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September 4, 2015

Gus Gusterson

Psych: Sixty Five Million Years Off

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 21st 2007 8:31AM

Psych -- Sixty-Five Million Years Off

(S02E02) Gus (to Shawn): If you slur one word I'm gonna give you an Indian burn so hot your socks will catch on fire!

Well, that was much better! After last week's funny but unusually disjointed season premiere of Psych the show got back to the normal zaniness that fans of the show fell in love with. Actually, the difference between this episode and the season premiere proved two things. One, don't rely on your guest stars to carry the show. Two, don't have John Landis direct anymore episodes. Seriously, the first season finale and last week's episode were both directed by Landis and they were both a bit off kilter. Maybe it's better to stay away from film directors and concentrate on those who continue to direct television.

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