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September 1, 2015


That Gap ad has me screaming, too

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 13th 2009 3:03PM
gap_logoLet me start by apologizing for this post. I can't stand this commercial. It's a Gap holiday special which is called Talk to the Moose. I don't know why. There's no Rocky and Bullwinkle in the spot and no references to Northern Exposure. I might have liked the commercial if it had made some shout out to two of my TV faves.

Instead we have adorable little girls frolicking in winter wear. I have nothing against the little ladies. Like I said, they're adorable. They really make those sweaters work, so kudos to Gap for showing off their products in a positive way. If only the singing were as positive.

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Project Runway: Eye Candy

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 3rd 2008 12:19PM
Rami's dress(S04E06) Okay, okay. I think I may have figured out what has been going wrong this season and why the Bravo viewers voted this challenge as their favorite thus far. In this challenge, the designers did not have to cater to a particular customer. We're barely six episodes into the season and we've already had fat-to-skinny ladies, Tiki Barber, and Sarah Jessica Parker to work for. Last season, the designers pretty much only had Miss USA as a guest judge by this point and had worked heavily on other challenges that allowed them to show their own vision and style a bit more. I believe this season could have done with one or two more "creative" challenges like this Hershey's one earlier on. Weed out the designers that struggle with basic creative problem solving and then take care of those who fail to listen to clients' desires.

Either that is the reason why this season has been a whole load of suck, or Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum have been spiking the Kool-Aid with some sort of performance decreasing drug.


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Project Runway: What's the Skinny?

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 13th 2007 12:33PM
Steven(S04E05) Okay, so, this episode was slightly less boring that the previous four. I'm still waiting for someone to blow me away, but at least a few things kept my interest this time around. First of all, we knew "normal size" models were going to come into play sooner or later, but I found this challenge to be a bit of a surprise.

It was a great concept, no? To have this group of women who recently went through dramatic weight loss (160-some pounds?!) come in with their favorite clothes was really touching. However, coming right off of this really lovely high of doing something nice for these ladies, the group received the news that Jack had to leave because of health issues. He had been HIV positive for many years and had to go get treatment for a recent infection. Jack had potential, definitely, so it was sad to see him go. So, the designers are crying into their garments, when who should walk in but... Chris March! He's giggling and being his old jolly self, so everyone stops crying and starts laughing and shouting and hugging and all that other fun stuff. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.


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