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October 10, 2015


Bob Costas Says Jerry Sandusky Interview Was Unplanned (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 16th 2011 7:50AM
Monday night Bob Costas interviewed former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky about his alleged inappropriate contact with young boys and the subsequent 40-count criminal indictment he now faces. The interview on NBC news magazine show 'Rock Center' took many by complete surprise, including Costas.

Speaking on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Tuesday, Costas said that he was in a Manhattan TV studio prepping for an interview with Sandusky's attorney, Joseph Amendola, when, "no more than ten, fifteen minutes before the cameras were to roll, Amendola says, 'What if I can get Sandusky on the phone?'"

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President Obama vs. NFL Season Opener: NFL and NBC Tackle Scheduling Conflict

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 1st 2011 6:15AM
Barack ObamaUPDATE 09/02/11: It's been announced that President Obama will deliver his speech at 7PM ET on Thursday Sept. 8.

With all the lockout drama off the field over the summer, in recent days NFL fans have been sitting back and taking a few easy breaths as they await next week's season opener.

Now, however, comes news of a possible TV scheduling conflict: President Obama vs. football.

The president had planned to deliver a televised address on jobs and the economy to a joint session of Congress at 8PM ET on Sept. 7. However, that's when the Republican party is holding its televised Presidential Debate in Simi Valley, Calif.

After Speaker of the House John Boehner balked at Obama's request for an address on the 7th, the president yesterday agreed to move the speech to 8PM ET on the 8th. Unfortunately, that's led to a potential conflict with the Saints-Packers game on NBC, which kicks off at 8:30PM ET.

The White House is said to have been keen to avoid such a conflict, so what to do?

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Al Sharpton Gets MSNBC Show 'PoliticsNation'

by Alex Moaba, posted Aug 23rd 2011 2:45PM
MSNBC has officially blessed the Reverend Al with his own show. Sharpton, who's been filling in on the network's 6 PM hour for the past two months, will now host his own show, called 'PoliticsNation.'

Sharpton began filling in for Cenk Uygur in early July while he was out on vacation, and put up solid ratings in his stead. Shortly after Uygur returned, he and the network had a very public falling out in which Uygur alleged he was pressured to "tone it down."

"I've known Rev. Sharpton for over a decade and have tremendous respect for him. He has always been one of our most thoughtful and entertaining guests," said MSNBC President Phil Griffin in a statement. "I'm thrilled that he's now reached a point in his career where he's able to devote himself to hosting a nightly show. 'PoliticsNation' is going to be an incredibly strong kick-off to our evening schedule."

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Rachel Maddow Signs Multi-Year Contract Extension at MSNBC

by Alex Moaba, posted Aug 2nd 2011 2:00PM
Now that the debt ceiling debate is settled, MSNBC has turned its attention to more important matters. The network has signed Rachel Maddow to a multi-year contract extension that runs through the 2012 election, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter. MSNBC chief Phil Griffin confirmed the news at MSNBC's TCA Panel.

Since it premiered in late 2008, 'The Rachel Maddow Show' has occupied MSNBC's 9PM hour, and has gradually gained prominence, and ratings. It now consistently averages over 1 million viewers per night and ranks 2nd in the 9 PM cable news standings, behind Fox's Sean Hannity but ahead of 'Piers Morgan Tonight' on CNN.

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Mark Halperin Suspended by MSNBC After Calling President Obama a 'Dick' on 'Morning Joe' (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Jun 30th 2011 11:10AM

Mark Halperin calls President Obama a 'dick' live on 'Morning Joe.'Mark Halperin, Time Magazine editor-at-large and MSNBC correspondent, has been suspended indefinitely by MSNBC after saying live on 'Morning Joe' (6AM, weekdays on MSNBC) that President Obama acted like "kind of a dick" in his Tuesday press conference. Immediately taken aback by Halperin's language, Joe Scarborough scrambled to ask his producers if they could put the comment on 7-second-delay, but they were unsuccessful in doing so.

