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October 8, 2015


View Photobucket and Picasa albums on your TiVo

by Brad Linder, posted Dec 3rd 2007 10:29AM
TiVo and PhotoBucketTiVo has announced support for viewing images stored at online photo services Photobucket and Picasa Web Albums. Up until recently, broadband-connected TiVo users could look at pictures stored on Yahoo! Photos, but a while after Yahoo! purchased the much more popular photo sharing site Flickr, the company shut down Yahoo! Photos.

If you ask me, it would have made a lot more sense to continue the relationship with Yahoo! and provide access to Flickr photos on TiVo. There are a huge number of images available on Flickr, and the site already has a ton of users. I'm not saying Photobucket and Google's Picasa Web Albums are tiny players in the market, but it would have been nice if TiVo had offered access to all three.

According to the press release, your TiVo box will determine the resolution of the images you'll be able to see on your TV screen. If you've got a Series3 or TiVo HD, in other words, you'll see high def images, while Series2 owners will see lower resolution images.

[via TiVo Lovers]

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The Office cast as Wii Miis

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 5th 2007 3:02PM
Nintendo Wii Mii The OfficeThe Nintendo Wii includes an editor that allows you to create your own avatar - called a "Mii" - to use while playing Wii games. As you might imagine, it took all of three seconds before people started creating celebrity Miis and uploading them to the internet. Search "mii" in flickr, and you'll find Amy Sedaris as Jerri Blank, Spike Lee and Borat. Kottee hosted a celebrity Mii contest back in December, which resulted in my favorite Mii to date - David Foster Wallace playing tennis.

It was just a matter of time before an Office fanatic had too much time on his hands and created Office Miis - the entire cast of the Emmy Award-winning show as Nintendo avatars. Jim, Dwight and Kevin look the best, but they're all little works of time-wasting, pop culture-inspired art. You can check them out on Flickr.

[Via Digg]

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And now, some Battlestar Galactica cakes

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 17th 2006 5:45PM
Battlestar cakeI was going to use the title "Battlestar Galacticakes," but Boing Boing beat me to it.

A fan named Matt had a 31st birthday recently, and he decided to make a bunch of cakes as a tribute to Battlestar Galactica. I'm not that familiar with the show, actually, so I'm not sure if these are to scale or not, and I'm not sure if he has all the technical specifications right. But they look delicious. Check out all the cakes in his Flickr set.

I think we should start making cakes and other desserts based on other TV shows. How about some Nip/Tuckcakes? Or maybe Boston Cream Pie Legal? Or maybe a Lost cake? That would be pretty cool.

[via Boing Boing]

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Flickring Television: Photo of the week

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 21st 2006 2:23PM
silent piper
"silent piper" by sfrances

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Flickring Television: Photo of the week

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 15th 2006 11:54AM
beware the green glow
"Beware the Green Glow" by once and future

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Flickring Television: Photo of the week

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 7th 2006 2:04PM

"leah" by vtography

The photo of the week is chosen from those images submitted to Flickr within the past seven days with the tag "television". Got something interesting to show us? Make sure you join our TV Squad Flickr group and add the photo to our pool.

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Flickring Television: Photo of the week

by Keith McDuffee, posted Dec 31st 2005 10:05AM
Lost fontrol by Icor
"Lost Control" by Ichor

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Happy Festivus from TV Squad!

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 23rd 2005 12:06PM

Yup, that's right, today is officially Festivus! I'm not sure how you are celebrating the day, but here at TV Squad headquarters we have a giant pole in the middle of the office. Just a plain pole (as Frank Costanza said, tinsel is distracting). Later at the office party we are going to air our grievences and yell at each other while downing spiked egg nog.

Have you entered our Festivus contest yet? The deadline is tomorrow night at midnight! You might want to enter today, since I'm sure you're going to be really busy all day tomorrow with last minute Christmas hoopla and chores. The prize? This cool Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chair! A $250 value! Plus the winner gets 10 stars for the top contributors list (everyone who enters gets a couple of stars too). Show us your Festivus spirit (or Christmas spirit in general, it doesn't have to be Festivus-related) by sending in your pics of decorations or a party you're having or something equally fun and creative.

You can send your pics to tvsquad@gmail.com or post to our Flickr account. Hurry!

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Hurry up! Festivus contest ends this Saturday!

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 20th 2005 1:44PM

We know, you're busy with Christmas shopping and parties and overall general holiday merriment. But you really have to enter our Festivus contest! Not only do you win a fantastic $250 Sumo Bean Bag Chair, but you also get 10 stars! That's right, 10! If you're already on our top contributors list on the right, this will rocket you near the top. If you're not on the list yet, you'll instantly become a contender! (And because we're feeling merry ourselves, everyone who enters gets two stars! As long as they follow the guidelines, of course)

Here's what you do: take a pic of something festive you're doing for the holidays. Maybe you have the best decorations in town. Maybe you have the best-decorated Christmas tree. Maybe there's a house in your town that has the ugliest decorations you've ever seen. Maybe a co-worker did something embarrassing at the office Christmas party and you caught it on your cell phone camera. Maybe you dressed up your dog as Rudolph. Send us your stuff! You can send your entries to tvsquad@gmail.com, or at our Flickr group.

Deadline is midnight on Christmas Eve. Right before Santa Claus turns into a pumpkin again, or whatever happens. Be creative, be original, and have some fun.

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