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October 9, 2015


'Breaking Bad' - 'Green Light' Recap

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 12th 2010 12:01AM
Bryan Cranston in 'Breaking Bad' - 'Green Light'(S03E04) Even on cable shows that are tightly plotted because of their short seasons, there are sometimes episodes that feel more like they're setting things up for the episodes to come rather than pushing the story arc forward. This week felt like one of those episodes.

I wouldn't classify it as a "throat-clearing" kind of episode, because, even when treading water, 'Breaking Bad' still retains its intensity and sense of drama. But after the first three rollicking episodes, it was interesting to see the show take an hour to collect its thoughts and linger for a little while.

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Anna Gunn Talks 'Breaking Bad' Season 3

by Andrew Scott, posted Mar 12th 2010 12:00PM
Anna GunnIn the season 2 finale of AMC's Emmy-winning drama 'Breaking Bad,' Skyler White (played by Anna Gunn) finally stood up to her husband, Walt (Bryan Cranston), after being lied to for months. It was a game-changing moment for the critically acclaimed series, and set the tone for what is sure to be yet another explosive season.

AOL TV recently chatted with Gunn to get the scoop on 'Breaking Bad' season 3 (premiering Sun., Mar. 21 at 10PM), including what's in store for Walt and Skyler, Skyler's new baby and her complicated relationship with Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins).

Read the full interview after the jump.

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New Amsterdam: Legacy - VIDEO

by Paul Goebel, posted Apr 1st 2008 9:02AM

Alexie Gilmore(S01E06) Nice to see a little more personal information about the other characters. I was curious when we would get to meet the famous Eddie Marquez. Nestor Serrano is one of my favorite character actors and he's a good choice for the role. My only worry is that Eva's "Papa Don't Preach" routine is already wearing thin.

Not that you can really blame her for being so pissed off all the time. In this episode alone, there were numerous occasions where John worked the case by himself. If I found out my partner was more willing to discuss the case with his dog than with me, I'd be pretty bent out of shape about it too.

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