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October 7, 2015

Johnny Smith

The Dead Zone: Ambush

by Jen Creer, posted Sep 10th 2007 3:00AM
The Dead Zone: Ambush(S06E12) We are finally coming around full circle to address Walt's death from the season premiere. Why we couldn't have been seeing bits of this as we went along, I don't know, but having a cohesive season of episodes in which one week continues logically into the next has never been a goal of The Dead Zone-- and that is fine. I just wish it would decide whether it wants to be a serial show or not, because it certainly is when it wants to be.

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The Dead Zone: Exile

by Jen Creer, posted Aug 27th 2007 8:44AM
johnny and alex(S06E11) This episode didn't tick me off the way last week's did (and several more have this season). It actually had a context, some neatly turned connections, and not too much obnoxious product placement. The only thing I really noticed was the closeup of Johnny's Tylenol bottle and I groaned and thought, "Here we go again," but there must not be many places to use your Visa card in Indiana, because it wasn't bad from there. I did go take two Excedrin, though, just to counteract the Tylenol ad.

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The Dead Zone: Heritage (season premiere)

by Jen Creer, posted Jun 20th 2007 1:21PM
Bannerman(S06E01) I love the name of this episode: Heritage. With the shocking death of Walt Bannerman (the always great Chris Bruno) (I didn't see it coming, but my 13 year old son says he did), we have not only Reverend Purdy's Heritage foundation (where Bannerman died), but also the heritage he leaves to Johnny, and his son J.J. One of the primary questions that has endured for five seasons can now be explored: If Walt were not there, would Johnny and Sarah get together? Are they fated to be together? (If the previews for next week are any indication, the answer would be, "Not just yet.")

I worry because Greg Stillson has persistently pursued Sarah too. I am not convinced that she sees him for the villain that we (the audience) and Johnny know him to be. Though, Stillson did tell Johnny this episode that he isn't as bad as Johnny thinks he is...

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The Dead Zone: Lotto Fever

by Jen Creer, posted Jul 24th 2006 2:45PM
midnight cowboy(S05E06) This episode of The Dead Zone was pretty fun -- it was still stand alone, but I can see that I am in the minority about that, so I tried to roll with it and enjoy it. One of the best things about this episode was its homage to Midnight Cowboy. Johnny pairs up with a shorter actor (Benjamin Ratner), and the way the actors are dressed and the way they interact is very reminiscent to Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. Am I the only one who saw that? They reversed the colors the actors were wearing (Johnny wore black, and Boyd Lumely wore tan), but I'm pretty sure they were doing a tribute.

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