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October 4, 2015

Joe Biden

Christine O'Donnell Claims Joe Biden and 'Thug Politic Tactics' Are Responsible For Campaign Probe (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Dec 30th 2010 6:20PM
According to reports, Christine O'Donnell's unsuccessful senatorial campaign is under federal investigation for the misuse of campaign funds.

On 'Good Morning America' (weekdays, 7 AM ET on ABC) O'Donnell denied that she'd done anything improper, and alleged, without offering evidence, that the probe is a result of "thug politic tactics" perpetrated by people close to Vice President (and former Delaware Senator) Joe Biden.

"Do you really believe the Vice President has a part in this?" Roberts asked.

"You don't need a tipster to show this is politically motivated," O'Donnell explained. "We were informed that the Delaware political establishment was going to use every resource available to them . . . including launching phony investigations, making false accusations and tying me up with lawsuits."

And that's pretty much the problem with denying you're a witch. Once everybody knows you can't cast spells, they start messing with you.

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Hillary Clinton Might Really Want Joe Biden's Job, Says Body Language Expert (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 14th 2010 3:52PM
Lately, there's been a lot of talk that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden may switch jobs in 2012. So much so that Biden felt the need to affirm his position on Obama's 2012 ticket at a recent event.

Hillary has also denied a switch is in the cards. However, body language expert Tonya Reiman, appearing on 'The O'Reilly Factor,' (weekdays, 8 PM on Fox News) analyzed some recent footage of Secretary Clinton talking about Biden and came to a different conclusion.

"I think the Vice President is doing a wonderful job," Clinton says in the clip that Reiman analyzed for O'Reilly. "We have a great relationship. . . . and I think both of us are very happy doing what we are doing."

"When she says we're doing a great job, she's doing the head negation, which tells me she's not really sure he's doing a good job," Reiman told O'Reilly.

Reiman then added that the shoulder shrugs Clinton was rather noticeably doing throughout her statement directly contradicted her words.

The fact Hillary might really pine for Biden's post, and all the controversy and hoopla which would go with that potential switch, was music to O'Reilly's ears.

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Joy Behar Credits Hillary Clinton With 'Testicularity' on 'The View' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Oct 6th 2010 2:00PM
Joy Behar invents a new word -- "testicularity" -- to explain a rumor that a job swap between Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could in the works for 2012, completely confounding actor Patrick Stewart who appears as a guest later on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated).

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Joe Biden (Sort Of) Clarifies His 'Stop Whining' Message to the Democratic Base (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Sep 28th 2010 3:03PM
Vice President Joe Biden was the first guest on the debut of "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell' (weekdays, 10 ET on MSNBC). While Biden got through his segment without any gaffes, the best moment came when O'Donnell asked Biden to clarify a quote he had made telling his own Democratic base to stop whining.

"Today you said that the base, your base in the Democratic party, should "stop whining" ... Would you like to revise and extend your remarks?" O'Donnell wondered.

"Yes," said Biden, jumping at the opportunity. He then proceeded to explain how any Democrat who is less engaged in the political process because they didn't get "every single thing they want" is being immature and illogical.

"What the president has been able to do has been truly remarkable ... those who didn't get everything they wanted, it's time to buck up here ... (and) not yield the playing field to those folks are against everything that we stand for."

In other words, Biden was able to reiterate his point that Democrats who are complaining about Obama's agenda are whiners -- but without using the inflammatory word "whining." Don't say the man doesn't know his way around language.

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Joe Biden to Progressive Democrats: 'Get in Gear, Man' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Sep 16th 2010 10:52AM
Joe Biden's blunt manner of speaking can get him in trouble sometimes. But appearing on 'The Rachel Maddow Show' (weekdays 9 PM ET on MSNBC) the Vice President used that trait to effectively hammer home the point that progressive Democrats need to get more involved in the 2010 election, or risk having everything Biden believes the Obama Administration has accomplished get undone.

Addressing the "enthusiasm" gap that seems to exist between the revved-up Tea Party and the sleepy Democratic base, Biden offered progressives a stark pep-talk. "One of the reason I want to be on your show, is to tell progressives out there to get in gear, man," Biden told Maddow. "First of all, there is a great deal of stake."

Biden then listed the regulation of tobacco, hate crime laws, and insurance for kids as Obama administration accomplishments that could be undone if the GOP takes over the Congress.

"Our progressive base, you should not stay home," Biden continued. "You better get energized. Because the consequence are serious for the outcome of the things we care most about."

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VP Joe Biden Serves Hot Dogs to Troops on 'Colbert Report' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 9th 2010 4:20AM
Joe Biden Visits Soldiers on 'Colbert Report'In celebration of the end of combat operations in Iraq, Stephen Colbert filled his studio with military personnel and offered them beer (domestic, of course) and American munchies, e.g., hot dogs. But that wasn't all 'The Colbert Report' (weeknights, 11:30PM ET on COM) had in store for the troops.

The "hot dog guy" was none other than Vice President Joe Biden. "Read your Constitution, man," said Biden. Giving hot dogs to "returning warriors" is one of his constitutional duties, he explained.

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Body Language Expert Reveals What Joe Biden Really Thinks of Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 19th 2010 2:40PM
Have you ever wondered what Joe Biden thinks of Sarah Palin? Wonder no more. On 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weeknights, 8PM ET on Fox News) body language expert Tonya Reiman analyzed a recent appearance Biden made on 'The View.'

In the clip, the ladies ask the vice president if he thinks Palin is a contender in 2012, and then Biden gives his answer.

