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September 1, 2015

Matt Parker

'South Park' Renewed Through 2013, Season 15 Returns in October

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 20th 2011 8:30AM
'South Park' S15/E07Time to unzip your parka and crack open a big bag of Cheesey Poofs: 'South Park' is coming back in a big way!

Fresh off the show winning its 11th Emmy nomination last week, it's been confirmed that the second half of Season 15 will premiere on Comedy Central October 5th.

And fans who'd worried that this season could be the last can rest easy. 'Entertainment Weekly' has confirmed that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed up through 2013 -- two more seasons -- with Comedy Central.

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'South Park' Fights 'Jersey Shore' Invasion (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Oct 14th 2010 1:05PM
'South Park' Fights 'Jersey Shore' Invasion'South Park' is never shy about taking on controversial topics. So it makes sense that the show would tackle the most divisive cultural issue of them all. We are referring, of course, to 'Jersey Shore.'

The "guido"-based reality series separates viewers into two opposing camps. People either love 'Jersey Shore' or they hate it. And 'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone made their feelings about the 'Shore' very, very clear.

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

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'South Park' Creators Respond to Censorship

by Scott Harris, posted Apr 23rd 2010 10:30AM
'South Park' creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have responded to Comedy Central's decision to censor the latest episode of the subversive cartoon following threats from a militant Islamic group.

In a statement released on their South Park Studios Web site, Stone and Parker said, "In the 14 years we've been doing 'South Park' we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it."

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South Park Imaginationland trilogy DVD release date

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 29th 2007 2:04PM

South Park ImaginationlandThe fine folks at TVShowsonDVD.com almost make me happy. Trey Parker and Matt Stone really hit it out of the park with their "Imaginationland" South Park trilogy, and the stellar ratings prove that everyone agrees on this point. In response, Comedy Central says they'll be collected in a special DVD set released March 11, 2008. That's like four months away! Okay, I can't blame TVShowsonDVD for that, but I like to kill the messenger ... the post office doesn't deliver mail to my house anymore.

I want to know why it's going to take so long. The boys can make an episode in 27 minutes, I can burn a DVD in two, and it takes about four days to ship goods by ground from the coasts to the Midwest, where I live. By my factoring, if they get started right now, I should have it Monday afternoon. I know the industry likes to release DVDs on Tuesdays, so I'll even give an extra day. I'll be in the stores next week looking for it. Don't make me come looking for the messenger.

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