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September 4, 2015


Big Brother 8's Evel Dick and Daniele after the win

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 19th 2007 3:21PM
Evel Dick Donato, Season 8 WinnerIt's the day after the big (and often controversial) Evel Dick Donato first place win on Big Brother 8, as well as his daughter Daniele's second place win. Together, they won $550,000. Not chump change for sure, but I'd like to see this show increase its grand prize to a million like other reality shows of its ilk.

Julie Chen interviewed both Dick and his loving Evel Spawn on The Early Show -- the CBS website has an extended version of that interview available online as well as the initial interview itself.

But the kicker is a set of video interviews with all of the houseguests posted by the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. Those took place in the yard before the wrap party and include such treasures as Amber telling us she taught America it's okay to cry. Yeah, right. [A tip of the hat to commenter OrkMommy for the link to the CBS backyard interviews!]

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Big Brother 8: Season Finale

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 19th 2007 12:42AM
Daniele and Dick with Julie Chen

After 33 episodes of psychologically draining television, Big Brother finally announced a winner tonight, and the results may come as a shock to some people.

Well, they came as a shock to me anyways.

I'm pretty sure most of the reading audience was astute enough to realize this is how things would turn out. Hell, there's probably even a little piece of me that knew this is the way things would turn out, but I didn't want to accept it - couldn't fathom this was even within the realm of possibility.

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Big Brother 8: Season Highlights

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 17th 2007 12:18AM
Big Brother 8 Logo(S08E32) We're one episode away from discovering who will win this season of Big Brother, but first, we've got to make it through the obligatory "highlight show".

I'm not typically a big fan of recap shows, but this one was a little bit easier to endure because at least half of the sequences shown involved Dick belittling a house guest in one way or another.

While I wasn't a big fan of Dick's underhanded tactics, I have to admit that it made for some interesting, albeit uncomfortable television. Had Dick been eliminated early in the competition, this season would have ranked among one of the worst and judging from the comments in the posts this season, quite a few of you agree.

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Big Brother 8: PoV Competition #11 and Eviction Ceremony #12

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 12th 2007 8:41AM
Zach stretches.

(S08E30) We're one week out from the finale of Big Brother 8 and if you'd have told me 29 episodes ago that Zach would be in the final four I would have told you that you were an idiot.

Well here we are at episode 30 and it looks like I'm the idiot, but can you blame me?

With the exception of maybe Carol, who did so little I actually had to go back to an old post to look up her name, Zach was always that guy taking up space as the cameras panned around the house.

He never did much and he never said much. He just kind of sat there with that crazy clown grin sipping on a cup of water or munching on a bowl of food. Essentially, his gameplan was to have no gameplan.

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Big Brother 8: Nomination Ceremony #11

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 9th 2007 11:58PM
Dick makes Jameka promise on the bible.

Well, I never thought I'd see it happen, but Jameka went and made herself a deal with the devil.

The strangest part about the whole sequence was that the Devil asked Jameka to swear on the bible that she'd keep her promise.

It was the absolute last thing I expected her to do, but I'm guessing when $500K is on the line it's okay to forget your convictions for a moment...

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Big Brother 8: Live Eviction #9 and HoH Competiton #10

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 6th 2007 11:33PM
Julie and Eric chat.

Well that was a whirlwind of an episode!

My head is still spinning from all of the events that unfolded tonight, and I had the luxury of watching it from the comfort of my couch.

I can only imagine the stress and anxiety the actual people playing Big Brother must have experienced while condensing a full weeks worth of events into 60 minutes with commercial breaks.

Ultimately, I think the increased pace of tonight's show proved to be detrimental to a contestant like Eric who used the downtime to carefully manipulate and maneuver his way through the game.

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Big Brother 8: PoV Competition #9

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 5th 2007 12:15AM
Janelle returns.

(S08E27) We were in the presence of royalty tonight ladies and gentlemen.

The baddest, most dominant person to ever play the game of Big Brother, made an appearance on tonight's episode and the house guests (with the exception of Eric who made some crude comments about her weight) were in absolute awe - and rightfully so.

Janelle Pierzina is an absolute legend in Big Brother lore. A quick Wikipedia search revealed that Janelle has won 17 competitions during her two stints on the show.

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Big Brother 8: Nomination Ceremony #9

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 2nd 2007 11:01PM
Zach concentrating during the HoH.

Well, it took 62 days in the Big Brother house and a wealth of ridiculous expressions (as seen above), but Zach finally won himself an HoH.

As a result Eric, Jessica, Dick, and Daniele are absolutely trembling in their collective boots since they have no clue what the loose canon is going to do with his newfound position of power.

