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September 1, 2015


Tom Selleck returns as Jesse Stone

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 5th 2008 2:23PM
T SelleckThe other day, Les Moonves said that CBS is a network where the good guys win. That's part of the reason for the Tiffany net's success, even if their programming is sometimes deemed too traditional. Well, a great CBS star is coming back to the fold to play a good guy in a movie series that fans embrace. Tom Selleck will returns as Jesse Stone in his sixth TV movie based on the Robert B. Parker character.

The new TV movie is called Jesse Stone: No Remorse. Stone, a small-town cop with a checkered past and a troubled personal life, hits a major roadblock in his career when the town council suspends him. He takes a job for an old friend, going to Boston to investigate a series of murders in Boston.

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A crapload of classic TV intros

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 6th 2008 2:01PM

Magnum P.I. is just one of the classic TV intros you'll find at Net Notables.Do you have a few minutes? How about 310 of them? You'll need that many to watch all 310 (as of this writing) classic, and not so classic, TV show intros listed over at Net Notables.

Originally, the list only contained 101 intros from shows that aired from 1989 and below. But, as commenters continued to ask where their favorite intro was, more and more links were added. Most of them link to videos on YouTube, which means the five hours and 10 minutes you need to view all of the listed items increases exponentially. To give you an example, after you watch the Magnum P.I.introduction that everyone remembers you can also view the first, more jazzy version of the theme.

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Friday Night Lights: Extended Families

by Brett Love, posted Mar 1st 2007 8:52AM
Brooke Langton(S01E18) "Extended Families" was a good name for this episode. More than most episodes, this one was balanced out pretty evenly between the whole Friday Night Lights family. Saracen got a little short changed in the deal, but considering all the other good stuff, that's ok.

Let's start with Tim Riggins. Normally I would refer to him simply as Riggins. Or occasionally Tim, if Billy is involved in the conversation. Today, because Bo's repeated use of his full name made me laugh, I'll use the whole thing. That whole story just came out of nowhere, and I'm a little iffy on it actually. On the one hand, it seems a little late in the game to be setting up yet another love interest for Tim Riggins, and that sure looks like what they are doing. Although, if they want to carry it right on over into season two, I'm good with that. On the other hand, I do really like the casting of Brooke Langton (Melrose Place, The Net, pictured).

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More Magnum, P.I. movie rumors

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 17th 2007 8:02PM

magnum piShhh, listen.

Hear that? It's the Magnum, P.I. movie rumor machine cranking up again.

Jonathan told y'all back in June that Ben Affleck was the favorite to take on the role popularized by Tom Selleck on the original '80s TV series, but now Dark Horizons is reporting that Matthew McConaughey has been listed as the new Magnum by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who recently finished a redraft of the script. Other actors supposedly involved with this "on again, off again" project include Steve Zahn as Rick, Tyrese Gibson as T.C. and William H. Macy as Higgins. Also, Optimus Prime, not wanting to be typecast for his role in The Transformers, will play the helicopter.

One other thing: in the movie, Magnum will be an Iraq war veteran, not a Vietnam veteran.

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Vegas creator inks new deals

by Brett Love, posted Sep 24th 2006 2:04PM
Las Vegas castLas Vegas is an odd show. It doesn't really get much press, but just kind of chugs along doing well enough to keep NBC happy. It's one that I've watched for a long time. Apparently someone likes the cut of creator Gary Scott Thompson's jib though. He now has two new shows in the works.

Over at CBS he has a script commitment for Protect and Serve. It is a police drama that Thompson descibes as having "a procedural edge to it." That sounds like it is right up CBS' alley.

Meanwhile, NBC has also given a script commitment to an untitled drama about a New York cop that makes for Hawaii after losing his family on 9/11. It's suggested that this one will have a Magnum P.I. feel to it. Let's hope it's more Magnum P.I. than Hawaii.

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