Several minutes later, Halperin issued an on-air apology to the President and to viewers.

MSNBC released a statement after the incident explaining Halperin's suspension.

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Keith Olbermann Heads to Current TV

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 8th 2011 11:08AM
Keith Olbermann, Current TVKeith Olbermann has found a new cable home: Current TV.

The cable network announced that the incendiary former top-rated MSNBC host will helm a new nightly prime-time news and commentary show that will debut sometime later this year.

Olbermann was also named chief news officer of Current TV and will receive an equity stake in the company. Current TV, founded in part by former Vice President Al Gore, began in 2005 and now has international branches in the U.K., Italy and South Africa.

"Nothing is more vital to a free America than a free media, and nothing is more vital to my concept of a free media than news produced independently of corporate interference," Olbermann said in a press release.

"In Current Media, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt have created the model truth-seeking entity. The opportunity to partner with Al, Joel and Mark Rosenthal makes this the most exciting venture in my career."

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Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC Debut Ratings 50 Percent Higher Than Keith Olbermann's

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jan 26th 2011 8:02AM
Lawrence O'DonnellLawrence O'Donnell's show on MSNBC debuted in its new time slot Monday night to signficantly higher ratings than his predecessor, Keith Olbermann, managed.

According to The Wrap, audience numbers for 'The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell' were boosted by Olbermann fans and curious viewers tuning in to see what all the fuss was about.

O'Donnell's sudden move from 10PM ET to Olbermann's former time of 8PM ET came after Olbermann announced his abrupt exit from MSNBC on Friday's 'Countdown.'

O'Donnell had about 50 percent more viewers than Olberman's show averaged in the same slot. However, according to MSNBC President Phil Griffin, the ratings target for O'Donnell is the same as it was for Olbermann: Bill O'Reilly.

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Keith Olbermann's MSNBC Exit: Latest in Long Line of Messy Divorces

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 22nd 2011 1:00PM
Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann, former host of MSNBC's 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' is no stranger to battles with the talking heads.

From his spirited -- but mostly friendly -- bet with Fox News' Sean Hannity to make good on Hannity's promise to be waterboarded to prove it wasn't torture to his pet names for right-wing pundits Ann "Coulter(geist)" and Glenn "Lonesome Rhodes" Beck, Olbermann wasn't afraid to step on toes.

His shots at Fox News' Bill O'Reilly were legendary and led to a series of back and forths that made the battles between the Black Spy and the White Spy from MAD Magazine look like a backyard snowball fight.

However, nothing matches the heated shouting matches and unnecessary vitriolic rhetoric than the debates he's had with his former bosses. And while his latest departure from a TV screen near you may feel like a shock, it's not the first time he's had to suddenly clean out his desk and jump ship.

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Keith Olbermann Leaves MSNBC

by Harley W. Lond, posted Jan 21st 2011 9:41PM
Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann has left MSNBC, anchoring his last 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' on the news network Friday evening. Watch video of Olbermann's announcement below.

Following his exit, MSNBC released the following statement:

"MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of Countdown with Keith Olbermann will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors."

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Bill O'Reilly on Fox News' Rivals: MSNBC Like the WWF, CNN Dusty Bores (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Jan 21st 2011 3:00PM
During a debate on 'The Factor' (weekdays, 8 PM ET on Fox News) about whether or not politicians are heeding Barack Obama's call for civility, Bill O'Reilly managed to slam both of Fox News's cable news rivals.

"MSNBC makes a living out of making personal attacks," O'Reilly opined. "That's what the network does ... that's why it beats CNN."

"CNN is so boring, when they open their mouths dust comes out," he continued. "So (MSNBC) said 'you know, we can beat them. We're not as good at covering the news' -- MSNBC will never be as good as CNN at covering the news -- 'so we'll attack people. We'll be the World Wrestling Federation.' So that's what they did."

