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October 7, 2015

Inside the Actors Studio

Jennifer Aniston on Possible Nose Job, Dealing With Brad Pitt Break Up (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 12th 2011 1:30AM
Jennifer Aniston, 'Inside the Actors Studio'Jennifer Aniston went 'Inside the Actors Studio' (Mon., 8PM ET on Bravo), where she treated James Lipton to one of the all-time best answers he's heard yet to a question. Aniston was talking about her youth playing sports, and indicated that she'd taken a baseball to the face, breaking her nose.

"That's a broken nose?" Lipton asked.

"Sort of. Not anymore," she replied with a laugh, indicating that she'd at least had corrective work done on her nose at one time.

Later, Aniston talked about her hit movie 'The Break Up.' Because of her recent break with Brad Pitt at the time, even the producers were wary about asking her to do the film, but she said it was cathartic and surprisingly easier to do than she expected.

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'Modern Family' Cast In And Out of Character on 'Inside the Actors Studio' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 8th 2011 1:51AM
the cast of 'Modern Family' - 'Inside the Actors Studio'James Lipton set aside a special hour-long broadcast of 'Inside the Actors Studio' (Tue., 8PM ET on Bravo) for the adult castmembers from 'Modern Family.' To keep things interesting -- and a little confusing if you were trying to watch this while multitasking -- Lipton decided to interview both the actors and the characters they play on television.

As a result, he got some different answers to his favorite questions as when he asked Julie Bowen her favorite curse word. Hers was "dagnabbit," but for Claire Dunphy it's one far more crass.

It was certainly a fun hour, and a neat exploration of how the actors perceive their on-screen characters without the filter of the show's writers giving them their words.

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First Look: 'Modern Family' Cast Visits 'Inside the Actor's Studio'

by Jean Bentley, posted Jun 4th 2011 10:00AM
Modern FamilyThe six adult leads on 'Modern Family' flew to New York to tape an episode of James Lipton's 'Inside the Actor's Studio' earlier this month.

The special is scheduled to air June 7 at 8PM on Bravo, but the network posted two clips showing us the hilarity in store for when we tune in next week. For example, the fact that Eric Stonestreet agrees with Jesse Tyler Ferguson's assessment that he's gay for pay, or the non-school-related adventures Julie Bowen had in Florence while studying Italian Renaissance Art during college.

Check out the clips below. (Thanks to PopWrap for the heads up.)

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Six Shows That Don't Match the Cable Channels They're On

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 26th 2011 10:00AM
Pawn Stars on Lifetime?Over the last week, I've been talking about the concept of channel drift, when a channel strays away from its original reason for being.

In a way, almost every cable channel has drifted in format. HBO only showed uncut theatrical movies at one time; now they're more known for original series than they are for the uncut movies. One of the by-products of channel drift is that you can identify shows that make you scratch your head as to why they're on a particular network.

These could be shows that have held on for dear life as the channel it was on changed formats, or it could be a show that a channel wanted to test out in order to expand its audience. In a few cases, corporate synergy made for strange bedfellows, allowing channels to rerun shows from corporate cousins that don't seem to fit.

In all of these cases, their presence on their particular channels make a person scratch their heads. But in a lot of cases, they're not going anywhere.

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Jim Carrey Resurrects 'Fire Marshal Bill' Character on 'Inside the Actors Studio' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jan 11th 2011 6:45AM
Jim Carrey on 'Inside the Actors Studio'When Jim Carrey visited 'Inside the Actors Studio' (Mon., 8PM ET on BRVO), host James Lipton persuaded the putty-faced actor to resurrect one of his most beloved characters from his days on 'In Living Color' -- Fire Marshal Bill. Carrey curled under his upper lip, cocked his head back and let out a Marshal Bill cackle.

As Lipton attempted to interview him, he poured water from his mug in a circle around his feet. "It's a firewall," he explained. "If the flames wanta get to me, there gonna have to leap that moat!" After the bit ended, Carrey aggressively massaged his face back into normalcy.

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TVR Awards -- Best Betty White Moment of the Year (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 31st 2010 5:00AM

Betty White has had a prolific career spanning nearly six decades, but even for her, 2010 was a busy year. The 88-year-old actress and comedienne enjoyed a renaissance that seemed to officially cement her role as America's sassy grandma. Betty hosted 'Saturday Night Live,' guest-starred on 'Community,' got her own show ('Hot in Cleveland') and made a bevy of appearances on late-night and daytime talk shows. We've chosen these highlights from arguably her best year ever. Check out our favorite Betty White clips and vote for your favorite moment.

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James Franco on Learning How to Act -- While Working at McDonald's and Being Semi-Homeless (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 8th 2010 1:45AM
James Franco on Learning How to Act -- While Working at McDonald's and Being Semi-HomelessWould you like an actor with those fries? During his appearance on 'Inside the Actors Studio' (Tue., 8PM ET on Bravo), James Franco revealed that he learned the craft of acting while dishing out hamburgers at a McDonald's drive-through window.

James dropped out of college to become an actor, but his parents weren't about to support him financially. After leaving school, he was broke ... and quasi-homeless (he slept in friends' cars, or on the docks at the waterfront).

While working at McDonald's, James started attending Playhouse West, one of the best acting schools in the world. Naturally, he couldn't afford the tuition. But Robert Carnegie -- who ran the school -- let him take classes at a reduced price. While speaking of his old drama coach, Franco started to choke up. "He was the one person who said, 'You should take a chance on yourself.'"

