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September 4, 2015

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Invades Marge's Dream on 'The Simpsons,' Or Is She in His? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 14th 2011 1:30AM
Gordon Ramsay, 'The Simpsons'Determined to have the kids think of her as a fun parent, too -- they call Homer the "fun dad" -- Marge finds some inroads with the kids when they start exploring unique foods with her. Suddenly, it's a competition to see who's more fun on 'The Simpsons' (Sun., 8:30PM ET on FOX).

Marge stressed about it so much, she started getting yelled at in her dream. And who better to yell at a new foodie on FOX than Gordon Ramsay, who told her, "You're not as f****** fun as [Homer] and you never will be!"

Then apparently, he commandeered her dream as his own and forced himself to wake up, though I think that leaves him with the stranger dream. Marge dreamed of a world-famous chef. He dreamed of a strange housewife with crazy tall, blue hair.

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Fox Renews 'MasterChef' for Season 3

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 6th 2011 2:00PM
Fox Renews MasterChef'MasterChef' will be back for a third season.

EW reports Gordon Ramsay's summer reality cooking competition will return with Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot back as judges.

The show's Season 2 finale was watched by more than 8 million viewers.

'MasterChef' is just one of a handful of Fox properties resting on Ramsay's shoulders. The chef is the star of 'Hell's Kitchen,' 'Kitchen Nightmares' and the newly announced 'Hotel Hell.'

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Victor Garber Joins 'Charlie's Angels,' Fox Orders 'Hotel Hell' and More TV News

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 22nd 2011 4:35PM
Victor GarberVictor Garber has replaced Robert Wagner on 'Charlie's Angels.' The 'Alias' veteran will voice Charlie.

Wagner originally signed on to voice the role, but dropped out because of scheduling conflicts. Wagner reportedly got the role via an old deal he had with the late Aaron Spelling.

According to Vulture, the deal is almost done, but not quite official yet.

'Charlie's Angels' premieres Sept. 22 at 8PM ET on ABC.

In other TV News ...

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Did Secret Deals Determine the Final Four on 'Hell's Kitchen'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 13th 2011 1:17AM
Gordon Ramsay, 'Hell's Kitchen''Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 9PM ET on FOX) found its Final Four, and we're sure it's going to come with plenty of controversy. Thanks to some clever bargaining on the part of Elise, we may never know how Will and Paul really feel about the two remaining women on the show.


In the opening challenge, Elise paired salmon with macaroni and cheese, which she did at the worst possible challenge. The criteria for the judges was to rate them on how much you'd pay for the dishes presented, and who would pay a lot for mac 'n' cheese?

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Elise Stirs Up Trouble Right Away in Final Five of 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 6th 2011 4:15AM
'Hell's Kitchen'Now that the red and blue teams are no more, Elise can turn her joy of fighting to a whole new group of people on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 8PM ET on FOX). The one thing the former blue team didn't want to deal with was drama, and here it came in spades!

Their group challenge had them facing off against some former 'HK' contestants. It was the new black team against Season 5's Ben, Season 6's Tennille and Van, and Season 8's Jillian.

Rather than unite against this common enemy, it was fighting over the menu almost immediately, with Elise at the head of the drama class.

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Who Earned the Black Jackets on 'Hell's Kitchen'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 30th 2011 2:22AM
'Hell's Kitchen'Six contestants left on two teams, but by the end of the night there would only be one team. It was time for the handing out of the black jackets on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 9PM ET on FOX), but who was going to still be around to receive one?


For the opening challenge, they had to divide themselves up with one cooking a 30-minute dish, one a 20-minute dish and one a 10-minute dish.

Jennifer scored for the red team in the first round with a lamb dish that was even better than she believed, but the blue team took the next two fairly evenly matched rounds with Paul's sea bass and Will's prawn plate.

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Gordon Ramsay's Pad Thai Criticized, But Monks Approve on 'The F Word' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 24th 2011 5:15PM
Chang and Gordon Ramsay on 'The F Word'Buddhist monks are only allowed to eat one meal per day, and, as it turns out, they can be less-than-zen about it. More accurately, a few lucky monks are lucky to have Chef Chang, the head chef at the Blue Elephant, one of London's top Thai restaurants, to be picky on their behalf. Chang had no problem telling Gordon Ramsay his food wasn't up to snuff on 'The F Word' (Tuesdays, 10PM on BBC America).

Ramsay was charged with making Pad Thai for the monks' only meal of the day. He wanted to impress Chef Chang, so he put in a few twists. But when he asked Chang what he thought, Chang actually crinkled his nose. "This is not Pad Thai at all," said Chang. "Pad Thai has to be sweet, sour, and salty." In fact, Chang used a more colorful expression to describe it, and Ramsay seemed hurt and amused all at once.

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Two Are Eliminated in a Super-Sized 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 23rd 2011 2:11AM
'Hell's Kitchen'You'll never guess who spent most of their time on this week's 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 8PM ET on FOX) fighting? That's right, the read team's Carrie and Elise simply cannot let bygones be bygones. They seem determined to fight every moment that have until one or both of them is thrown from the competition.


