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October 13, 2015

Great Ape Trust

Anderson Cooper Dons Bunny Suit At the Request of a Great Ape (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 18th 2010 4:55PM
Both Jon Stewart and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman have recently singled out 'Anderson Cooper 360' (weeknights, 10 PM ET on CNN) as a responsible, even-handed news host, as opposed to the partisan screamers who have come to dominate the cable news game.

So how did Cooper react to this praise? Well, on Wednesday night's show he dressed up like a bunny. Why? Because an ape who's been taught to understand human language told him to.

"Apparently one of the chimps, Panbanisha, likes bunnies, and asked me to dress as a bunny," Cooper explained, as he was fitted with his bunny costume.

Cooper was doing a story on the Great Ape Trust in Iowa, where its furry residents are renowned for their ability to understand human language. Apparently, they've also developed a pretty keen sense of humor when it comes to the press.

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