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August 29, 2015


Marlee Matlin Launches 'My Deaf Family' on YouTube

by Bryan Enk, posted Mar 31st 2010 11:00AM
Good ol' YouTube -- it is indeed the world's "default broadcaster."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Marlee Matlin is taking her new reality TV series, 'My Deaf Family,' to YouTube. Matlin's decision to take her series to the Internet comes after being unable to find a home for it on any television network.

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Super-Sized Sundays with Seth: And a variety show makes ... five?

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 9th 2009 8:29PM
Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy ShowFOX pushed the boundaries of their Seth MacFarlane-filled Sundays about as far as they could. It wasn't enough to have three animated series already in the lineup, but they had to give him his own "variety show" as well. They bumped The Simpsons to make room for a two-hour block of Seth madness!

But that's not all! If you watch new episodes of American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show AND the all-new Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show, we'll throw in a bonus episode of Family Guy absolutely free! The real question is... was America really ready for that much Seth?

I thought I was.

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'Seth & Alex's Almost Live' Spoofs the Deaf: Was It Offensive?

by Chris Jordan, posted Nov 9th 2009 1:18PM
Seth MacFarlane and Marlee MatlinApparently, it's open season on people with disabilities in TV comedy land.

In February, 'Saturday Night Live''s Fred Armisen did an unflattering spoof of New York governor David Paterson, who is legally blind. The skit was roundly criticized for being insensitive.

Last night, Fox one-upped 'SNL' with the controversial variety special 'Family Guy Presents Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show.' During the show, Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein performed various routines mocking the speaking voice of deaf actress Marlee Matlin, who won an Oscar for 'Children of a Lesser God' in 1986. One skit featured Borstein as Matlin calling Russ Leatherman (MacFarlane) at Moviefone; another had Borstein impersonating Matlin singing Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face.'

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TV Casting: Megan Mullally Books 'Parks and Recreation'

by Andrew Scott, posted Oct 2nd 2009 1:00PM
Megan Mullally Parks and RecreationMegan Mullally to play an ex-wife on 'Parks and Recreation,' Marlee Matlin and Mario Cantone join a new Showtime comedy series and more of today's top TV casting headlines.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 results

by Brett Love, posted Apr 22nd 2008 11:12PM

Michael Patrick Gallagher and Alana Mallon - Riverdance
(S06E12) Coming off of performance night, conventional wisdom said that Marlee & Fabian would find themselves in the bottom two. The big question... Who would be joining them? We are now far enough into the competition that there are no more easy eliminations. And, as we saw, that other couple in the bottom two was somewhat of a surprise. Leading up to the elimination though, the bigger story might have been Shannon & Derek reacting to the judge's comments. All that, and a rundown of the entire results show, after the jump.


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Jonathan Roberts on Dancing With The Stars: Week 6

by Brett Love, posted Apr 22nd 2008 3:20AM

Jonathan RobertsWith another week of dances in the books, it's time to check in with our favorite professional dancer. This week Jonathan once again gives us his perspective on all of the couple's performances. Then we make our way through some of the reader questions.

Along the way we learn about his past with Cheryl, Edyta, and Alec. He also touches on the difficulty of balancing what the judges want in a dance with what the viewers want. It probably won't mean the end of the questions, but Jonathan does his best to try and answer the age old DWTS puzzler, how the heck does the lift rule work anyway? And... Jonathan on waxing. All that, and more, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 6

by Brett Love, posted Apr 21st 2008 11:21PM
Kristi Yamaguchi(S06E11) As if the pressure on the stars wasn't enough, this week it was ratcheted up another notch. Not only did we have each couple doing a dance they hadn't done before, they also had to learn a second number. All the teams got together to perform as one in the big country showdown. It wasn't scored, but served as a pre-cursor to next week, where all the remaining couples will do two full dances. Would Kristi continue her reign atop the leader board? Would Jason or Mario knock her off? Those answers, and a rundown of all the performances, after the break.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 5 results

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 16th 2008 12:34AM

Dancing With The Stars pros

(S06E10) There wasn't much room for mistakes in last night's performances, and several of the stars needed fan votes to make up for lackluster scores. I panicked after realizing that I forgot to vote on Monday, and wouldn't you know it? One of my early favorites landed in the bottom two. This week's results show brought us performances by James Blunt, Ozomatli, and more of the aspiring Dancing With The Stars Junior Champions.