The back-to-back hours of 'HK' kicked off with a blind taste test, where Elise proved to have the most sensitive pallet. So while the girls were on their reward, she fought with a tipsy Carrie. Then, when they got back and both were tipsy, they kept fighting. It's a wonder either of them have the energy to cook, and it's a wonder Chef Gordon Ramsay is still able to put up with it after all this time.

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Who Was Crowned the Winner of 'MasterChef'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 16th 2011 11:38PM
'MasterChef' finaleIt was a two-part finale of 'MasterChef' (Tue., 8PM ET on FOX) as we whittled our way from three to two to one winner across two hours. In the first hour, it was Christian, Jennifer and Adrien vying for a spot in the final face-off.


They began the round as they'd begun the show, creating dishes of chicken. Despite a presentation that left the judges a little cool, Christian's bacon-wrapped chicken was a hit for its taste. But Adrien scored even higher with the judges, while Jennifer came in last.

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Carrie and Elise Fight; Date Night Leads to Proposal on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 16th 2011 4:42AM
'Hell's Kitchen' proposalEvery week that Elise is still on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 8PM ET on FOX) is another week we get to scream at our television screens. She is so arrogant and divisive, her personality is absolutely getting in the way of the red team at times.


We were elated when Gordon Ramsay made her eat crow after the sexy dessert challenge. To even the numbers, the red team had to eliminate one of their dishes from the challenge, and they all chose Elise's dish. When the red team was down, Elise insisted her dish would have won it for them. So even though they won thanks to a perfect score by Jennifer, Ramsay asked to see it.

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Which 'MasterChef' Contestant Was Eliminated Right Before the Finale? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 16th 2011 1:02AM
'MasterChef'It was down to the final four going into the finale week of 'MasterChef' (Mon., 9PM ET on FOX). On Monday, one was sent home, with the three remaining contestants competing tomorrow in the finale. Coming off of a win last week, Suzy was given the opportunity to pick the teams, which should have given her an edge.


She chose to work with Christian on the Red Team, creating a Blue Team of Adrien and Jennifer. Unfortunately, the chemistry wasn't there in the kitchen between her and Christian, which doesn't come as a real surprise considering who we're dealing with here.

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Ben Makes Shepherd's Pie For Gordon Ramsay on 'Master Chef' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 10th 2011 5:30PM
Gordon Ramsay eats Ben Starr's shepherd's pie on 'Masterchef'Ben Starr wanted to impress Chef Gordon Ramsay by showing him he could make British food on 'Masterchef' (Tuesdays, 9PM on FOX). He made a risky choice, preparing shepherd's pie, a dish with which Ramsay is no doubt very familiar. He'd have to compete with Jennifer Behm's meatloaf and Adrien Nieto's meatball trio.

Ramsay loved Behm's meatloaf, while judge Graham Elliot thought Nieto's meatballs were too salty. "This dish is screaming for one thing," said Elliot. "A giant glass of water. It's so salty."

Then it was up to Starr. "We have brown veal, onion, carrot, celery, mushrooms sautéed in butter," he said, introducing his dish. "On top we have garlic mashed potatoes finished with a reduction of red wine beef stock with a little bit of worcestershire sauce to remind you of home."

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Wolfgang Puck Says Jonathan Could Be Arrested for His Pizza on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Aug 10th 2011 12:40AM
Hell's Kitchen Wolfgang PuckMost people would probably be thrilled to be given lessons on pizza by renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, but for the blue team on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox), he was making some fairly unwelcome observations.

"Where did you see pizza like this?" Puck asked incredulously, while spooning off an unnerving amount of greenish liquid from the middle of the blue team's pizza. "I mean, if you go to Italy, they arrest you for this, you know that?"

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Tracy Gets a Surprise from the Judges on 'MasterChef' (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Aug 9th 2011 3:00AM
MasterChefThe competition is heating up on 'MasterChef' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox), and as the judges considered who to put through to the final five, some tough decisions had to be made.

Though Gordon Ramsay praised Tracy as being "amazing across the board," she was still the contestant that the judges decided to send home -- but her journey wasn't quite over with a simple farewell.

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Another Shocking Elimination Ceremony on 'MasterChef' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 3rd 2011 2:34AM
'MasterChef'On Monday night's episode of 'MasterChef' (Tue., 9PM ET on FOX), the judges shocked everyone by sending no one home. Adrien and Christian were the last two chefs standing before the judge, which means both of them had to work extra hard Tuesday night to ensure they wouldn't get noticed again for all the wrong reasons.


The box challenge presented the contestants with surf and turf and elevated Adrien toward the top, alongside Suxy and Jennifer. To help Christian with his attitude toward Jennifer, Gordon Ramsay had him evaluate her food. After giving it lukewarm reviews, Ramsay yelled at him a bit and then declared Jennifer the winner.

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