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October 6, 2015

Geordie Shore

'Jersey Shore' U.K. Spin-Off, 'Geordie Shore,' An Instant Hit

by Catherine Lawson, posted May 26th 2011 6:30AM
Cast of 'Geordie Shore'MTV's new reality show, 'Geordie Shore,' premiered in the U.K. Tuesday night and pulled in over 330,000 viewers, the largest audience there for the network in over three years.

'Geordie Shore' is based in the North East English city of Newcastle upon Tyne. Locals -- known as "Geordies" -- are renowned for their hard-partying ways and ability to survive the challenging local weather conditions year-round wearing as few clothes as possible.

Like its U.S. predecessor, the show has attracted huge controversy amid fears that it portrays its host location in an unfavorable light. 'The Sun' newspaper reports that the premiere episode, which featured the eight cast members --a.k.a. "lads and lasses" -- making out, boozing, vomiting and stripping, has already spawned a Facebook page highly critical of the show and a petition to get it taken off the air.

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Watch the Trailer for the British 'Jersey Shore,' 'Geordie Shore'

by Jean Bentley, posted Apr 27th 2011 4:55PM
Geordie Shore, British Jersey ShoreIt's common for the U.S. to steal British shows and make our own versions, but occasionally the reverse happens.

For better or worse, our friends across the pond have adapted their own version of 'Jersey Shore,' called 'Geordie Shore.' I'm going to go with "better," judging from the amazing trailer MTV just released.

It's like a more attractive parody version of our favorite Macaroni Rascals, but just as tan and drunk. Probably the same amount of hair product, too.

Check out the video after the jump.

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