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October 13, 2015


Is the end nigh for Family Guy?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Aug 11th 2009 6:29PM
Family GuySeth MacFarlane might have one of the most overrated shows on television right now (in my personal opinion, of course), but he hasn't let that cloud his realism when it comes to its future.

He of all people realizes that the best shows are the ones that left people hungering for more long after they left the airwaves. You following me, Scrubs?

MacFarlane told the Edmonton Sun and TV Guide Canada's resident TV junkie Amber Dowling that he has seen the future of Family Guy's finale and hopes it will come to an end while it is still on top.

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It's worse news for Worst Week as star moves on, sort of

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 18th 2009 4:26PM
Kyle Bornheimer in While I've not seen official word that CBS's Worst Week has been canceled, it doesn't look like its star has much faith, as he's been cast in a new comedy pilot. ABC has tapped Kyle Bornheimer to star opposite Alyssa Milano and Eric Christian Olsen in a new comedy from Family Guy writer Ricky Blitt. Now that's no Seth MacFarlane, but it is one of the manatees on his team. And it has Alyssa Milano and we haven't fallen out of love with her yet, so I'd say it has a good chance of not being total crap and maybe even making it onto my TV screen.

I thought Bornheimer was pretty funny in Worst Week as the unluckiest bumbling fool on television in a long time. The rest of the show, however, kind of got boring for me after a few weeks. The article says that Bornheimer would stick with Worst Week if it's renewed, but you know he's rooting for it to die. Ratings weren't great and this pilot has him playing second banana to lead Olsen (Brothers & Sisters), which I see fitting his manic energy well. And did I mention Alyssa Milano?

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