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October 4, 2015

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons Was Duped into Hugs and Kisses With a Fan (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 1st 2011 3:00AM
Jim Parsons, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'One of two things will happen after Jim Parsons' appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC). Either the woman who ran up and abruptly hugged and kissed him as if she knew him will never get away with that particular move on a celebrity again, or this will become a new trend for star-spotters.

All you have to do is run up to them, as this woman did, and scream out their name like you're a long lost friend. As Parsons explained, "She comes up and pretends that she knows you and you're too nice to be rude and go, 'Who the hell are you?'"

Oh, we just thought of a third possibility. Celebrities might decide they need to be ruder to strangers just in case it's this woman lying in wait, or someone who wants to emulate her technique.

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Jim Parsons Says Watching 'Real Housewives' Makes Him Really Uncomfortable (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 13th 2011 7:45AM
Jim Parsons, 'Late Late Show'Craig Ferguson was grilling Jim Parsons about his TV viewing habits on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on CBS) when he discovered that the 'Big Bang Theory' star is not a fan of reality TV shows.

Parsons said he can't watch 'Real Housewives,' for example, because "I find it very upsetting. ... It makes me really uncomfortable."

Ferguson's obviously not a 'Real Housewives' fan either, referring to it as "a really terrible product." However, it doesn't seem to provoke the same remote-grabbing reaction from him. Parsons' dislike of the show is so great that even if he's just walking past a TV showing it, he just has to change the channel immediately.

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Steve Carell Snubbed for 'Office' Emmy

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 18th 2011 9:40PM
Steve CarellWhile there's no doubt Jim Parsons does incredible work as Sheldon on 'The Big Bang Theory,' one of the biggest bummers of Sunday's Emmy Awards telecast was the inimitable Steve Carell losing out on his final chance to win an Emmy for his six-year stint as Michael Scott on 'The Office.'

Though the show's writing has been uneven in recent seasons, there's no doubt Carell's performance -- especially in the episode 'Garage Sale,' where Scott proposed to longtime girlfriend Holly Flax -- was statuette-worthy.

Carell has been nominated for acting Emmys and Golden Globes for all six years he's played Michael Scott, but the only win he took for the character was in 2006, when he nabbed the Globe. The actor left 'The Office' this year, so it was his last chance to snag some Emmy love.

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Comic-Con Q&A: The 'Big Bang Theory' Cast Teases Season 5 Love Triangles (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 23rd 2011 10:40AM
Jim Parsons, 'The Big Bang Theory'The cast of CBS' hit comedy 'The Big Bang Theory' sure knows how to make an entrance at Comic-Con. The men and women behind TV's number one sitcom were greeted like rockstars in a filled-to-capacity Ballroom 20, and AOL TV caught up with them right after for all the scoop on Season 5 (premieres Thurs., Sept. 22, 8PM ET on CBS).

Okay, technically they haven't started shooting yet, so the spoilers were sparse, but we did unearth some hints about the ongoing Priya/Leonard/Penny love triangle from Johnny Galecki, and asked the stars to weigh in on how Penny and Raj's hook-up might affect the dynamic of the group.

Simon Helberg also shared his predictions for Howard and Bernadette's future following their engagement, while Jim Parsons gave us a very Sheldon-esque opinion on whose side his character might take once Leonard finds out about Raj's betrayal. Dun, dun, dun!

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'Big Bang Theory' Barenaked Ladies Music Video for '5 Nights a Week' (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 15th 2011 11:30AM
It's a big week for CBS' hit comedy 'The Big Bang Theory.'

Not only did the series score five Emmy nods, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for both Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, it's also the star of a very special music video collaboration with the Barenaked Ladies ... who just so happen to sing the show's infectiously catchy theme song ... which just so happens to be the song featured in the video! Ain't that a coincidence?

Not so much, actually, since the 'Bang'-tastic video will be used to promote the off-network launch of the ratings heavy-hitter in syndication this fall, where it will air five nights a week on TBS, the Fox Television Stations and broadcast stations across the country from Sept. 18.

Hit the jump to catch a first look at the music video, featuring the main cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' behind the scenes and on set during an episode taping.

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TCA Awards Nominate 'Justified,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Jun 13th 2011 4:35PM
Critics tend to rave about dramas like 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Mad Men' and 'Justified,' so it was no surprise to learn that all those awards picked up multiple nominations from the Television Critics Association, which announced its TCA Awards nominees Monday.

The Television Critics Association is an organization of more than 200 television critics and journalists, and this year, the group made some pretty unimpeachable choices.

On the comedy side, 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Louie,' 'Modern Family' and 'Community' picked up multiple nominations.

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Jim Parsons Books 'iCarly' Guest Role, 'Famous Foods' Gets Premiere Date and More TV News

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 6th 2011 7:00PM
Jim Parsons'Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons is traveling across the space-time continuum networks for a guest role on Nickelodeon's 'iCarly.'

According Entertainment Weekly, Parsons will play a psychiatric patient who believes he's from the future. The Emmy winner's character, Caleb, befriends Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and her friends when they visit the psych ward he calls home.

Jane Lynch and Jack Black have recently popped up in guest spots on the hit Nickelodeon series.

Look for the episode featuring Parsons to air later this year as part of Season 4. In addition to his 'iCarly' gig, Parsons is appearing on Broadway in 'The Normal Heart' and will also be returning to 'The Big Bang Theory' on CBS this fall.

In other TV news ...