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Dancing With The Stars: Week 5

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 15th 2008 12:24AM

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas

(S06E09) For Latin night, things were pretty tame this evening on Dancing With The Stars. Adam Carolla took a lot of the show's spontaneity and humor with him when he left. This week, the contestants tackled either the rumba or the samba. With a few exceptions, most of the stars gave safe, middling performances. I expected more at the show's halfway point.


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Dancing With The Stars: Week 4 results

by Brett Love, posted Apr 8th 2008 11:30PM

Samantha Harris and the kids of Dancing With The Stars
(S06E08) Another week, another results show. But this is no ordinary, run of the mill, results show. After three weeks of keeping the bottom two a secret, this week we finally get an idea of just how that fan vote is going. Even with no prior knowledge of what the fans have been doing with vote, the big question was pretty obvious. Did Adam and Julianne have a big enough fan vote to overcome the 19 from performance night? Along for the ride this week was musical guest Sheryl Crow, and the debut of Dancing With The Little Kids. All that, and more, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 4

by Brett Love, posted Apr 7th 2008 11:22PM

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough - Dancing With The Stars
(S06E07) Back for week four, with less Guttenberg, and more 10s. It's still early in the competition, but some of the stars are really stepping things up, as evidenced this week by some very high scores. There were many questions coming into performance night. Would Kristi & Mark continue to run away with the competition? How did Carrie Ann's comments effect Marissa? And interestingly, would we be watching Shannon & Derek, or Shannon & Jonathan? The answers to those, and a rundown of the whole shooting match, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 3 results

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 2nd 2008 12:30AM

Jonathan Roberts and Steve Guttenberg

(S06E06) Tom informed us that since they never announced last week's bottom two, no one knows where they stand this week. I doubt that Kristi Yamaguchi was sweating this one out, but no matter. This week's Dancing With The Stars results show featured Kylie Minogue, a little April Fools' joke, and an all-male encore performance courtesy of Steve and Jonathan.


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Dancing With The Stars: Week 3

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 1st 2008 1:09AM

Tom Bergeron, Shannon Elizabeth, and Derek Hough

(S06E05) We're down to ten couples after last week's double elimination, and I'm more than a little surprised to see Adam Carolla. I have to agree with Brett that Julianne might be carrying her partner in votes as well as technique. This time around, the contestants had a mere five days to learn either the jive or the tango. The results--and the scores--were mixed.


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Dancing With The Stars: Week 2 Results

by Brett Love, posted Mar 25th 2008 11:25PM
Steve & Anna - Dancing With The Stars
(S06E04)The votes have been counted and tonight it was time for the first ever double elimination. The new format did change things up, but I think it's for the better. Given the four weeks of training that each of the couples put in before the show begins, it's nice that they all got an extra shot on the dance floor. Filling in the gaps this week were musical guest The Jonas Brothers, and the return of the Macy's Stars of Dance. Were our predictions right? Yes and no. We'll take a look at the hits, and the misses, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 2

by Brett Love, posted Mar 25th 2008 12:52AM

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas - Dancing With The Stars
(S06E03) Alright, back for week two. With no eliminations in week one, that means we had twelve performances in a jam-packed two hour show. As is usually the case, now is when we start to get a good feel for who the contenders are. A couple people showed themselves to be just that. Along the way, we also were reminded of some classic DWTS bits and pieces. There was the couple with a weaker performance getting soft balled on their critique, and the couple with one of the better performances taking a few extra jabs from the judges. And, of course, there was the usual bit of questionable scoring. It's a lot to get to, and we'll give it a shot, after the jump.

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