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October 10, 2015

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Tells Fallon There's a Link Between Dancing and the Bedroom (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 1st 2011 7:15AM
Heidi Klum, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Heidi Klum had an important tip for both men and women on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC). When the music brought her in, she was dancing and grooving, but Jimmy Fallon cut it off before she could make her way behind the desk to dance with him.

When she fired it up again, he was a bit stiff and awkward, which she warned him is sending the wrong message. "If you're like stiff at dancing, you know what that means?" she asked coyly.

"I can get down a little bit, too," Fallon said. "Sometimes. It depends."

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The Judges Declare the Winner of 'Project Runway' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 28th 2011 12:45AM
'Project Runway' finaleIt was down to four designers for the finale of 'Project Runway' (Thu., 9PM ET on Lifetime), and they had to impress four actual professionals on the dais, as costume designer L'Wren Scott joined the usual trio. This meant four expert opinions -- as opposed to three plus a token celebrity.


Once again, it looks like Anya is living by the motto: Why do now what you can put off until the last possible minute? And yet, she always manages to have something to show, and her looks usually go over well with the judges.

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Heidi Klum Attacks and Mounts Michael Kors on 'After the Runway' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 21st 2011 3:30AM
'After the Runway''After the Runway' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on Lifetime) takes you behind the scenes of the reality series 'Project Runway,' and this week featured the judges getting a little frisky. Well, one judge in particular, as Heidi Klum apparently gets all worked up with extra energy during downtime on the set.

So much so that at one point she chased Michael Kors around, eventually throwing him to the ground and mounting him as if she'd conquered him ... or perhaps had other intentions. For a moment there, we were wondering if we maybe shouldn't turn our heads and give the two of them some privacy.

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Heidi Klum Declares 'One of the Worst Outfits I Have Ever Seen' on 'Project Runway' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 30th 2011 6:00AM
'Project Runway'Josh got a definitive critique from Heidi Klum on 'Project Runway' (Thu., 9PM ET on Lifetime) for his '70s-themed look, but it's not the kind of words you want to hear, and he wasn't going to take them silently.

"This outfit is one of the worst outfits I have seen in a long time," she declared. "There are just so many things going on in this look, that it's just really sore to the eyes."

Josh defended the look, saying, "This could be on a runway and be sold right off of her."

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Heidi Klum Talks Tan Lines, Getting in Trouble for Tanning Topless (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 2nd 2011 5:05AM
Heidi Klum, 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'Heidi Klum is German, and thus has the more lax European attitude to nudity and topless-ness in particular. When Jay Leno started showing pictures of her vacationing in a bikini on 'The Tonight Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), Klum was surprised he had pictures of her wearing a bikini top.

"I don't like to wear tops because I hate tan lines," she said. This attitude got her in trouble in the United States, though, at a public pool in Phoenix.

Security came up to her sunbathing topless and told her she had to put her top back on due to complaints. Apparently she did so only briefly because "I thought that that was really ridiculous," she said.

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Julie Unleashes a 'Droat' on the Judges of 'Project Runway' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 19th 2011 5:34AM
'Project Runway'Designing a day-to-night look for Nina Garcia, fashion director for 'Hell' magazine, was the challenge presented to the contestants on 'Project Runway' (Thu., 9PM ET on Lifetime). And Garcia was on hand to give them lots of guidance and tell them that all their ideas were terrible. Should make for a fun episode, right?


In the end, simple was better, and shapely was far better than ... well, whatever it was that Julie came up with. 'Marie Claire' editor-in-chief Joanna Coles dubbed it a droat as it was best described as almost a dress and almost a coat, but not really the best of either. What it wasn't was liked by anyone, except for Julie.

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'Project Runway' Cuts Five Designers in the Season 9 Premiere (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 29th 2011 3:24AM
'Project Runway' season premiere'Project Runway' (Thu., 9PM ET on Lifetime) wasted no time in its ninth season premiere. With 20 contestants vying for the win this season, they were tasked with bringing their best work for the judges to determine if they were even allowed to continue on in the competition.


Four contestants were brutally sent packing right away, but Anya, who only learned to sew four months ago, was not one of them. She was still around in the Top 16 when they got a 5AM wake-up call for their first challenge.

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Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia Preview the 'Project Runway' Premiere (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 25th 2011 1:20PM
Heidi Klum talks about season nine of 'Project Runway' on 'Good Morning America'Season nine of 'Project Runway' kicks off Thursday with a big elimination that will send four of the 20 semi-finalists packing. Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors spoke about the first episode, and one semi-finalist in particular, Monday on 'Good Morning America' (weekdays, 7AM on ABC).

The contestant in question was former Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Anya Ayoung-Chee. "We were a little skeptical when we saw Anya's rack," said Garcia. "Her what?" asked 'GMA' anchor Lara Spencer. "Her rack of clothes," clarified Garcia.

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Heidi Klum Goes Naked to Promote 'Project Runway'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 3rd 2011 8:00AM
Heidi KlumHeidi Klum is passionate about fashion. And she's passionate about finding the next great fashion designer. So passionate, in fact, that she's willing to be photographed nude to promote the upcoming Season 9 of her fashion reality series 'Project Runway.'

According to 'The Hollywood Reporter' Klum chose to strip off during a recent photo shoot for Lifetime's new promotional campaign. However, as she has yet to sign off on a final image from the shoot, it's unclear when (if?) pictures will be released.

Klum's desicion to bare all for her show was announced by Lifetime's President and General Manager Nancy Dubuc, who said that it's part of the network's move to embrace the contemporary woman.

