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October 9, 2015


Psych: Gus Walks Into a Bank (summer finale)

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 13th 2008 11:45AM

Luntz, Vick, Lassiter, Spencer, O'Hara

(S03E08) "Free hugs. Who's next?" -- Shawn Spencer, after saving his "kidnapper".

Woosh! Feel that? That was the first half of this season of Psych blowing right past us to this week's summer finale. As the show has done since its inception in 2006 it is taking the fall off and, save for a holiday special sometime in December, returning at the beginning of 2009. While one side of me understands the reason for this -- survive the onslaught of the network season premieres -- the other side is sad to see the show go so quickly.

Save for the episode entitled 'Daredevils', the first half of Psych has been pretty good. They've done some experimenting with the format, some character development, but have maintained the light touch that has made this show stand out in the crowd of ever-increasing first-run cable shows. With this week's episode we saw a further example of tweaks to the format as we had an episode that was equal parts drama and comedy.

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Psych: Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead (season finale)

by Richard Keller, posted Feb 16th 2008 9:02AM

Shawn makes the big reveal

(S02E16) "One more time, buddy. For justice." -- Shawn Spencer

Where has the time gone? After a very short second half, the second season finale of Psych is upon us. And, despite the semi-disaster that was the season premiere, it was a pretty decent sophmore run for the show. We got to see a good bit of development from all of the characters, an easing of the psychic element of Shawn's abilities, and some extra focus on those who surround the young Spencer. One can only hope that the show's run on NBC come March will interest some more fans to the program.


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Psych: Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion

by Richard Keller, posted Feb 9th 2008 12:41PM

Shawn and Gus strut their stuff with the other CIAO models

(S02E15) "First you treat a woman like a person, then a princess, then a Greek Goddess, then a person again" -- Shawn's advice on how to treat a woman.

For nearly two seasons Shawn Spencer has been 'The Man'. He could get into any place, do anything, and be with pretty much any girl he wanted. Wherever he went he was the center of attention. This week, the shoe was on the other foot as the spotlight was painfully pulled away from Shawn and pointed to some of the other members of the cast.

And, you know what? I LOVED it!


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Psych: Dis-Lodged

by Richard Keller, posted Feb 2nd 2008 1:03PM

Shawn is inducted into the Lodge

(S02E14) "Fine. I don't need you and your misplaced prepositions!" -- Young Gus to Young Shawn

"My dad is a lying, liar from Liarsburg!" -- Shawn Spencer

After speculating last week about Carlton Lassiter's feelings towards Shawn and Gus we discovered them this week: he respects them, albeit grudgingly. He could have certainly hired one of the many private detectives that he deals with on a regular basis but, fully aware of the team's reputation, he decided to go with them. Mostly for their inside contacts, so Lassiter said; however, I have a feeling it was more than that.


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Psych: The Old and the Restless

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 20th 2008 1:16PM

Gus, Shawn and Henry investigate disappearances at an adult community

(S02E12) I don't know about you, but since Psych returned with new episodes I've noticed a bit of tweaking with the format. Nothing major, mind you, just some minor things to shake it up a bit. And, because of those tiny tweaks, the show has a somewhat different feel to it. I guess that's what happens as a show, even a crime-comedy like Psych, matures.


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Psych: Psy vs. Psy

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 28th 2007 12:00AM

Psych: Psy vs. Psy

(S02E03) Lassiter: What color is that suit?

Agent Ewing: Black.

Lassiter: Really? Really? It seems blacker than black.

Ewing: It's Washington Black.

Man o' man o' man, did Shawn have to work his arse off tonight! For the second week in a row Mr. Spencer really had to put his skills to the test to show both the Santa Barbara police department and the Federal government what he could do. And, if that wasn't hard enough, he had to compete with another 'psychic' hired by the Treasury Department. In the end he got the culprit, of course, but it was fun to watch him squirm and try to keep up throughout the episode.

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Psych: Sixty Five Million Years Off

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 21st 2007 8:31AM

Psych -- Sixty-Five Million Years Off

(S02E02) Gus (to Shawn): If you slur one word I'm gonna give you an Indian burn so hot your socks will catch on fire!

Well, that was much better! After last week's funny but unusually disjointed season premiere of Psych the show got back to the normal zaniness that fans of the show fell in love with. Actually, the difference between this episode and the season premiere proved two things. One, don't rely on your guest stars to carry the show. Two, don't have John Landis direct anymore episodes. Seriously, the first season finale and last week's episode were both directed by Landis and they were both a bit off kilter. Maybe it's better to stay away from film directors and concentrate on those who continue to direct television.

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