"I want you to watch the corner of the right side of hismouth," Reiman told O'Reilly's audience as the clip played. "It goes up in obvious contempt."

"Do you really think (Biden) is contemptuous of the woman?" O'Reilly wondered skeptically. "Just from that one gesture?"

"That's all it takes is one gesture, Reiman explained. "Contempt is hard to hide and when you see the one side of the mouth go up, that's contempt."

When Palin gets wind of this, we suspect she'll respond with a stern tweet.

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Colbert Interviews Michael Hastings, the Man Who Brought Down General McChrystal (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 29th 2010 4:00AM
Talking to the Man Who Brought Down General McChrystal on 'Colbert'On 'The Colbert Report' (weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central), Stephen Colbert sat down with journalist Michael Hastings. Mr. Hastings is a reporter for 'Rolling Stone' magazine, and he did a much-publicized interview with General Stanley McChrystal -- the man who was leading the war effort in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, during this interview, McChrystal strongly criticized Vice President Joe Biden -- and indirectly attacked President Obama.

After that, things didn't go very well for General McChrystal. He was then fired from his position as head general in Afghanistan. (Or he resigned before he was fired, depending on who you'd like to believe.)

And so, Colbert sat down with journalist Hastings, and in his usual inimitable style, asked Mr. Hastings if he was to blame for all of this. Hastings pointed out that he was only reporting what the general had said to him. But that wasn't enough for Stephen.

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Jon Stewart: Obama Is Like Frodo From 'Lord of the Rings' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 16th 2010 4:30AM
Jon Stewart: Obama Is Like Frodo From 'Lord of the Rings'Comedian Jon Stewart usually has pretty good things to say about Barack Obama. But he opened up tonight's 'Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) with a long, withering critique of the president's actions.

Stewart called out Obama for making promises that he has failed to keep as president. He said that Barack has been corrupted by his exposure to power -- much like Frodo in 'The Lord of the Rings.' (Quick explanation for those of you who aren't fantasy nerds: the good hobbit Frodo is overcome by the One Ring of Power, which briefly turns him evil. Got it? Good.)

Hmm. That's a pretty good metaphor, Mr. Stewart! Barack Obama has been damaged by his proximity to power. Sounds convincing-ish.

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Obama Makes Jay Leno Jokes at White House Correspondents Dinner (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted May 3rd 2010 8:10AM
Obama Teases Jay Leno at Correspondents DinnerEveryone has had their say on the late-night TV wars of last January -- the talk-show hosts, television industry critics, celebrity insiders, and all the Team Leno vs. Team Conan fans. Everyone except President Barack Obama, that is.

With Jay Leno sitting just a few feet away at the White House Correspondents Dinner (Sat., 9PM ET on MSNBC), Obama added his own commentary.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Receives Personal Call From Joe Biden (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 26th 2010 2:30PM
Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues to get chummy with Vice President Joe Biden, revealing on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated) that she received a personal phone call from the Veep following his appearance on the show last week when she called him "a pretty cool guy."

"He just wanted to know how I was doing, and what I thought of health care," Hasselbeck said. "We actually talked about a lot of things: football, marriage."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Joe Biden Admits He 'Likes' Sarah Palin on 'The View' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 22nd 2010 2:30PM
'The View' (weekdays, syndicated) proved itself a (sort of) force at bridging the partisan divide today when Vice President Joe Biden admitted that he "likes" Sarah Palin, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck conceded that Biden is a "pretty cool guy."

"Look, if you meet her, she is a charming person. It's hard not to like her," Biden said of Palin after being asked to explain her appeal. "I say this and people look at me like I'm kidding -- I like her." But, Biden isn't so forthcoming when Hasselbeck asks if the Obama camp considers Palin a legitimate threat in the 2012 elections. Instead, he defers answering.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Joe Biden to Appear on 'Daily Show'

by Jane Murphy, posted Nov 13th 2009 5:00PM
Would-be veep Sarah Palin is already promoting her upcoming book 'Going Rogue: An American Life,' beginning with an exclusive sit down with Oprah. So perhaps Joe Biden would like to remind you that he has a book, too. And he's actually vice president. The former senior senator from Delaware will appear on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Nov. 17.

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HBO is making a 2008 election film, but who will play whom?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Apr 14th 2009 9:04AM
President Barack ObamaThe network that brought you a movie based on the 2000 Presidential Election and would have brought you a movie based on the 2004 Presidential Election had it been more interesting is bringing you another one.

Variety reports that HBO Films has optioned the rights to a book based on the events of the 2008 Presidential Election for another made-for-TV movie. The book, "Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime," written by political writers Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, will be released later this year.

So will the movie, written by Blood Diamond screenwriter Charles Leavitt, be fair and balanced? Will it give both sides equal time? I honestly could not care less. As long as it pisses off the Elizabeth Hasselbecks and Joy Behars of the world, that's fine with me.

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Top TV Stories of 2008: The election - VIDEOS

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 2nd 2009 2:00PM
MSNBC Decision 2008
What was the top TV story of the year? The choice was obvious to all of us, and probably all of you, too: The election. The 2008 race for the White House was not only historic, it was dramatic and played out more on TV with recognizable star personas than any election in recent memory.

And like a great TV show, it was a season-long run of highs and lows, tension and release, defeat and victory. Along the way, Americans made a choice about who will run the country for the next four years, but they were also entertained by a near constant barrage of media coverage in the form of maximum cable news, thousands of commercials, daily political commentary both serious and comic, a plethora of debates, and -- naturally -- Saturday Night Live's take on it all.

It all started about a year ago in the cold of Iowa and New Hampshire...

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