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August 27, 2015


'30 Rock' - 'Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 23rd 2010 11:40AM
(S04E17) "Thank you, Lemon, but my true present is that exquisite ensemble. You look like a prison weed dealer." - Jack to Liz, on her singles dodge ball outfit.

Jack, Jack, Jack! I guess there are worse things than having to choose between gorgeous Elizabeth Banks and beautiful Julianne Moore on your 51st birthday. I'm with Liz, though. Guys have it easy. They just get more distinguished and stately as they get older. Girls get flabby arms and wrinkles. " You're juggling two beautiful women while I have to pay to have kick balls whipped at me," says Liz. "This is gender inequity out the yang."

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The Writers Get Naked on '30 Rock' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 26th 2010 1:02AM
30 Rock, the writers get nakedYou're at work and suddenly hear a news report that a toxic gas has overtaken your building. The reporter advises anyone left in the building to disrobe immediately, so, of course, you do.

If this happens to you, think twice about actually taking all your clothes off, especially if your boss is Jack Donaghy from '30 Rock' (Thu., 9:30PM ET on NBC). That's our little public service announcement for the day.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Jack Gets a Porn Wake-Up Call on '30 Rock' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 19th 2010 2:00AM
30 Rock, Kabletown, PornWho knew that 91 percent of Comcast's Kabletown's profits comes from men ordering adult movies? You know, movies like 'Ass-atar,' 'The Lovely Boners,' 'The Hind Side' and 'Fresh-Ass: Based on the Novel Tush By Assfire.'

It's all a big lightbulb going off in Jack's head on '30 Rock' (Thu., 9:30PM ET on NBC). Or, as we should call him from now on, Jack "The Master Baiter" Donaghy.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Best TV of the '00s: Comedic Actor

by Nick Zaino, posted Jan 3rd 2010 11:01AM
neil_patrick_harris_cbsMore of our best of the decade coverage, which started on Tuesday. You can read the other posts at the link above. Here, we talk about the funniest actors of the last ten years.

If you want to be a great comedic actor, you can never let on that you know you're being funny. Your character never knows what the joke is. That's why Rodney Dangerfield was a great, legendary stand-up comedian, and a fairly poor comic actor.

Everyone on this list excels at the comedic poker face. Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais, in their Office boss characters, don't know that most of the rest of the office is laughing at them. Or at least they don't understand why. Stephen Colbert, despite all of the attention The Colbert Report have received, may be the most underrated comic actor, because the character is so seamless, sometimes it's hard to tell it's a character. Shatner is a legend for playing campy with a poker face. And Neil Patrick Harris as a cad? A straight cad? Perfect.

Here are a few of our favorite comedic actors from the past decade, and may their characters never realize the joke's on them.

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Alec Baldwin announces his retirement one more time

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 30th 2009 8:02PM
alec_baldwin_30_rock"Hello, my name is Alec and I'm a retirement-holic. ...I don't know why, but I have this insatiable need to announce to the world again and again that I'm quitting the acting business. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Okay, that's not a real scene from the life of Alec Baldwin, but it might as well be. About a year and a half ago, Alec was kvetching about turning 50 years old and how he only cared about the Emmys honoring 30 Rock, and his plans to quit the business.

And now he's done it again. In an interview with Men's Journal, promoting his new movie with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin called It's Complicated, Alec Baldwin says he will quit acting in 2012 when his 30 Rock contract comes to an end.

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Julianne Moore Spotted on '30 Rock' Set: Can She Pull Off Comedy?

by Rebecca Paiement, posted Nov 6th 2009 1:39PM
Julianne Moore 30 RockYesterday, Julianne Moore was reportedly seen in New York's Rockefeller Center, aka the filming location for NBC's Emmy-winning comedy '30 Rock.' Sources at E! are now predicting that Moore will be Jack Donaghy's (Alec Baldwin) new love interest this season.

Reps for NBC and Moore have yet to release an official statement. But in a recent interview, Baldwin himself said "I won't say who it is, but someone very near to us may be coming on to play my girlfriend for four episodes."

Onlookers at yesterday's filming didn't find any evidence to either confirm or deny the rumor, only catching things in between takes. But one snoop said that the two looked "very chummy," and seemed to be the only ones on location.

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Alec Baldwin shows Jimmy Fallon exactly why he's nominated for an Emmy

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jul 22nd 2009 1:02PM
alec baldwin jimmy fallon
Despite the fact that before 30 Rock Alec Baldwin had primarily been known for his dramatic work, he has long been beloved in the comedy world. He's one of the most frequent hosts of Saturday Night Live, and has become somewhat of an unofficial cast member over the years. He's proven that he has no shame when it comes to comedy, which goes pretty far to explain why he went on SNL alum Jimmy Fallon's show last night in an all-white getup accented by a gold lame scarf, gold boots, and even a gold fanny pack.