Allow us to tweak that anology, Bill. The way we see it, Fox News is the WWF, whereas MSNBC is more like an upstart wrestling federation -- say the WCW -- trying to match the WWF's superior ratings by ratcheting up their own outrageousness. Clearly, the only way this can end is some sort of intra-network steel-cage match.

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Ted Williams, 'Golden Voiced' Homeless Man, Lands Job at MSNBC

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jan 7th 2011 7:00AM
Ted WilliamsIt's been a whirlwind week for Ted Williams, the homeless man with "the golden voice," who was discovered at the side of the I-71 in Columbus, Ohio.

After the video featuring his pitch-perfect radio voice went viral, Williams was offered a job (and a house) in his native Cleveland, Ohio by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now he can add MSNBC to his ever-expanding resume.

As reported by The Huffington Post, MSNBC announced Thursday that William has been recording voiceovers for the network's "Lean Forward" campaign, in spots which began airing last night.

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Keith Olbermann Will Return Tuesday, Is 'Furious' at MSNBC

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 8th 2010 12:50PM
Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann's "indefinite" suspension from MSNBC will end Tuesday, only four days after it began.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin, who suspended Olbermann Friday for making political contributions to three Democratic party candidates, without first disclosing the donations to MSNBC brass, had this to say about the reinstatement:

"After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night."

Media watchers on both sides of the political spectrum have criticized MSNBC's decision to take Olbermann off the air, arguing that since Olbermann is a political commentator who makes no effort to hide his liberal point of view, it shouldn't be an issue if he gives money to democratic candidates.

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Rachel Maddow Strikes Back At Bill O'Reilly (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 23rd 2010 3:31PM
Rachel MaddowLast night on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weeknights at 8PM ET on Fox News Channel), Bill O'Reilly called MSNBC's Rachel Maddow a "loon" for the way she has described Fox News coverage of the Shirley Sherrod/NAACP controversy on her show (weeknights at 9PM ET). Well, as soon as he said that we all knew that Maddow would respond at some point, and last night on her show she did.

Oddly, Spongebob SquarePants and 'NCIS' are mentioned.

I guess we'll have to wait to see what O'Reilly says about it tonight and then what Maddow says about what he said, etc, etc. But what we're all waiting for is what 'The Daily Show' says about it when they return from vacation on Monday.

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Martin Bashir Leaving 'Nightline' and ABC for MSNBC

by Gary Susman, posted Jul 22nd 2010 4:02PM
Martin BashirIt's musical-chairs time in network news.

Martin Bashir, who's been one of the three co-anchors of ABC's 'Nightline' for the past five years, has announced he's leaving the show and the network to take a job at NBC and MSNBC. Replacing him alongside 'Nightline's' Terry Moran and Cynthia McFadden will be Bill Weir, the weekend co-anchor of ABC's 'Good Morning America.'

Bashir's new gig, starting in September, will see him anchoring an afternoon broadcast at MSNBC. He'll also be a contributor to the parent network's 'Dateline NBC.' In this, he's following in the footsteps of Kate Snow, who left ABC News in May for a 'Dateline' correspondent job.

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MSNBC Developing 10PM Show for Lawrence O'Donnell

by Andrew Scott, posted Jun 15th 2010 5:20PM
Lawrence O'DonnellAccording to a press release, MSNBC is developing a new 10PM show that will star actor/writer Lawrence O'Donnell ('Big Love').

In a statement released today, O'Donnell, who has been a political analyst for MSNBC for over 10 years, said, "I've had a part-time job at MSNBC for 14 years. Now that the network and I have gotten to know each other, I'm thrilled to be going full time."

"Lawrence O'Donnell is an incredible talent, who our audience has gotten to know throughout the years, most recently as Keith Olbermann's principal guest host on 'Countdown.' It's great to have another anchor of his caliber on the network," said Griffin. "This makes us a bigger and better network," added Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC.

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