Dick was probably the house guest doing the most trembling because two hours before the Head of Household competition he gave Zach a verbal abusing for the ages.

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Big Brother 8: Live Eviction #8 and HoH Competition #9

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 31st 2007 12:02AM
Amber on the hot seat.

The only thing more annoying than watching Amber on this season of Big Brother is, wait a second...

I actually can't think of anything more annoying. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of stuff out there, but I'm just too agitated to think of it right now.

I can't remember another person on a reality show that has aggravated me to the same extent as Amber. I hated her holier than thou attitude, I hated the tear factory that resided on her face, and I hated the constant swearing on her daughter's life. I haven't even mentioned the antisemitic fiasco from a few weeks back, but I hated that as well.

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Big Brother 8: PoV Competition #8

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 29th 2007 12:09AM
Eric and Jessica hug.

Eric is either playing an extremely brilliant game of Big Brother or an incredibly stupid one.

Okay, that's not entirely fair. His game play has been pretty impeccable up until this point, especially when you factor the curve balls thrown at him with the America's player challenges

That said, I really find myself questioning his decision not to use the Power of Veto to target at least one his two biggest rivals in the house. Namely, a member of the Donato Duo.

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Big Brother 8: Nomination Ceremony #8

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 26th 2007 11:00PM
Amber wants to be a model.

(S08E23) It was kind of a lite night in the Big Brother 8 house, but I found it to be a nice departure from the chaos that ensued during most of last week's episode.

Outside of a setback in Dick and Daniele's relationship, there wasn't a great deal of conflict tonight. In fact, I found a bulk of the episode to be on the amusing side with the highlight arriving when Jameka told Amber that she should pursue a career in modeling once the show is over.

Yes, you read that correctly. I just typed "Amber" and "a career in modeling" in the same sentence.

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Big Brother 8: Live Eviction #7 and HoH Competition #8

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 23rd 2007 11:42PM
Jen cries again.

(S08E22) Tonight's episode of Big Brother was very Jen-centric which is a good thing in my book.

After several weeks of insanity in the beginning, Jen appeared to consciously take a back seat in the day to day happenings of the house.

Sure, there was an occasional episode where she rubbed Dick the wrong way or made a poorly received comment to Daniele, but for the most part she didn't stir up as much trouble as early sequences in the house seemed to allude to.

That all changed tonight. Jen went right back into crazy mode and while I might be in the minority, I found most of her actions completely justifiable.

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Big Brother 8: PoV Competition #7

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 22nd 2007 12:19AM
Eric and Jessica wrestle.
(S08E21) I can't tell if Eric has game but doesn't realize it or if he's simply trying to stay focused on winning this season of Big Brother.

It's probably a combination of both and regardless of which one it is, he's got a budding showmance burning to happen and he absolutely refuses to embrace it.

He's basically the anti-Nick. Chances are if Nick hadn't gotten so smitten with Daniele early in the game, he'd be in the house right now thinking of new things to do with facial hair and hair gel.

I'd hate to see Eric make a similar mistake, and I commend him for fighting off the temptations of an attractive woman.

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Big Brother 8: Nomination Ceremony #7

by JJ Hawkins, posted Aug 19th 2007 11:59PM
Amber cries on Daniele's shoulder.

(S08E20) It's day 46 in the Big Brother house and all seems well ever since King Dustin was sacked last Thursday.

Dustin really was a lightning rod for discontent among the house guests and it took him leaving before I was really able to pick up on this point. While the typical strategizing and maneuvering could be witnessed in the background, the house had an overall air of serenity in tonight's episode.

The house guests interacted with one another peacefully, talked out their differences in a calm and collected manner, and some even found the time to get a little frivolous as you'll read after the jump.

All in all, it was a nice change of pace to see some levity after weeks and weeks of crying, bitching, and screaming. I wonder how long the peace is going to last.

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Big Brother 8: Live feeds update - August 17

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 18th 2007 3:51AM
Daniele, the Head of HouseWell, well, well ... did last night's show surprise you? It wouldn't have if you knew the happenings from inside the Big Brother 8 house as they happened!

I was letdown by the abbreviated segment with the "mysterious visitors." Watching it on the feeds was almost magical -- the barbershop quartet sang five or six songs. But then on the show I think they knocked the whole thing down to two minutes. On the feeds, the Mini-Mad Hatter flubbed the line "a stitch in time saves nine" substituting the word "snitch" more times than he got it right. Was that shown? Nope!

Nominations are in. Read on past the jump for show spoilers!

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