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August 28, 2015


Simon and Paula Dance Around 'X Factor' Judge Rumors in Dueling AHL Appearances (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Feb 9th 2011 3:45PM
Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul, 'X Factor,' 'Access Hollywood Live'Simon Cowell's new singing talent show 'The X Factor' doesn't hit TV until the fall, but there's already buzz brewing about whether former 'Idol' judge Paula Abdul might rejoin him on the judge's panel. Cowell and Abdul were both on 'Access Hollywood Live' (Weekdays, Syndicated on NBC) today, and while they didn't appear on camera together, it was obvious they were both dancing around the recent rumors.

Cowell reported that no 'X Factor' judges have been officially signed yet. When asked about Abdul, he said, "She's in the mix, but, you know, a lot of people are in there."

As Simon was being interviewed, the camera cut to Abdul backstage as she placed electrical tape over his mouth on a TV screen. And when it was Paula's turn in the interview chair, the discussion quickly turned back to her British frenemy.

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Judge Calls Dr. Phil a "Charlatan"

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 24th 2010 4:05PM
Dr. Phil"Charlatan" is a word that should be used more. I think it has been replaced nowadays by words like "sleazebag" and "crook" and maybe "con artist." But a judge in San Diego used it yesterday to describe America's favorite syndicated exploiter of people, Dr. Phil McGraw.

The judge not only called Dr. Phil a charlatan, she also said that he was a "terrible, terrible man" and chastised the "doctor" for not giving a couple enough help and counseling after they appeared on his show. The couple was (or maybe still are?) chronic shoplifters. The judge sentenced the husband to 27 months in jail and his wife to 12 months in jail. The couple would go into stores (with their kids!), steal stuff, and sell most of it on the web. They made $100,000 a year doing that. Who says you can't make money online?

On behalf of America, I'd like to thank this judge for saying out loud what a lot of us have thought about Dr. Phil for quite some time.

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Howard Stern Says He Really Is Interested in Simon's Idol Seat

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 9th 2010 9:10AM
Howard SternLove him or hate him, Howard Stern has confirmed his interest in Simon Cowell's seat on 'American Idol'. This goes along with the earlier announcement that 'Idol' producers are interested as having Stern as a judge.

This entire situation seems more sound and fury and it's unlikely that anything would come of it. All Stern has in common with Cowell is the ability to be obnoxious and denigrating of other people. Cowell at least had ties to the music industry before appearing as an 'Idol' judge. While Howard Stern does work in radio, he thankfully has not released a CD of himself singing the Beatles' greatest hits. If he has, I missed it.

Most likely this situation is being used by Stern as a bargaining chip for a renegotiation of his contract with Sirius. Stern would be too much of a turn-off for the majority of viewers for 'American Idol'. If he does end up replacing Cowell, then it could signal the beginning of the end of 'American Idol'.

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Next up for Neil Patrick Harris is a game show

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 28th 2010 11:01PM
neil_patrick_harris_headshot_CBSIs there anything Neil Patrick Harris can't do? The other night he was positively stellar on American Idol as a guest judge, stealing the spotlight from Simon by being a fair but stern discerner of the talented and the talentless. You could really see him as a permanent replacement for Simon Cowell and doing a damn, good job. Then there was Dr. Horrible, Emmy host, Tony host and, naturally, Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Neil is a jack of all trade and a master of most!

Now we can add game show host to the list of accomplishments. The British competition show The Cube is coming to CBS and Neil Patrick Harris will be the host. You may recall that Fox attempted to get The Cube to America. After spending a few months developing it, the network dropped it in December.

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Gushing about Glee

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 19th 2010 3:00PM
Flush from winning the Golden Globe as Best TV Show - Musical or Comedy, Glee creator Ryan Murphy was in a jolly mood when confronted by the media. Can you blame the guy? Glee is definitely the success story of 2009, the little show that could. A smart, sassy high school musical that's become a cultural phenomenon. If I were Ryan Murphy, I'd be singing and dancing and spilling my guts, too. If you prefer being totally surprised and abhor spoilers -- STOP READING NOW.

