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October 7, 2015


AI Aftermath: 4th place finishers - VIDEOS

by Jason Hughes, posted May 13th 2008 3:20PM
American Idol - 4th place finishers
Welcome back to "AI Aftermath," where we explore Idol's past. Each installment, as one more American Idol hopeful is eliminated from the competition, we take a look back at contestants past who were eliminated at the same point. We'll examine how they did on the show and what they've been up to since their eliminations. In honor of Jason Castro's elimination last week, we'll be looking at other fourth place finishers.

This week: 4th place finishers, featuring featuring Tamyra Gray (Season One), Joshua Gracin (Season Two), LaToya London (Season Three), Anthony Federov (Season Four), Chris Daughtry (Season Five) and LaKisha Jones (Season Six).

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Will Blake or Jordin become the next American Idol?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 21st 2007 1:22PM
Blake vs. JordinHonestly, I have no idea who is going to win this year's American Idol.

And neither does Simon Cowell. Mr. Opinionated was uncharacteristically at a loss for a definitive prediction, telling reporters: "I can't call it at this stage. For Blake, he's a brilliant entertainer, but the negative is he's not a fantastic singer. The advantage for Jordin is she is a great singer and the negative is she hasn't done one performance yet which I can remember as a 'wow."'

Several weeks ago, I decided that Jordin Sparks was definitely a shoo-in as this year's winner. And both Ryan Seacrest and the odds makers agreed with me, making me that much more confident in my pick. But after last week's results, I'm no longer so sure.

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American Idol: Live Results Show #11

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 9th 2007 11:46PM
Barry Gibb(S06E37) The theme for tonight's American Idol is appropriately enough -- The Fantastic Four. We're down to just four (soon to be three) finalists. And this past week the finalists were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming movie, The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Of course this means the viewers at home will be treated to an extended promo for the flick before the night is out.

In preparation for an appearance by Jessica Alba, Simon and Paula have apparently swapped seats. Paula says the reason for the switch is because Jessica is hot, and then she starts counting for no apparent reason.

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American Idol: Top 4 Finalists

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 8th 2007 11:03PM
LaKisha Jones(S06E36) Ryan tells us that we're down to three girls and one guy, and I suddenly realize that we're really getting close to the end of this year's American Idol competition.

I have to admit that right around Week 20, I thought this day would never come. Yet, after weeks of dragging this thing out, suddenly everything is happening quickly. I mean, heck, I missed one week of recapping and both Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey went home.

"The pressure is on," says Ryan. This is where it gets really exciting (if one of your favorites remains) or really boring (if your favorite has gone home). Either way, the waiting is almost over. In two weeks, we'll have a new American Idol.

But tonight starts pretty rough, with some uninspiring renditions across the board of Barry Gibb's greatest hits.

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Idol Songwriter contest ends May 8th

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 7th 2007 11:21AM
Blake LewisWe're getting down to the wire now. Twenty contestants have gone home leaving us with just four remaining contenders. Who will win American Idol? And more importantly, what will they sing during the finale?

After receiving thousands of songs from aspiring songwriters in this year's first ever American Idol Songwriter Contest, a "team of experts has finalized a shortlist of the top 20 strongest and most suitable songs for American Idol," according to the official website.

If you want to help determine this year's winning song you'd better scoot on over to American Idol and vote soon -- the contest ends tomorrow, May 8, 2007.

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American Idol: Live Results Show #6

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Mar 28th 2007 10:47PM
Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh in bottom two.(S06E25) Two important questions will be answered tonight, Ryan says. "Who's going home, and how will Sanjaya wear his hair?"

Blake is safe. LaKisha is safe. Phil IS in the bottom three. Melinda is safe. Chris R rebounds from last week's bottom two and IS safe. Sanjaya (yawn) is safe AGAIN. Haley IS in the bottom three. And Jordin, of course, is safe. Which means, either Chris Sligh or Gina is in the bottom three, but we won't know who until the end of the show.

Fast Forward. Turns out CHRIS SLIGH joins PHIL and HALEY in the bottom three. But Philly is sent back to safety once again.

SLIGH vs. SCARNATO? Who's going home? Randy says it's a tough call. Paula says they both deserve "warmth" from the audience. Simon thinks it's "Bye, Bye Curly."

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American Idol's most oversung songs revealed

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 22nd 2007 12:31PM

Lakisha on American Idol last night. "I am very tempted to say to twenty-three people, book your plane tickets home", says Simon Cowell after LaKisha Jones' performance on American Idol last night.

Amen Simon. I know you're not serious but one can dream. Is this season killing you like its killing me? I cannot watch any more extremely attractive women sing songs that they are obviously not capable of singing. Nor can I watch Randy say "Big Girl, Big Song", anymore. Its very obvious who has the real talent and its obvious that the women are going to be voted for their stunning looks, or their stunning singing ability. There isn't really one that completely encompasses both and...

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