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October 9, 2015

Fringe Season 3

'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 21 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted May 1st 2011 2:30PM
fringe s03e21['Fringe' – 'The Last Sam Weiss']

First, there was mind reading, then inter-dimensional chaos, and now we're time travelling to a post-apocalyptic future! Man, I love this show.

During season 3, 'Fringe' has truly grown from an ambitious mystery-of-the-week show to an epic and engaging sci-fi saga.

The events of this week's episode solidified what the show has been hinting at from the very beginning: These characters are special, and they were brought together for a very important purpose. We're still a little shaky on the details, but we're certain of one thing: The fates of Peter, Olivia (and maybe even Walter) are undeniably tied to the survival, and maybe even the inception, of the world(s). Why else would the ancient machine only work for Peter? And why else would Olivia be the only one who could disable the machine's force field?

This was one of the most compelling episodes of the season. It's hard to review the ep on its own, since these final installments are so tied together as the season comes to a close, but there was certainly a lot to love about 'The Last Sam Weiss.'

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'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 5th 2010 9:00AM
'Fringe' - 'Amber 31422'['Fringe' - 'Amber 31422']

Thank goodness the San Francisco Giants were able to dispatch of the Texas Rangers in five games. Otherwise, the return of 'Fringe' would have been delayed another week, and two weeks without was plenty. In this episode we returned to the other side, where we saw that both Twin Towers are now fully standing.

At the end of the ep, I was struck by how powerfully it connected this season and, in its own way, both disparate universes we've been following. It would have made for a much stronger pre-World Series cliffhanger. Plus, when the show came back, it would have been in "our" universe, which would have made more sense to any potential new viewers.

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'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 15th 2010 6:45AM
'Fringe' - 'Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?['Fringe' - 'Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?']

Anyone familiar with the Philip K. Dick Novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' -- or the movie 'Blade Runner' for that matter -- likely anticipated what this episode was going to explore. Back in the alpha-universe, as it were, we start to get an idea of how far the shapeshifters have infiltrated this society, though we're still in the dark as to what any of them are hoping to accomplish.

Those of you hoping to get a definitive name change for this version of Olivia have made your voices heard. With 61 percent of the vote in last week's poll, she will now, and forevermore, be known as ... Fauxlivia. (Let's have a quick shout-out to commenter Apotheos for being the first to bring this name to us.) At least I can take some solace that my suggestion, Altlivia, polled higher numbers than the producers's own Bolivia.

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'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 24th 2010 6:35AM
'Fringe' - 'Olivia'['Fringe' - 'Olivia']

Last year, the Fringe Division took their first foray into the alternate universe Walter had visited many years before, when he essentially kidnapped Peter from his home reality. While there, the team encountered alternate versions of themselves, and while they did make it back home, it was with the wrong Olivia Dunham.

So now "Over There" Olivia is in the "Over Here" universe, and vice-versa. All of a sudden, fans have a vested interest in knowing intimately what's going on in both universes, and the show's creators have come up with a crazy, but fun, way of doing it.

It seems impenetrable to newer viewers, but there will basically be two 'Fringe' series, each with their own title sequence. Some weeks we will follow the "Over Here" universe while other episodes, like this premiere, will primarily take place "Over There."

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