson -- known to Whedonites as the dearly departed witch Tara -- will play Mary Curtis, a stripper who is also an informant for Nestor Carbonell's character Agent Machado.

Our fingers are crossed for some flashbacks of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Bridget hanging out with Benson's Mary!

'Ringer' will now air twice a week, once on Tuesdays at 9PM and again Wednesdays at 8PM on The CW, replacing 'H8R.'

In other casting news ...

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Emma Caulfield on 'Life Unexpected': 'It's a Show Worthy of a Better Push Than It Has'

by Jean Bentley, posted Nov 16th 2010 5:10PM
Emma CaulfieldWhen Emma Caulfield called TV Squad a few weeks ago to talk about 'Life Unexpected,' The CW brass hadn't yet decided that they weren't going to order a full season of the sophomore series.

But even before the bad news, Caulfield expressed her disappointment at the show's struggle for ratings. "It's a show worthy of a better push than it has," she told us. "It's worthy of a life. It'd be a loss, I think -- definitely, actually -- to not let it run its course."

Aside from the show's bubble status, though, the Vancouver set seems like a happy place. Caulfield said she and her castmates hang out regularly because they genuinely like each other, and they love the show they're working on. She relates to her character, Emma, in a way that has nothing to do with the fact that they share the same name.

"She's got a lot going on," Caulfield said. "Emma appears very together and very confident, but she's got a lot of baggage. She's a very complex individual."

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Jane After Dark: Top five Buffy hookups

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 2nd 2009 10:10AM
Buffy and Spike - Sarah Michelle Gellar and James MarstersLast week, I devoted my first Jane After Dark column to my top five Buffy moments. I was thrilled to read all the responses, both here on TV Squad and at Whedonesque, where the post was picked up. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are a passionate bunch!

This week, I thought it would be fun to delve into my favorite Buffy hookups. One that didn't make the list but holds a special place in my heart is Giles and Joyce. It was a fleeting moment, but one that was fun and would have made for great storytelling had it continued.

But who to pair Buffy up with -- Spike, Angel or Riley? What about Spike and Drusilla? And while Willow and Tara had a special love affair, there's a lot to be said for Willow and Oz. And what of Xander? Sure, he and Anya had a fun romance, but his hookups with Cordelia and even Faith were intense in their own way.

Oh the choices! Read on for my thoughts, and please add your own in the comments below.

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