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The Philanthropist - An early look

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jun 24th 2009 2:02PM
philanthropist nbc
NBC has been promoting the crap out of their new summer adventure series, The Philanthropist, for weeks now. Starring James Purefoy as Teddy Rist, a billionaire playboy who decides to save the world, The previews held absolutely no interest for me. Now, after having seen the pilot, I realize that my first impression was the correct one.

Premiering tonight at 10 PM, The Philanthropist is basically an hour of an insufferable rich dude talking about how awesome he is. We watch the premise of the show unfold through the eyes of Rist himself, as he tells his tale of heroism (saving a Nigerian boy from drowning; surviving a shoot-out and a snake bite in order to deliver some Cholera vaccines to a village) to a bored bartender.

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Six spinoffs you'll probably never see ... but sure would be fun

by Debra McDuffee, posted Feb 10th 2009 1:31PM
Simon Baker and Patrick Jane in The Mentalist

The new fall pilots don't excite me very much, what with all of the cops, doctors and lawyers. But I know networks, and original ideas aren't exactly the "in" thing.

So, why can't we design some spin-offs? You know, the networks might go for some ideas based on hit shows, and we can make them a little bit unique, right? Let's add in some elements that excite us to some familiar characters and see if we can't create some new spin-off pilots better than the actual ones.

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TV Squad Ten: The coolest characters on TV now

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 9th 2009 2:28PM
MargWhat is cool? Can you define that thing, that quality that makes certain characters seem like they're more with it than everyone around them? Maybe cool is a state of being, not a thing you can pick up by wearing Armani or drinking Grey Goose or driving a BMW.

As I was looking around the current crop of television shows, I found ten characters who seem to capture the essence of cool -- whether they know it or not. After the jump, we count them down.

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TV Squad Ten: Most outrageous characters on TV

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jan 6th 2009 11:02AM
Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother

Random House defines outrageous as highly unusual or unconventional; extravagant; remarkable. It's as though they've been watching TV, and wrote their definition to fit some of the crazy characters on television shows today.

Oh, don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. I love these larger-than-life characters, played to perfection by the talented actors who grace these roles. Some fit in perfectly with their surroundings, others stand out like a sore thumb amongst castmates. One thing they all have in common, though, is that watching them is pure entertainment.

Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker on The Mentalist)

Jane doesn't quite have the social graces to blend into society, and that's why I love him. The frumpy suits, the obnoxious antics, and the constant pushing of the envelope make for some good TV. From card counting in the casino to reading Lisbon's mind; hypnotizing suspects to making a sandwich in a victim's home, Jane's done it all. Unconventional, to say the least.

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Sesame Street does 30 Rock - VIDEO

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 22nd 2008 11:02AM
sesame streetI remember watching Sesame Street when I was little, but I do not remember it being this awesome. We're used to celebrities appearing on the Street, but it's not very often that we get to see Muppets portraying our favorite TV characters. I for one, never knew that the denizens of Sesame Street were so good at impressions until I saw the Muppet version of Jack Donaghy. Oh, you read that right. Jack Donaghy.

Sesame Street has done a take on 30 Rock called "30 Rocks." In it, Liz Lemon, a lemon with glasses, has to figure out how to make sure that the 30 rocks she ordered for a sketch are all there. Jack (who, unfortunately no longer has a chin) comes out to help her with the solution, which consists of passing off the work load, "I'm the boss Lemon; you count."

Check out the video after the jump.

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Tina Fey to live blog 30 Rock season finale tonight

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 26th 2007 12:01PM

Tina FeyFirst of all, I didn't even realize that tonight was the season finale of 30 Rock (or the first day of May sweeps, for that matter). It's hard to keep track of this new world where various shows end their seasons in various months.

Anyway, show star Tina Fey is going to live blog the season finale at NBC.com. It starts at 9:30pm Eastern. You can go to the site now and leave questions for Fey and she'll answer some of them.

Now, I wonder if Baldwin asking to get out of his contract (in fact, he doesn't want to do television anymore, period) was timed this week for the season finale. Does Baldwin have a contract beyond this season? I would assume so, since NBC has said they are not going to let him out his contract. Maybe Baldwin should do the blog with Fey. Imagine the questions he'd get.

Update: As reader Ender mentions in the comments, the show starts at 9pm, so maybe this isn't going to be a live blog "during the show" but immediately following the show.

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