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Howie Mandel is replacing David Hasselhoff on America's Got Talent - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 10th 2010 2:14PM
Howie MandelIn amongst the Jay Leno questions at the NBC executive session, Jeff Gaspin was also asked to confirm that David Hasselhoff was indeed leaving America's Got Talent. Gaspin confirmed this, and he also gave this bit of news: Howie Mandel will replace him as a judge. This news has been floating around for a day or so, so this is confirmation from the big cheese himself.

Mandel, of course, is best known nowadays for hosting Deal or No Deal. That show, according to Gaspin, will continue in syndication, but there are no plans to bring back the primetime version anytime soon.

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Seven questions about the Monk finale

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 5th 2009 7:05PM
monk_team_copsA few more questions about the Monk finale before it disappears into TV immortality. Just some niggling thoughts that weren't really addressed in the two-part wrap up.

1. Why did Joey Kazarinski choose to kill Monk with poison?
Joey was a killer for hire. He used a bomb to kill Trudy, but shot Dr. Nash. They never said how Wendy Stroud was killed, just that she was buried under the sundial at the judge's house. So, when the judge offered Joey another payday -- killing Monk -- why didn't Joey choose a direct approach and shoot Adrian? Or he could have blown up Monk's apartment. There were any number of ways to kill him, but poisoning the wipes was perhaps the most complicated. And a ricin derivative? How did he manage to acquire that? If it had been arsenic or something, that could have been bought at a hardware store. They never really explained the poison or the reason for that method of murder.

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How do you think Monk will end?

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 29th 2009 3:02PM
trudy_monk_usa_kissThe other night, USA Network broadcast part one of the Monk finale. In that next to last episode, many storylines were presented for the possible big finish this upcoming week. And it could be a potentially whopper of an ending. In my review, I speculated a little about what may be coming, and the comments have been flying in to TV Squad with viewers sharing their thoughts. That's got me thinking... what else might be at play?

Tony Shalhoub was interviewed about the end of Monk and it was interesting that as an actor, he waited till he filmed the end before learning Monk's fate. He said, "I think it's a good send-off. At the beginning of the season, the writers asked me if I wanted to know how everything [ended] and I said, if it was okay with them, I'd rather wait."

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Judge Wapner returning to The People's Court... for a day

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 5th 2009 10:32AM
wapner_the_peoples_courtThere's something sweet about birthday reunion celebration, and on Friday, November 13 -- defying all superstitions about Friday the 13th -- The People's Court will honor the original judge, Judge Wapner, on the show. Judge Marilyn Milian will move aside and the distinguished, no-nonsense Wapner will pick up the gavel one more time. Will Dustin Hoffman make a guest appearance? Gosh, I hope so.

Actually, it's Judge Wapner 90th birthday and he's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (on November 12), so it just seemed appropriate to bring it full circle.

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Adam Shankman, the dancing Oscar producer

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 21st 2009 11:29AM
Oscar_statuetteMaybe they'll change the name of this year's Academy Awards to So You Think You Can Win An Oscar? Or maybe it'll be Oscar, You Should Be Dancing. What else can we expect now that Adam Shankman has been assigned to produce the Oscar broadcast... with Bill Mechanic. The Bill Mechanic part is almost like fine print. (Or that cute kid Brick on The Middle who whispers under his breathe in a funny, creepy way. "Mechanic...")

The story here is Adam Shankman. He's a director/choreographer and dancer. He's a judge on the current season of So You Think You Can Dance. His biggest credit is Hairspray, one of the few movie musicals that has made it to the big screen and was a bit hit in the last decade. Shankman should bring movement, energy and -- perhaps -- dance to the Academy Awards?

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Will Paula Abdul join Simon Cowell on The X Factor?

