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August 29, 2015

Lethal Weapon

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 10th 2009 10:10AM
chuck(S02E16) If you liked the beefcake on display last week, tonight there was a lot more of Barker, Cole Barker, and his hot bod. And it turned out that Barker was more than meets the eye.

Fortunately, there was also a lot more happening in Chuck's world as well, developments with Sarah, the Intersect, and his future roommate -- Sarah or Morgan. More on all that, after the jump.

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Mel Gibson eats a cookie

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 8th 2006 8:06PM

Mel GibsonRather odd clip at AOL TV, from last night's Jay Leno. Mel Gibson was on the show, to talk about his new movie Apocalypto and, you know, what he's been up to the past few months. It's not the whole interview (maybe NBC.com has it?), but it's a snippet that shows Gibson munching on a big cookie while answering questions about sobriety and healing.

Gibson makes a joke that a security guard at the show told him that if he could walk a straight line he'd get a cookie, but it seems to me like Gibson was trying to do something casual and funny to take a bit of the edge off of the interview and what reaction the audience would have. From the sound of the laughter and applause, from the audience and Leno, it seems like Gibson is back and everything's OK. Wheeeeeeee! (As for the reference to Danny DeVito and George Clooney, I don't think Gibson meant it literally, I think he was making a joke about DeVito's recent appearance on The View and DeVito's drinking with Clooney the night before.)

This might be Mel Gibson's "Hugh Grant moment," going on Leno and making jokes and coming out of it OK. Now, can Michael Richards be far behind?

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Diane Sawyer asks Mel Gibson some questions - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 12th 2006 4:17PM
Diane SawyerIs Diane Sawyer the worst interviewer or what?

Here's part one of her interview this morning with Mel Gibson on Good Morning, America. She seems to ask all the right questions, but in the end, not really. She just barrels through the questions, in that "this is a celebrity, let's be more touchy-feeling with him instead of investigative-reporter-ish with him" sort of way. You can see why Gibson chose her. She has that air of respectability, but in reality she's slow pitch softball ("Where does this anger come from?"). Maybe we should hold judgement until the second half of the interview airs tomorrow, but this clip just looks like a Daily Show parody than a real interview. The interruptions are annoying (why so many voiceovers?).

It's worth it though to hear Gibson talk about choking his toaster. And, no, that's not a euphemism for anything dirty. (Video after the jump.)

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