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October 10, 2015

Malese Jow

'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3, Episode 4 Recap (VIDEO)

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 7th 2011 1:00AM
The Vampire Diaries['The Vampire Diaries' - 'Disturbing Behavior']

Time to play which 'Vampire Diaries' moment was sadder: When Uncle John staked Anna in the chest and she died during Season 1 -- I literally wept when that happened (Also, uh, spoiler alert? But I mean that was a year and a half ago and you're currently reading a Season 3 recap so we should be good.) -- or when Jeremy shut her out and shunned her to solitude in ghost purgatory during Thursday's episode?

They're tied for me, especially since No. 2 means we're probably going to have to wait a while to see more Malese Jow, and every episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' is better with some Malese Jow.

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'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Blood Brothers' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 30th 2010 9:38AM
The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, Blood Brothers
(S01E20) "You're back on Bambi blood, and I'm a badass big brother again. All is right in the world." - Damon to Stefan

A jealous brother, an evil uncle, and a trusting girlfriend all played into this episode of 'The Vampire Diaries.' We also got some flashbacks that revealed more of the Salvatore brothers' backstory and why Damon hates Stefan so much. Although, really, if he hated him that much, he wouldn't have organized the rescue mission to extract Stefan out of the vampires' farmhouse lair. Maybe he did it more for Elena than anything else.

And is it just me, or are Damon and Elena getting awfully chummy lately? I'll answer my own question: yes, they are.

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