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 11th 2009 2:45PM
paula_abdul_1Have you wondered why American Idol's recently debenched judge Paula Abdul has yet to land somewhere? You know, as a TV personality, it seemed like after her tweet that she was not returning to the show, she was hit with an avalanche of offers... and then nothing. No dancing show. No talk show. Just rumors. Okay, there was the VH1 Divas thing and a guest appearance on Drop Dead Diva, but nothing substantial.

Now, Ms. Abdul herself has hinted that there's yet a new possibility for her. She again used Twitter which is cheaper than a publicist. Paula sort of attached herself to The X Factor. The British musical competition show is coming to America next year if Simon Cowell can work out the deal. Paula may be part of that package. Paula tweeted: "Hey guys, I'm having a great time in London. Going to watch x factor rehearsals now. So excited! Almost the weekend!!!! Xoxo"

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Neil Patrick Harris is the latest American Idol guest judge

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 25th 2009 7:39PM
Neil_Patrick_Harris_CBSOf all the names bandied about as replacement judges and guest judges on American Idol, I can honestly tell you that today's name made me smile. How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris is filling in as a guest judge on American Idol as they conduct auditions in Dallas, Texas.

Neil is not only one of the funniest talents around, but he is a legitimate singer who has appeared on Broadway, hosted the Tony Awards (and the upcoming Emmys, too) and knows what it takes to sing professionally. And let's not forget Dr. Horrible.

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Nigel Lythgoe really is in talks with Paula Abdul about her joining SYTYCD

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 6th 2009 12:45PM
Randy Jackson, Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell (l to r)Nigel Lythgoe really was serious about wanting to work with Paula Abdul again. Lythgoe used to be executive producer on American Idol, before he left to devote his full attention to So YouThink You Can Dance. This upcoming week, they'll be filming "Vegas Week" for the upcoming fall season six of the hit summer series.

But before that starts, Lythgoe has invited Paula Abdul to fly down to Vegas this weekend so they can talk about her possibly becoming a part of the show. He'd love to have her, of course, "If I can afford her," he says. The question becomes: was it the money over at Idol, or the fact that she felt disrespected?

As to what capacity Abdul could be involved in the show as it takes Idol's time slots in the fall, she could be very involved. Hell, if they agree to things quickly, she could be a part of the judging panel for "Vegas Week," meaning she'd only have missed the initial auditions, and she could certainly join the choreographer pool immediately.

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Gene Simmons to judge Jingles

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 17th 2008 12:26PM
Gene Simmons guitarI've always enjoyed jingles, you know, those catchy commercial tunes that get in your head and never leave. "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun." See, after all these years, it's still there. I wonder if Gene Simmons would have liked that McDonald's jingle?

We'll soon find out what the Kiss star likes in musical commercial craftsmanship because Gene Simmons has been tapped as one of the judges on the CBS reality show Jingles. It's a competition show, from producer Mark Burnett, he of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Survivor and The Apprentice fame. We'll just forget about the ones that didn't fly, like On the Lot (that was painful to watch), Pirate Master (unwatchable) and Rock Star: INXS (truly a train wreck).

Jingles should be pretty challenging for contestants; it's hard to fake it when it comes to writing words and lyrics. The winner gets a contract with an advertising agency and $100,000.

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A supreme slam at Tony and Carmela

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 18th 2008 3:05PM
Soprano CrewIf you're in the camp that believes that Tony was whacked by the Members-Only jacketed man in the final blackout of The Sopranos, then you'll probably be pleased to know that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. has taken a shot at the HBO drama, too.

During a recent speech at New Jersey's Rutgers University, Justice Alito opined that the Emmy-winning series besmirched not only Italians, but citizens of the Garden State, too. "You have a trifecta - gangsters, Italian-Americans, New Jersey - wedded in the popular American imagination," he said to a crowd of about 100. He was speaking about the stereotypes Italian-Americans have had to live with in the United States. Clearly, The Sopranos would be just the kind of depiction to draw his ire. After all, Uncle Junior and Paulie Walnuts are not characters to be emulated and admired, and creator David Chase never said they were.

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