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October 4, 2015


BSG star lands on Joss Whedon's new show

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 27th 2008 12:25PM
battlestar galactica; tahmoh penikettWith the final season of Battlestar Galactica starting up next week (sniff), the actors on that fabulous show need some new work. At least one of them has a pretty sweet gig set up: Tahmoh Penikett (aka 'Helo') has been cast on Joss Whedon's new pilot.

The pilot is called Dollhouse, and it already stars Eliza Dushku. The series is about four "dolls" who receive different personalities for each assignment (FBI, CIA? I dunno). Dushku's character begins to override the microchips that supposedly wipe out her memory and figures out who she is. Penikett will play an FBI agent who is obsessed with the Dollhouse myth and set on finding out the truth.

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