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Betty White Finally Gets Her Emmy on 'Inside the Actors Studio' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 29th 2010 5:56AM
Betty White Gets Emmy on 'Actors Studio'A pillar of television comedy for 60 years, Betty White finally appeared on 'Inside the Actors Studio' (Tue., 8PM ET on BRAVO). Not only did host James Lipton quiz her on her life and career, he had a (big) award to give her.

"Betty has just won another Emmy as the host of 'Saturday Night Live,'" explained Lipton. "But you were unable to attend the ceremony to receive the award."

He then pulled out the Ernst & Young envelope that announced her as the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series winner, and handed her the statue. "I've got some 'golden girls' who'll keep her company at home," the six-time Emmy winner joked.

Later in the interview, Lipton persuaded the actress to "dance a step for our students" and things almost got a little racy.

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Betty White Heads to 'Inside The Actors Studio' This Fall

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 30th 2010 4:35PM
Betty WhiteThe pop culture juggernaut known as Betty White is continuing her unstoppable tour de force of the entertainment world with an appearance on Bravo's 'Inside The Actors Studio.' You won't get any overexposure complaints from us!

According to Access Hollywood, White will sit down with host James Lipton to divulge her acting secrets for the Bravo series.

The episode is expected to air this fall, probably around the time White's new film, 'You Again,' which also stars Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver, hits theaters Sept. 24.

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TV's Six Most Annoying Talk Show Hosts

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 1st 2010 12:00PM
larry_king_cnn_deskTwo recent news items got us thinking about TV's most annoying talk show hosts. First, Larry King announced his exit from 'Larry King Live' this fall, although he will continue doing specials. Second, Showtime is reportedly interested in Stephen A. Smith. They want the basketball reporter and New York radio jock-talker to host a late night talk show.

Smith, who has already failed with a chat show on ESPN, is not a good candidate as a host because he's a grating personality. So are these people who we think about the six most annoying talk show hosts. Here's who made the list and the why ...

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James Lipton wants you to think before you text

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 2nd 2009 11:00AM
I'm not sure the host of Inside The Actors Studio is the best person to get kids to stop texting naughty words and/or pictures, though I guess this ad is as much for parents as it is kids. But is it really successful?

I mean, "give it a ponder?" Do kids really talk like that today? Maybe British kids. (Though it is interesting to see Lipton without a beard.)

[via Adfreak]

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Bon Jovi will appear on the season premiere of Inside The Actor's Studio (sigh)

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 5th 2009 7:29PM
James LiptonLet's see: Bravo is owned by NBC and Bon Jovi is appearing on several NBC shows exclusively for a while, including Saturday Night Live, The Jay Leno Show, and Today (and doing a promo for all of the USA Network shows that feature a "hero"), so it's a natural that the band would appear with James Lipton on Inside The Actor's Studio, right? Right?


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Sneak Peek: Judd Apatow talks to James Lipton on Monday

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 24th 2009 7:25PM
A lot of people will say (and I might have even said at one point) that Inside the Actors Studio is running out of guests to interview. When a show about film talks to Billy Joel, you know something is wrong. But it's not that they're running out of the appropriate people, they're just choosing to go with certain people.

Judd Apatow probably deserves to be there since he's the big name in movie comedy right now. He's going to talk to James Lipton on Monday. Here's the part where he talks about directing sex scenes, hair-waxing, and getting thrown out of the car by his wife on the way to her gynecologist. This could be the dirtiest Actors Studio yet.

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What's On Tonight: Superstars Of Dance, Conan O'Brien, Trust Me

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 26th 2009 4:06PM
  • The CloserAt 8, ABC has a new, two-hour Bachelor, followed by a new True Beauty.
  • NBC has a new Superstars of Dance at 8, then the miniseries The Last Templar.
  • FOX has new episodes of House and 24.
  • PBS has a new Antiques Roadshow at 8, followed by a new American Experience.
  • There's a new Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family at 8, then a new Kyle XY.
  • Bravo has a new Inside The Actor's Studio at 8, with Conan O'Brien.
  • Also at 8: Food Network has a new Good Eats at 8, followed by a new Will Work For Food.
  • At 9, USA has a new Monday Night RAW.
  • TNT has a new episode of The Closer at 9, then the series premiere of Trust Me.
  • At 10, Food Network has a new Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
  • A&E has two new episodes of Paranormal State at 10.

Check your local TV listings for more.

After the jump, the late night talk shows.

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James Lipton holds Conan O'Brien and hundreds of others hostage

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 10th 2008 5:01PM
lipton inside the actors studioRecently, I had the opportunity to attend the venerable Bravo series, Inside the Actors Studio. The guest was Conan O'Brien, and since I have a thing for late night hosts, I was pretty psyched to see him up close and personal. I've seen the show a million times before, yet I wasn't really sure what to expect from the taping. Would it be like The Daily Show, in which it's taped live with pauses for commercial breaks? Or would they do a longer taping and then edit it down for broadcast?

After discussing it with a few of my friends, we figured that they would cut it down. What I didn't realize is that I should have packed a snack. "What is your mother's name?" "What is the name of the primary school you attended?" "What did your father do for a living?" These are only a few of the questions that led Conan to crack, "I feel like I'm applying for a credit card."

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