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September 4, 2015


Matthew Fox says he's done with TV after Lost

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 17th 2009 5:27PM

Matthew FoxCall me crazy, but in today's economy, I don't think anyone can be picky when it comes to getting a job.

Unless you're Matthew Fox.

According to various reports, the Lost star claims that when the sci-fi drama finally ends, it'll be the last TV show he ever does. Part of me doesn't blame him. He spent six years on Party of Five, another year trying to make something out of nothing on the abysmally bad UPN (remember them?) drama Haunted, and it'll be five more years notched for him once Lost ends.

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Hewitt claims set of Ghost Whisperer is haunted

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 7th 2006 8:02PM

jennifer love hewittActually, that's not entirely true. If you read the account from Digital Spy of Jennifer Love Hewitt's chat with talk show host Megan Mullally, she talks about lights moving slightly and some lights exploding, and how it sometimes scares actors playing guest roles on her CBS series Ghost Whisperer. She further states that the people who work on the show think such occurrences are "awesome" and that maybe there really are ghosts on the set. That doesn't sound to me like she's claiming anything about the set being haunted, it sounds more like people jokingly blaming any weird occurrence on ghosts the same way everyone else does. You know, the wind will blow a door open and you'll tell your kid it was a ghost just to give him a fun scare? Yeah, like that. You can't really blame them though, since saying something like, "These lights may have been exposed to moisture which caused them to explode!" isn't quite as exciting as imaging some wandering spirit who for some reason spends all their free time walking around making light bulbs blow up. if that's the afterlife, I gotta say it doesn't sound that interesting. I can make glass explode now, and I'm not even dead.

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