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October 7, 2015


James Frey settles lawsuit with readers -- UPDATE

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 8th 2006 1:10PM
james freyRemember James Frey? He's the author of A Million Little Pieces, which became a bestseller thanks to Oprah Winfrey. Earlier this year, The Smoking Gun uncovered that Frey's book, which he claimed was non-fiction, was at least partially fabricated. At first, Oprah defended him but then she came to her senses and beat him witless on her show. It was an ugly affair, wasn't it? Thousands of readers filed a class action lawsuit against Frey and his publisher, Random House, claiming they were defrauded. Now Frey and his publisher have agreed to give refunds to all the people involved in the lawsuit. It will take months before everyone's money is returned.

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Oprah's fans are really pissed off

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 27th 2006 7:07PM
While we've received dozens of comments about yesterday's Oprah-James Frey show, Oprah has received tens of thousands of comments. The message board on her website lists more than 12,000 comments for the Frey show. In comparison, other shows only garnered several hundred comments. The commenters go from bashing Oprah, to supporting Frey, to discussing the definition of a memoir. A lot of people on Oprah's site and on our site think that she was too harsh on Frey, that it doesn't matter if he lied because it's still a good book, and mostly that she crucified him on national television for personal gain.

Does anybody out there support what Oprah did? I mean, other than me and Joel and Maureen Dowd.

[Thanks for the tip, Debbie!]

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James Frey returning to Oprah -- UPDATE

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 26th 2006 10:26AM
James Frey is going to stick up for himself, again, but this time he'll do it on Oprah. Frey is the author of A Million Little Pieces, a memoir about drug and alcohol addiction that was chosen for Oprah's Book Club. The truthiness of the book were brought into question by The Smoking Gun on January 8. Smoking Gun folks claimed that Frey embellished some of his experiences and flat-out made up other ones. Since the investigation became public, all sorts of reviewers have jumped on the attack bandwagon and some say his experiences sound too text-book.

Frey is on Oprah today, along with his publisher, Nan Talese. Oprah is a terrific interviewer so I hope she throws him some tough questions, instead of blindly defending him.

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