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August 29, 2015


Check Out the 'Locke and Key' Trailer and Mourn What Could Have Been

by Maureen Ryan, posted Aug 25th 2011 11:45AM
You might not want to watch this TV trailer, because it might make you too sad about what could have been.

'Some Guy' recently uploaded a professional-looking trailer for the Fox pilot 'Locke and Key,' and the two-minute Vimeo trailer is more intriguing than many full-blown drama pilots for the new season (yes, 'Grimm,' I'm looking at you). Sadly, 'Locke and Key,' which is based on an acclaimed graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, was not picked by Fox for the new season.

I was able to see the full pilot for the project at Comic-Con, and it was a bittersweet experience -- as a fan of the graphic novels, I thought the director, Mark Romanek, and writer, 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' scribe Josh Friedman, did an especially sensitive and intelligent job of adapting this eerie haunted house tale. It was a drag to contemplate that this compelling project didn't get picked up to series.

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AMC to bring The Walking Dead to TV

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 12th 2009 3:10PM
The Walking DeadNow that the world's collective pre-teen subconscious has been thoroughly distracted by vampires with glittering skin or charming Southern accents, AMC is sneakily bringing back some zombie love. According to Variety, the comic series created by writer Robert Kirkman and illustrator Tony Moore, The Walking Dead, is coming to AMC. Bonus: Frank Darabont will be writing and directing.

It's about time! Let's give the blood suckers a break and revisit some good ol' brain eaters, shall we?

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A new Heroes webcomic is on its way

by Richard Keller, posted May 23rd 2008 8:01AM

Heroes returns to webcomic form this summer.A long time ago, on an Internet far, far, away, the creators of the NBC series Heroes decided that a weekly webcomic series would coincide perfectly with the show they were producing. I mean, Heroes is about superheroes. So, during the first season of the show, a different artist penned a short webcomic (about five pages long) that focused on the background of one of the characters, or introduced a new character not seen on the television show. Eventually, all 34 chapters of this webcomic were collected and sold as a graphic novel. All was good in the galaxy.

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Celebrities sign up for animated series on Spike

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 31st 2006 1:29PM
samuel l jacksonSamuel L. Jackson, Ron Perlman, and Kelly Hu have signed on to voice characters in the upcoming animated series, Afro Samurai on Spike. Jackson is also executive producing the project, which is based on a graphic novel by Takashi Okazaki about a black Samurai's quest to find the man who killed his father. Jackson will voice the lead character, while Perlman will voice the villain he seeks. Perlman, by the way, is the guy who played the title character in Hellboy and the Beast in the television series, Beauty and the Beast. Hu plays Okiku, a friend from the samurai's past. She played the female version of Wolverine in X2: X-Men United. The RZA is creating original music for the series.

Spike has ordered five episodes of Afro Samurai. They begin airing January 4th.

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Heroes comic online at NBC

by Brett Love, posted Sep 26th 2006 7:08PM
Suresh - HeroesThe internet just keeps playing an increasingly important role for the networks and their television shows. Heroes is no exception. NBC now has "Graphic Novel One: Monsters" up on their Heroes site. It's a short Suresh story that gives a little more background on his character, and his father. Nothing ground breaking or too spoilery, but interesting nonetheless.

The comic is available as a downloadable PDF, or an interactive Flash version. While the story is short, and the Nissan ad a little tedious, it is a beautiful high resolution comic. And an interesting bit of TV related trivia for you... One of the people behind the comic is Michael Turner, the co-creator of Witchblade, which you may remember from its short live-action run on TNT. It also features Crossing Jordan writer Aron Coleite.

Along with the comic, the Heroes site also has a nice collection of interviews with the cast and crew. Sections for games and downloads are reportedly coming soon.

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