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October 10, 2015


Five shows to watch at the gym (if you know what's good for you)

by Eliot Glazer, posted Jun 10th 2009 5:02PM
jackie warner workoutIf you're like me, then you're probably a mom. Although, I don't have children. In fact, I'm a quarter-century old dude built like an extra from a 1960's beach movie (that's not necessarily a compliment, especially if you think "compact" is a terrible description of body type, as I often do). However, when I'm at the gym, I seem to get along like gangbusters with all the mothers who take to the Stepper for a mindless lower-body workout in which one essentially climbs to nowhere.

In fact, every now and then, you'll catch me on the machine upwards of an hour, which is by no means an easy task when you have the attention span I do. But luckily, I've got plenty of friends to keep me going, and I don't even have to talk to them. Because they're inside the TV! (Sorry, moms!)

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Bravo has cruises, DVDs in the works

by Erin Martell, posted May 6th 2008 3:28PM
Tom ColicchioBravo is capitalizing on the success of its reality shows by moving beyond the small screen. Thanks to several new business partnerships, the cable network is extending the Top Chef brand by offering a Top Chef cruise, cooking classes, and a calendar. There are also plans for a fitness DVD starring Work Out's Jackie Warner.

Former Top Chef contestants will participate in these new ventures and take part in a nationwide tour as well. The twenty-city tour begins on May 18 in New Orleans. Fans can meet the contestants, get gourmet cooking tips, and watch cooking demonstrations. The Work Out DVD is available on demand on Exercise TV (for free) and can be purchased online and in stores on May 20.

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The top 10 bad-ass women of reality TV

by Kristin Sample, posted Oct 8th 2007 3:02PM
Omarosa on VH1's Surreal Life 5, Dirty Laundry EpisodeSo, I was going to do a list about the most villainous women of reality TV but then I thought...wouldn't a list of bad-ass women be way more interesting? Being bad is overrated (almost as overrated as being good). But being bad-ass, now that's a tricky balancing act, one that is way more intriguing.

This list therefore is dedicated to the women of reality TV that make being bad look oh so good. And no, Omarosa Stallworth-whatever is NOT on the list. I'll explain why after the jump.

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