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October 13, 2015


Seven questions about the Monk finale

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 5th 2009 7:05PM
monk_team_copsA few more questions about the Monk finale before it disappears into TV immortality. Just some niggling thoughts that weren't really addressed in the two-part wrap up.

1. Why did Joey Kazarinski choose to kill Monk with poison?
Joey was a killer for hire. He used a bomb to kill Trudy, but shot Dr. Nash. They never said how Wendy Stroud was killed, just that she was buried under the sundial at the judge's house. So, when the judge offered Joey another payday -- killing Monk -- why didn't Joey choose a direct approach and shoot Adrian? Or he could have blown up Monk's apartment. There were any number of ways to kill him, but poisoning the wipes was perhaps the most complicated. And a ricin derivative? How did he manage to acquire that? If it had been arsenic or something, that could have been bought at a hardware store. They never really explained the poison or the reason for that method of murder.

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How do you think Monk will end?

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 29th 2009 3:02PM
trudy_monk_usa_kissThe other night, USA Network broadcast part one of the Monk finale. In that next to last episode, many storylines were presented for the possible big finish this upcoming week. And it could be a potentially whopper of an ending. In my review, I speculated a little about what may be coming, and the comments have been flying in to TV Squad with viewers sharing their thoughts. That's got me thinking... what else might be at play?

Tony Shalhoub was interviewed about the end of Monk and it was interesting that as an actor, he waited till he filmed the end before learning Monk's fate. He said, "I think it's a good send-off. At the beginning of the season, the writers asked me if I wanted to know how everything [ended] and I said, if it was okay with them, I'd rather wait."

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Review: Monk - Mr. Monk is the Best Man

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 14th 2009 12:55AM
(S08E13) Just three more episodes till the end of Monk, so it sort of feels like they're wrapping up some loose ends. Tonight, the focus was on Leland Francis Stottlemeyer, Monk's best friend, the guy who has been solidly behind Adrian through all the difficult years since Trudy's death, helping Monk to cope and remain gainfully employed as a police consultant.

Leland's always been a good guy, but not so lucky in love. As the title suggested, if Mr. Monk is the best man, that means that Leland was the groom. More about the nuptials after the jump.

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Review: Monk - Mr. Monk Goes Camping

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 7th 2009 2:01PM
Well, after the past couple of shows -- especially Monk's reunion with Sharona -- I was imagining that the final season of Monk was sprinting to the finish line, delivering some final hours that would be up there with the best ever for the series.

Then Adrian went camping. This might be one of the weakest Monks of all time. The funniest thing was the title, which was where the inspiration began and -- sadly -- ended. Nothing worked. Monk and children? No. Monk in the woods? No. Monk and the grizzly bear? Do you even have to wonder? More after the jump.

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Charges dropped against Dog the Bounty Hunter

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 2nd 2007 5:00PM

dog the bounty hunterThis week, the First Criminal Court in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico dismissed charges against Duane "Dog" Chapman, who was arrested in 2003 on charges of illegal detention after capturing Max Factor heir Andrew Luster. The arrest eventually led to the A&E series Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Last September, Mexican authorities requested Chapman, his son Leland and his work partner Tim Chapman (no relation) be extradited to Mexico to face charges of leaving the country instead of staying for their court date. Chapman has said in interviews that they left the country on the advice of their legal counsel.

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Case against Dog the bounty hunter halted for now

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 21st 2006 11:51AM

dog the bounty hunterThe Mexican federal government has halted their case against Duane "Dog" Chapman until more evidence and witness testimonies can be collected. Chapman, star of the popular A&E series Dog the Bounty Hunter, was arrested by Mexican authorities in 2003 after apprehending Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, who was later convicted of rape and sentenced to prison. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, but after posting bail Dog headed back to the US with his son Leland and his work partner Tim Chapman on the advice of Dog's lawyer in Mexico, who told the bounty hunter it wasn't necessary to return for a scheduled court hearing. That decision came back to haunt them, however, when federal agents arrested the three men back in September. Since then, they've been awaiting an extradition hearing to determine whether they'll be sent back to Mexico to face charges. Fans of the series, as well as some members of congress, have rallied around the famed bounty hunter. Dog has been under house arrest, but a judge recently allowed his monitoring bracelet to be removed.

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Congress weighs in on Dog the Bounty Hunter case

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 14th 2006 7:07PM

dog the bounty hunterWhile Duane "Dog" Chapman awaits trial to decide if he'll be tried in Mexico after his recent arrest for illegal detention of convicted rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, twenty-nine members of Congress have asked Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to deny the Mexican government's extradition request to have Chapman sent there for trial. Chapman, along with his son Leland and partner Tim Chapman, were arrested by Mexican authorities for illegal detention after capturing Luster in 2003. The three posted bail but never returned for their court date. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, and Chapman refused to relinquish Luster to the Mexican authorities. Plans to have Chapman extradited to Mexico were put in motion only a few days before the statute of limitations was set to expire.

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Beth keeps fans updated on Dog

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 6th 2006 1:04PM

dog and bethIf you're a fan of bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and want to stay current about what's been going on with him since his capture last month, A&E has a page on their site where Dog's wife Beth gives fans quick video updates on how Dog is doing, as well as his son Leland and his brother Tim, who were also arrested in connection with the arrest of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico. I've been trying to follow this since it happened, and not much new news has developed in the last few weeks. Beth's updates reflect this, and she mostly just talks about how everyone is doing emotionally. In that respect, I can only recommend this to those who are diehard fans of the series. People looking for the cold, hard facts aren't going to learn much, at least not at this time.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter special tonight

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 19th 2006 5:45PM
dog the bounty hunterThis evening at 10 pm A&E is airing a one-hour special titled Dog: The Family Speaks. The special will feature exclusive interviews with family members about the recent arrest of Duane "Dog" Chapman, his son Leland and his partner Tim Chapman connected to their arrest of convicted rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster three years ago. Chapman was charged with illegal detention in Mexico after Luster's capture but never returned for his court date after posting bail. US Marshals took the men into custody on Thursday, and currently all three of the men are out on bail and awaiting an extradition hearing to decide if they'll be sent to trial in Mexico.

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Update on Dog's situation

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 16th 2006 4:00PM

dog the bounty hunterBounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, who was arrested in 2003 on charges of illegal detention after his 2003 capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster that eventually led to the A&E series Dog the Bounty Hunter has been released from federal prison along with his son Leland and his partner Tim after posting bail (Dog's bail was $300,000 whereas Tim and Leland's was $100,000 each). The three have had charges pending against them for posting bail but never returning for their court date. A judge has ordered the men to wear monitoring bracelets, not to possess any firearms and to remain in Hawaii until they return to court for extradition hearings which will determine whether they'll go to trial in Mexico. If convicted, Chapman could face six months to four years in prison.

A crowd of supporters gathered at the court house, and A&E filmed the event for the next season of the TV show.

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