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October 13, 2015


PGA Awards: Showtime Leads With Noms for 'Dexter,' 'Weeds'

by Sharon Knolle, posted Nov 30th 2009 6:02PM
Showtime got the most love today from the Producers Guild of America (PGA), as the guild announced nominations for television series (scripted and non-fiction). Showtime leads with four nominations ('Dexter,' 'Californication,' 'Weeds,' and the non-fiction 'This American Life.' AMC, Bravo, CBS, NBC and HBO each netted two nominations.

The nominated shows are listed below in alphabetical order by category:

Danny Thomas Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television - Comedy
'30 Rock' (NBC)
'Californication' (Showtime)
'Entourage' (HBO)
'The Office' (NBC)
'Weeds' (Showtime)

Norman Felton Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television - Drama
'Breaking Bad' (AMC)
'Dexter' (Showtime)
'Lost' (ABC)
'Mad Men' (AMC)
'True Blood' (HBO)

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Why the Joan Rivers Roast should be tighter and funnier than her current facelift

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 28th 2009 4:30PM
Joan RiversThe traditional comedy roast has been hijacked by the cable networks and reproduced with more disappointing results than a sperm bank run by General Motors.

Comedy Central has done the best job for the most part while others like A&E's extremely mismanaged Gene Simmons Roast made for lower quality television are as horrific as those painfully dated Dean Martin's Roasts that are sold on infomercials in the wee small hours of the morning.

The secret to doing a good roast isn't really that much of a secret: hire people who are actually paid to be funny. That's why the Roast of Joan Rivers could be the best one yet.

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2009 Summer Returning TV Show Season Premieres

by AOL TV Staff, posted May 21st 2009 5:00PM
Mad Men'Grey's Anatomy,' 'The Office' and 'American Idol' may be over, but the 2009 TV season is just heating up.

We're giving you the lowdown on all of this summer's hottest returning shows -- 'Mad Men,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'The Closer,' just to name a few -- to keep TV fans cooking over the next three months.

Check out all the big returning shows in our 2009 Summer TV gallery.

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What to Watch Thursday, Aug. 14

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 14th 2008 6:00AM
'Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List'
(10PM, Bravo)
As for whether or not she can win another Outstanding Reality Program Emmy this year remains to be seen, but episodes like tonight's gem, which finds Kathy headed off to entertain wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., means another nomination next year should be a lock.

Griffin, who's traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq to entertain American troops, unleashes her irreverent brand of humor on the Reed patients, many of whom have faced amputations and other major health woes.

Laughter truly does turn out to be the best medicine for much of the crowd, though, and the more irreverent the humor, the better.

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What to Watch Thursday, July 31

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 31st 2008 6:00AM
(10PM, ABC)
You say you want some real-life drama?

It's doesn't get any more real or dramatic than this series, conceived as a reality TV companion to 'Grey's Anatomy,' which closes out its six-episode summer run with a episode packed with 911 excitement.

First up, a first-year surgical resident is reeling from a mistake that ended with serious consequences, while a mother worries about the possible consequences of her especially complicated heart surgery.

Meanwhile, in the neonatal unit, a young mother and the staff keep vigil over the mom's premature baby, and, in the finale's most incredible case, the staff works overtime to secure a new kidney for one patient, leading to a wild, bi-coastal organ swap that will involve three couples and three organs.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List - Season Four Premiere

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 13th 2008 5:24PM
Kathy Griffin(S04E01) Kathy Griffin is back, or as I choose to call her now Emmy Girl. Yes, the Emmy is on full display. In your face, everyone, Kathy's got an Emmy! Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List won the Emmy last year and if this first episode is a sample of what season four has in store, that Emmy is going to get a companion. This show is riotous. And irreverent and a perfect blend of comedy and celebrity reality which is really unreality because how many of us interact with Anderson Cooper and Michael Moore?

Kathy Griffin has found the perfect genre for her particular brand of comedy. A sitcom wouldn't capture her true character, strict stand-up is not her best venue (although she's gotten very good at it), and a talk show would force her to chat with others and appear interested. The My Life on the D-List format works for her and she's found a way to incorporate stand up, situation comedy and guests into a reality hour that highlights her being funny. She has supporting players -- Team Griffin, Jessica, Tiffany, Tom and Kathy's adorable mom, Maggie -- as her comic foils and partners in crime.

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Bravo unveils its plans for the new season

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 16th 2008 1:21PM
BravoYou know they have to been ticked off at Bravo about losing Project Runway to Lifetime. Still, Bravo execs stood up at a breakfast in New York to announce their new schedule, all happy and smiling. The good news is that they still have some good stuff coming up, starting with more Kathy Griffin, another season of goofy Jeff Lewis, the house flipper, and -- oh, yeah -- one more edition of Project Runway. Should we call in the auld lang syne edition?

Here's the rundown of what's coming back for Bravo:

-- Project Runway: The last Bravo season (unless something changes) will begin in July 2008, with the usual cast of judges.


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