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October 13, 2015


Bill Pullman Joins Jay Harrington in 'Nathan vs. Nurture'

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 20th 2010 10:16AM
bill_pullman_headshot_2008NBC seems anxious to bounce back in a significant way. The network has a long way to go, but casting Bill Pullman in the sitcom pilot 'Nathan vs. Nurture' was a good step. It's not just that Pullman, who's a terrific actor and extremely funny, will be on the show. It's that he's going to play opposite Jay Harrington, who was announced as the star a few days ago. Those two guys together equals potential hysteria... in a good way.

The premise of 'Nathan vs. Nurture' is promising. Jay's character is a successful heart surgeon who discovers that he was adopted and meets his biological family. And Bill Pullman is his real dad, Arthur. There are also siblings that Nathan's never met before, and between Arthur and the sibs, there's nothing that matches his level of accomplishment. How is it possible if they have the same genes? Well, that's where the comedy kicks in.

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'Better Off Ted's' Jay Harrington Snags NBC Pilot

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 18th 2010 12:29PM
Jay HarringtonLast week we told you that 'Better Off Ted's' Andrea Anders was joining the cast of Matthew Perry's new show 'Mr. Sunshine.' That was one minor sign that the cast of the ABC sitcom was looking for other work because the show was going to be canceled. Now here's the ultimate proof that the show is probably not coming back in the fall: no more Ted!

Jay Harrington, who plays Ted, has grabbed the lead in a new NBC sitcom pilot called 'Nathan vs. Nurture,' according to Variety. As Michael Schneider points out, when the star of a show gets another show, that's a good sign the other show isn't coming back. Harrington will play a heart surgeon who not only finds out who his biological are, he also finds out that he has several siblings (and I'm going to guess that these siblings are going to be wacky in some way).

James Burrows is going to direct the pilot so we know that at least that episode will be great.

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Jay Harrington to Star in NBC's 'Nathan vs. Nurture' -- Bad News for 'Better Off Ted'?

by Laura Prudom, posted Feb 18th 2010 12:00PM
Things are looking grim for 'Better Off Ted,' following the news that star Jay Harrington has landed the lead role in NBC's comedy pilot 'Nathan vs. Nurture.'

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the casting is still formally in second position to Harrington's role on 'Ted,' meaning he would have to give up the new role if the unexpected occurred and both 'Ted' and 'Nathan' were picked up for next season.

As things stand, on the bubble comedy 'Ted' is unlikely to return for a third season, having been placed on hiatus with its final two second season episodes yet to air.

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Jane After Dark: Catching up with Better Off Ted

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jan 2nd 2010 11:00AM
Better Off TedI'm kind of bummed that it looks like Better Off Ted might be on its way out. Maybe not, though. Mike's review this week sounded like it might get a reprieve from the axe. Who knows, really? But either way, I'm glad to have found this quirky series, and have been watching season one on DVD this week.

It's kind of a cross between The Office and Arrested Development. If you're not familiar with the show, it takes place in the Research & Development department of Veridian Dynamics, a corporation with lots of cubicles and fluorescent lights.

Ted (Jay Harrington) is a pleasant guy who runs things and answers to Veronica (Portia de Rossi), an uptight boss who wears her hair pulled back so tight it's amazing she can even breathe.

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The Show Girl Talks Slap Bets at 'HIMYM,' Romances at 'Better Off Ted' & More - VIDEO

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 20th 2009 1:10PM
Slapsgiving!You've got questions? I've got answers. I'm The Show Girl!

Today, I've got scoop on the new season of one of the funniest, most underrated shows on TV: 'Better Off Ted.' Find out the fate of Veridian's star-crossed lovers Ted and Linda, why Phil will romance Ted, how Portia de Rossi will go from playing Veronica to Lindsay Fünke ... and if you don't know any of these people, maybe I can convince you to meet them and catch up before season 2 begins.

I also hit the set of 'How I Met Your Mother' armed with your questions about Twitter and slap bets. Who are the stars Tweeting with? You might be surprised. And is it hard to hit your co-stars? Not according to Jason Segel. (Awesome.)

Want more? Email me TV questions at TheTVShowGirl@aol.com -- who knows, I might just give you an answer on the show. Now watch, enjoy and come back next week for more. Until then, happy TV watching!

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TV Squad Ten: Series that should be renewed

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 1st 2009 5:40AM
ReaperLast week, TVSquad readers made our "Which shows are renewed, canceled, or on the bubble?" post the most viewed and most commented of the week. Most of the commenters voiced their opinions as to which show should be renewed, and since I also watch loads of TV, it's with no surprise that I wanted to chime in, as well. (Look for my "Series that I think should be canceled" post later this week.)

Here I present you, the 10 shows I think should be renewed. Note that I did not include in this list shows that have been confirmed as renewed by the network (such as Gossip Girl), nor those that have been officially canceled (bye bye Pushing Daisies).

If you just want the list, click here.

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ABC picks up five series to fill out its new season

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 29th 2008 9:07AM

Will this version of Cupid last longer than the last version? Who knows.I am about to write something that I normally don't do when it comes to the way networks program their primetime schedules. It's something that will shake your foundations, rock the world, turn Republicans into Democrats (and vice-versa) and make Amy Winehouse finally get sober. Ready? ABC is being smart with its programming schedule.

There, it's done. Now to sit back and wait for the accolades.

Seriously, after years of relying on only a handful of shows to carry the schedule throughout the year, ABC has been filling out their schedules with a number of backup shows to fill those gaps that always appear when a fall premiere tanks. Granted, some of these mid-season replacements also tank, but at least the network is letting them try. Because of that we have been lucky to enjoy shows like Samantha Who? and Eli Stone. This time around, ABC has five new series - all scripted - that will be premiering during the 2008-09 season. You'll find a brief explanation of each after the jump.

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Desperate Housewives newbie: who's this hot Dr. Rob?

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Jan 16th 2006 9:14PM

jay harrington on the insdeEveryone wants to know: who's this hot Dr. Rob, Susan's new love interest on Desperate Housewives? Jay Harrington, that's who. Thanks to a commenter from my earlier review of last night's episode for cluing us in. He's witty, he's funny, he's oh-so-hunky. He's not quite as cute as Mike the plumber, but boy, he's a close second.

Up until now, Harrington has been a B player, appearing in bit parts and short-lived series like Coupling and The Inside, and in movies I've never seen and of which I've barely heard. He also played a recurring role in Summerland. Maybe this will be his big break: from what I've seen, he's got some talent.

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