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September 1, 2015


Review: Mad Men - Shut the Door, Have a Seat (season finale)

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 9th 2009 12:01AM
It's a cold Friday, December 13, 1963. The President's been killed and the world as Don Draper knows it has pretty much fallen apart. For most of the season, the ground has been shifting under Don's feet and he's be holding on, trying to right himself and his life. He's tried with Betty. He's tried for Sally and Bobby and Gene -- at least as much as Don is able to try.

With Conrad Hilton he's never been on a level playing field, and from the moment he was forced to sign the contract, Sterling Cooper has not been his domain as it had been. With this episode, this season finale, all was changed and, perhaps, all has been righted. More after the jump.

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Star Trek: The Experience to remain open

by Brad Trechak, posted Mar 1st 2009 2:33PM
Star Trek: The ExperienceThe popularity of Star Trek has been on the downswing for several years now without any sort of media franchise to support it (and it was arguably so even when Star Trek: Enterprise was on the air). It got so bad that even Las Vegas couldn't support its own mini-theme park based on the show. Now, with the upcoming movie based on the original television show, it looks like someone changed his/her mind because Star Trek: The Experience is re-opening at the Neonopolis Center in May.

Whenever I've visited Vegas in the past decade I always made the time to stop into the Hilton and at least look around the Trek gift shop. Most likely, the new movie will be incorporated into this display, which is fine by me. The new Enterprise NCC-1701 looks like it was designed by Apple (very sleek) and would likely look good hanging in large size in the middle of the exhibit.

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Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton go to "fat camp"

by Julia Ward, posted Mar 19th 2007 4:04PM
Richie Hilton Simple LifeThis is wrong on so many levels. According to today's Page Six, the fourth season of The Simple Life will feature Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton playing camp counselors at five different camps over a five week period. One of those camps is a "wellness camp," which emphasizes proper eating and exercise, or as the producers have been calling it, "fat camp."

Sending Richie, the poster child for eating disorders, into a "fat camp" is just plain obscene, not to mention dangerous. "Proper eating" consists of more than laxatives and Red Bull, and Paris is no wellness champ either unless, of course, your idea of "wellness" involves mixing a line of blow with Strawberry Quik to balance its bitter aftertaste - last year's trend among Hollywood's starlet set. But, I'm not giving the kids at these camps enough credit. They're not stupid. Maybe, they'll even teach Paris and Nicole a thing or two - like how to ingest solid foods.

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Paris Hilton is her own gossip magazine

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 5th 2006 12:20PM
Two different lawsuits allege that Paris Hilton likes to tell lies to the media about people she doesn't like. One lawsuit, brought on by diamond-heiress Zeta Graff, claims that Hilton flat-out lied to the New York Post about her. In July, Hilton was quoted as saying Graff, the former girlfriend of Paris' then-fiance, went "berserk" at a night club and threatened strangle the hotel heiress and steal her diamond necklace. Graff says the actual altercation only included a threat from Paris, saying, "I'm going to destroy you." Ha, ha. That's funny. Paris' former spokesperson is on Graff's side. He reportedly said in a deposition that Paris asked him to plant the story. Oh, these crazy heiresses and the way they think anyone actually cares what they have to say! The second lawsuit comes from a promoter who says Paris bad-mouthed him to the media and threatened his life. He's seeking a restraining order. Hilton's spokesperson says that Paris is, in fact, the victim in all of this.

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I Want To Be A Hilton: Premiere

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jun 22nd 2005 1:41AM
I want to be a hiltonAs a writer for Luxist, I was particularly interested in seeing how well this show captured the luxe life.  Would the contestants really be let into the world of New York society?  The most annoying theme song ever leads us into this show that seems to delight in making fun of middle America.  We start with the contestants extolling the virtues of "becoming a Hilton."  They are taken to a private club where they cocktail about while Kathy Hilton observes them from above as they spit out caviar and get hammered on free booze.  Kathy appears and our hapless folks are all agog.  They are given silver spoons, divided into teams (Madison and Park) and the posturing and grandstanding begins.

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