In a break with with some past programming and attitudes, Lifetime is now seeking to promote female characters who are brazen, strong, confident and sexy.

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Heidi Klum Gave the Panties She Was Wearing For Jay Leno's Oscars Gift Bag (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 1st 2011 2:48AM
Heidi Klum donates her panties to Jay Leno's Oscars gift bag, 'The Tonight Show'Since Jay Leno isn't a big movie star he doesn't get those fancy gift bags the Oscars gives out. So Ross Matthews was dispatched to the Academy Awards with a bag to see what celebrities would be willing to donate to Jay. He came on 'The Tonight Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC) to reveal what he'd received.

He got a nice pair of shades from Jamie Foxx -- "I'm so not giving those to Jay!" -- as well as various other trinkets from celebrities like Zachary Levi and Hayden Panettiere. He almost got a very unique item from Tori Spelling.

"If I had a glass of wine," she said. "I'd be so tempted to take my crotchless spanx off right now." We're not sure if she meant to donate to Leno, or just in general. Ross then advised her she might want to consider underwear if she's going to stand on mirrored floors.

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Thomas Knows the Best Highway to Take to Get to China on Heidi Klum's 'Seriously Funny Kids' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 2nd 2011 2:41AM
Thomas, 'Seriously Funny Kids'Heidi Klum took a break from dealing with models on 'Project Runway' to spend time with some 'Seriously Funny Kids' (Tue., 9:30PM ET on Lifetime). The idea of the show is to feature the kids just as they are, and Klum promised they would be the absolute stars of it.

While it may seem similar to 'Kids Say the Darndest Things,' the show does go into different directions, with Klum pulling pranks on the kids as well as flirting. But that unpredictable element you get in just talking to a young child remains the centerpiece.

Take Thomas, for example. He not only knows where every country is (except Germany, apparently), he can tell you the best way to get to at least one of them.

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Who Won 'Project Runway' Season 8? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Oct 29th 2010 5:45AM
Who Won 'Project Runway' Season 8?The goal of 'Project Runway' -- as described by Tim Gunn's catchphrase -- is to "Make it work." Of course, it's a lot of work to make it work, and not everyone can handle it. Some players don't have the talent, some don't have the drive. It takes 14 weeks to sort the good from the bad.

But nothing lasts forever -- not even the lengthiest season of 'Runway' ever. And so we reached the finale (Thu., 9PM ET on Lifetime). Three finalists remained: Andy South, Gretchen Jones, and Mondo Guerra. Who would win? Heidi Klum called it the "toughest decision" in the show's history -- but really, it was and it wasn't.

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

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Jimmy Kimmel Will Wear "Anything" for Heidi Klum (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Oct 20th 2010 3:09AM
Jimmy Kimmel Will Wear 'Anything' for Heidi KlumSupermodel Heidi Klum showed up on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC) to discuss Halloween costumes. But host Jimmy Kimmel had some unusual wardrobe ideas of his own.

Heidi has four children, which makes trick-or-treating a really big deal. And the 'Project Runway' host is pretty obsessed with fashion -- even Halloween fashion. Jimmy wanted to know if Heidi's husband Seal actually cared about Halloween costumes. "Or is he just going along with it because you shower with him?" the host asked.

Kimmel mumbled the part about showering, but Heidi picked up on it. "I heard that," she said. Jimmy then switched topics. "I would dress up in almost any costume if you asked me to," he told Heidi. That seemed like a fair offer, but there was a catch.

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News Roundup: Heidi Klum to Host Kiddie Reality Show, 'How to Train Your Dragon' Becomes Animated Series and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 13th 2010 10:00AM
Heidi KlumHeidi Klum + kids = hilarious? That's what Lifetime hopes.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the 'Project Runway' host has been tapped to front 'Seriously Funny Kids,' a new reality series similar to 'Kids Say the Darndest Things.' The project will see Klum interacting with youngsters, hopefully to humorous results.

"I have four children under the age of six, and to be honest, sometimes I enjoy them more than adults," Klum said in a statement. "They're uncensored, unpredictable and absolutely hilarious."

In other TV news ...

Robert De Niro has sold a crime drama to CBS. The actor has teamed with crime writer Richard Price for 'Rookies,' a police drama about young officers who are sent into high-crime areas. De Niro and Price will serve as executive producers. [Live Feed]

Richard Chamberlain has been cast on ABC's 'Brothers & Sisters.' Chamberlain is set to play somebody from Saul's past who complicates things a bit. Former lover? Perhaps. [Ausiello Files]

TBS is developing a reality show based on the Funny or Die video of Jewel doing undercover karaoke. The series, 'Undercover Karaoke,' will feature celebrities in disguise performing karaoke. [Deadline Hollywood]

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Heidi Klum and Jay Leno Discuss Her Victoria's Secret Retirement (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Oct 13th 2010 4:15AM
Heidi Klum and Jay Leno Discuss Her Victoria's Secret RetirementHeidi Klum is hanging up her wings. After 13 years, the 'Victoria's Secret' "head angel" is retiring from her job as the world's top lingerie model to start her own clothing line. On 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), Jay Leno begged the supermodel to stay in the job. He also admitted to not being comfortable with the word "panties," because saying "panties" makes him sound like a "creepy old guy."

Jay then lived up to this description, flirting with the much younger Klum. Heidi did her best to flirt back. After Jay told her not to retire, she said this: "I can come by your house and sell some underpants ... what do you like?" Leno quipped that he liked any underwear, as long as it was "folded over the chair" -- that is, as long as the girl was naked.

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