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August 27, 2015

Kenny Johnson

Shield alums to reunite on Lie to Me

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 2nd 2009 2:01PM
'The Shield' and 'Lie to Me'Despite the fact that FX's late drama The Shield has only been off the air for a little over a year, it looks like the gritty cop drama's cast just can't get enough of each other -- a handful of them will be staging a mini-Shield reunion on Lie to Me this coming spring.

According to the press release from Fox, former Shield cast members Catherine Dent (Danny), Kenny Johnson (Lem), David Marciano (Billings), Benito Martinez (Aceveda), Cathy Cahlin Ryan (Corinne), and David Rees Snell (Ronnie) will all be featured in the episode, entitled "Pied Piper."

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Review: Sons of Anarchy - Culling

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 25th 2009 11:16PM

(S02E12) "Either you or me goes home in a bag." - Jax to A.J.

The showdown we've been waiting all season to see finally happened tonight and even though it didn't end the way the antagonists deserved (i.e. heads removed where the shoulder meets the neck, placed on a stick and paraded around town on a substandard Japanese import), it still had my head spinning.

The show opens with SAMCRO preparing for their big, inevitable smackdown with the League by keeping all of their loved ones under lock and key at the clubhouse. But instead of just jumping into the fray head first with baseball bats twisted in barb-wire and all, they do what they should have done from the beginning: they plotted and planned. They turned the tables on the League and by doing so, turned the League on each other.

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FX dubs Shield's last season "The Final Act" - VIDEO

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 27th 2008 3:40PM
The Shield - Season 7
It's coming. Finally. Tuesday, September 2nd. There's been lots of speculation about when The Shield's seventh and final season would return. First it was supposed to be last month. Then, because of the writer's strike, it got bumped to September - but nothing was confirmed. Well now it's official. FX has updated The Shield website and 9/2/2008 is the day "The Final Act" begins. 13 episodes and it's over for good. In the meantime, FX has added some fantastic cast on cast interviews to the site featuring CCH Pounder, Benito Martinez, Michael Chiklis, and... wait for it... Kenny Johnson. Lem, back from the dead! Well, not really, but after the jump I embedded one of the interviews between Chiklis and Johnson where they talk about Lem's demise. It's good stuff and based on the set-up of the site, it looks like more interviews will be added each week. I'm hoping they bring back some other old favorites like they did with Lem. I'd love to see Walton Goggins face-off with Anthony Anderson, considering the history Shane and Antwon have. Who'd you like to see?

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The Shield's Walton Goggins: The TV Squad Interview

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 27th 2007 10:03AM

Walton Goggins as Det. Shane Vendrell on FX's The Shield.I'll be the first to admit it. I was a latecomer to The Shield. I'd never watched a minute of it until right before the fourth season started and a buddy of mine let me borrow the first three seasons on DVD. He told me it was the best cop show ever. Wait a second. Better than NYPD Blue or The Wire? Yes. So I watched the three seasons... in one weekend. The phrase "glued to my seat" does not begin to do justice to how mesmerized I was by this show. I mean, damn!

So naturally, when I was approached about speaking with Walton Goggins, I practically blew up with anticipation. However, I'm not the only Shield fan here at TV Squad. Our fearless leader Keith is a die-hard too. So we decided to do something different for this interview -- the first ever TV Squad Tag Team. Walton didn't know what he was stepping into... that is, if he could crack through all the codes to get into our elaborate virtual phone-in conference room. I can't say that I blame him. I got confused too.

Keith: Hey man, thanks for joining us.

Walton: (laughing) I'm in the inner sanctum of some imaginary corporate office right now.

Jonathan: I know, it's crazy! You have to push buttons and number sequences and then some computerized voice announces your name.

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