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October 8, 2015


Review: 'Caprica' - 'Reins of a Waterfall'

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 6th 2010 9:55AM
Esai Morales, 'Caprica'(S01E03) Now begins the reign of mistrust. With the characters generally established, as well as their relationships to one another, it's time for the show to start sowing the seeds of conflict, and they get right down to it. The first thing they do is establish the Adams Adamas as even more brutish than I anticipated. The hats, coats and the whole 1950s gangster look should have been a tip-off, it appears.

Add to that the difficulties the Graystone's are dealing with now that Amanda has blurted out to all the twelve colonies that their daughter Zoe was a terrorist, and responsible for the train bombing that killed her, her boyfriend Ben and Joseph Adama's wife and daughter, among many other people. The unfair thing to Zoe is that while we know better, how can anything different be proven?

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Kyle XY: House of Cards

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 17th 2007 11:58AM
Kyle XY(S02E10) Sorry for the delay in posting my review of this week's episode. Let's resume it to: Life got in the way. Again this week, Kyle XY entertained us with a great episode that helped further the storyline. The writers are definitely setting the stage for the mid-season finale (aka episode 2.13).

Josh tried to get Andy to confide in him. Kyle and Amanda's relationship was put to the test. Emily continued her ploy to have the Tragers think she and Stephen are having an affair (and it worked on Lori). Ballantine got a lot of screen time, and a first name. Foss and Declan had to work together in order to help Kyle. Nicole discovered that Jessi and Kyle may have a lot more in common than just being teenagers... Kyle finds that out too!

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Kyle XY: Ghost in the Machine

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 8th 2007 10:04PM
Kyle XY(S02E09) Oh. My. God. What a fantastic episode! A good number of fans, myself included, had been saying that we thought the season was rather slow, especially the last few episodes. But this week's episode was unlike those last episodes as it was filled with Kyle XY mythology and was action packed.

Foss is back! There were a lot of flashbacks with Adam Baylin, Kern, and Bryan Taylor at Zzyxz. And we finally know what Andy has. Sadly, Nicole, Stephen and Emily weren't in the episode but I'm sure we'll soon enough know what they were up to. (What do you think Stephen did on his business trip? Was Emily with him so she could follow through on her mission to take care of him?)

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