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October 10, 2015

Grant Shaud

Medium: Burn Baby Burn (part 1) - VIDEO

by Paul Goebel, posted Mar 11th 2008 8:40AM

Kathy Baker(S04E07) "It's kind of like Sanford & Son except with females." - Joe Dubois

I remember when the season started, many of you were disturbed by the visage of the dead child, so I'm wondering how you feel about the self-immolation of an adult.

When I heard that Joe's mom was coming to visit, it reminded me how much I enjoyed seeing Joe's dead father when he visited Alison before. I was delighted to see him again in this episode. The strength of a show like Medium is really in it's characters and relatives (be they dead or alive) are always interesting characters. Moreover, Allison finally got to see a dead person outside of one of her dreams.

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Pushing Daisies: Corpsicle

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 12th 2007 11:02PM
Pushing Daisies
(S01E09) "There is an unpleasant chill in the air." - The Narrator

And we have arrived: this week's episode was the last completed-before-the-strike episode of ABC's Pushing Daisies. The quote I put under the picture may not have been the most important one said in the episode (the bombshell quote is a tad too shocking to put up front) but it does highlight the mood and tone of the episode: chilly. "Corpsicle" is not my favorite Pushing Daisies episode but it offered good reveals, some fantastic lines from Emerson and Olive, and it finally gave the aunts (at least one of them) a real purpose in the series.


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