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People Wanted Jim Parsons to Pass the Phone to Tom Hanks at a Telethon (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 13th 2011 3:42AM
Jim Parsons, 'Late Show with David Letterman'TV fans love Jim Parsons as brainiac lunatic Sheldon Cooper on 'The Big Bang Theory.' He's received multiple awards for his portrayal, which means his peers and critics appreciate him as well.

But does that make him a big star? Apparently not big enough for some people, according to what he said on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS).

It was while working on telethons that Parsons realized he wasn't perhaps as big of a deal as some of the other guests. When Letterman asked, "Do [the callers] want to talk to you?" Parsons said, "A lot of them do," but not all of them.

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'Big Bang' Cast Gets Seated at 'Nerd Table' at Golden Globes (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 3rd 2011 12:30PM
Jim Parsons' Golden Globe win for Best Actor in a TV Comedy took the entire 'Big Bang Theory' cast by surprise, especially after they were seated at an out-of-way "nerd table" at the awards, said co-star Johnny Galecki on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS).

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'Big Bang Theory' Cast Dishes on Fans, New Season on 'Early Show' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Sep 23rd 2010 2:15PM
The cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' dishes on the adulation they received at this year's Comic-Con, and the possibility of a kiss between Sheldon and new girlfriend Amy on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS).

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Craig Ferguson Tries to Pass Sheldon's Friend Test on 'The Late Late Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 23rd 2010 6:54AM
'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'Craig Ferguson often has skits with his guests before he brings them out to chat on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:37AM on CBS), but rarely are they as ambitious as the one that preceded his episode featuring the cast of 'The Big Bang Theory.' Ferguson was on the set of the hit comedy in a scene that felt like it came from an actual episode.

In it, he was looking to join the quartet of misfits as a fifth friend, but before he could do that he'd have to pass Sheldon's (Emmy-winner Jim Parsons) rigorous test. Before they could even get that far, though, Sheldon took issue with the name of Ferguson's show. "What time is it on?" he asked.

When told it was at 12:30AM, Sheldon posed the question, "Given that AM stands for Ante Meridiem, wouldn't it more logically be called 'The Early Early Show with Craig Ferguson'?"

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First-Timers and Newcomers Were the Big Emmy Winners

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 30th 2010 11:35AM
Eric Stonestreet of 'Modern Family' after winning a 2010 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a ComedyIf I had actually put down bets on my Emmy predictions, I would have lost my shirt, and maybe even my pants. And I still would have been pretty happy about it.

Why? Because when I made those predictions, I did them with the jaundiced eye of a guy who's seen the Academy go with the safe and sane too many times. For instance, in any world that made sense, Jon Cryer wouldn't have been my supporting comedy actor pick over Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Colfer and the 'Modern Family' trio. But the Academy loves repeat winners, so I was resigned to the fact that Cryer was going to win again.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Eric Stonestreet's name was called at the Emmy Awards last night. And I continued to be surprised as the the names of newcomers and first-timers were called for many of the major categories. Yes, new names abounded at the Emmys, and hopefully, it's a harbinger of what we might see in the years to come.

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Emmy Picks: Best Lead Actor in a Comedy

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 25th 2010 12:05PM

With the Emmy awards just days away, I'm continuing to pick who I think should and who I think will win the major awards.

Yesterday, I discussed the Best Lead Actress in a Comedy category. Today we look at some funny guys in the Best Lead Actor in a Comedy category.

Alec Baldwin, '30 Rock'
Steve Carell, 'The Office'
Larry David, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Matthew Morrison, 'Glee'
Jim Parsons, 'The Big Bang Theory'
Tony Shalhoub, 'Monk'

Who will win:
There are three two previous winners in this category (four, if you count David's Comedy Series win for 'Seinfeld,') so there are lots of places the Academy can go if they want to play it safe. I can see them giving it to Alec Baldwin again, even though '30 Rock' didn't have the strongest season, though Shalhoub might get the votes as a tribute to the end of 'Monk''s long run. But the Academy loves the fact that they can give a comedy award to a guy who is still thought of in some circles as a dramatic actor. So Baldwin will take it.

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'The Big Bang Theory' Stars Holding out for More Money in Contract Talks

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 29th 2010 11:40AM
In the show's final seasons, the cast of 'Friends' made one million dollars per episode. Now, the three stars of 'The Big Bang Theory' are hoping to follow suit, though on a smaller scale, by negotiating their salaries from $60,000 to $250,000 per episode, according to a Deadline Hollywood report. The latter amount is what industry insiders speculate the cast should make given the show's high ratings. Instead, word on the street is that the studio offered stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco $100,000 an episode, and the actors have not responded.

Apparently, critically hailed main geek Parsons is attempting to negotiate higher pay than both of his costars. It's a demand not completely out of left field, seeing as Parsons has two Emmy nominations under his belt in addition to near-universal praise for his portrayal of socially awkward scientist Sheldon Cooper.

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'The Big Bang Theory' and Sheldon's 'Specific and Unique' Relationship - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 28th 2010 5:02PM
Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar of 'The Big Bang Theory' at the Summer 2010 TCAs
It's interesting how things change quickly at the press tour. Not that long ago, the cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' came to the tour eager to convince the critics that their show was worth watching.

Now, three years later and with ratings that put them on par with 'Two and a Half Men' as the most popular comedy on TV, the group that sat before the critics this morning displayed a new degree of confidence.

Not cockiness, mind you; this is a group that knows it has a good thing going. Co-creator Chuck Lorre, despite the fact that the show has had four different timeslots in four years, called last season and its ratings surge "remarkable."

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