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September 4, 2015

Maura Tierney

To Hire or Not to Hire Mrs. California on 'The Office' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 2nd 2011 3:00AM
'The Office' - 'Mrs. California'If you've been missing that gut-wrenching discomfort you used to get from Michael Scott on 'The Office' (Thu., 9PM ET on NBC) this season, fear not: It's back. And this time it has the power of the CEO.

Andy wasn't elevated to Michael's position to give us those awkward moments, that's what James Spader was brought in to do as new CEO Robert California. This week, he was absolutely impossible.

He started the episode by giving Andy four seconds warning that Mrs. California was coming in for a job and that Andy shouldn't hire her. He then simply went way too far in insisting that Andy give her the job -- gotta save face in front of the missus -- only to yell at Andy later for doing just that.

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'The Office' Sneak Peek: Maura Tierney Comes to Scranton

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 27th 2011 11:00AM
Maura Tierney The OfficeMaura Tierney is making her triumphant return to TV comedy!

Tierney, who spent years as the backbone of NBC's 'ER,' first started turning heads on NBC's sitcom 'NewsRadio.' The versatile actress guest stars on the Dec. 1 episode of 'The Office' (9PM ET on NBC).

In the episode, 'Mrs. California,' Tierney plays Mrs. California, wife to James Spader's character, Robert California. Robert brings her into the office to try and find her a job. Later in the episode Dwight opens a gym in the building.

Take a peek at some photos below.

Tierney recently starred in the short-lived ABC series 'The Whole Truth' and in FX's 'Rescue Me.'

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Maura Tierney Heads to 'The Office,' Dan Byrd Moves to 'Surbugatory' & More TV Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 26th 2011 6:15PM
Maura TierneyMaura Tierney is getting back in the comedy game. After playing some very drama-heavy roles on 'ER,' 'Rescue Me' and 'The Whole Truth,' the 'NewsRadio' veteran will guest star on an episode of 'The Office.'

According to Zap2It, Tierney will play Robert California's wife.

"I'm a big fan of hers," 'Office' showrunner Paul Lieberstein told Zap2It. "I'm very excited."

So far she's only contracted for one episode, but maybe if we wish really hard she'll become a recurring character!

In other casting news ...

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Tommy Loses His Temper During a 9/11 Interview on 'Rescue Me' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 4th 2011 2:37AM
'Rescue Me' - 'Brownies'Well things started off calmly enough this season on 'Rescue Me' (Wed., 10PM ET on FX), and surprisingly the fireworks aren't coming from Tommy's house, even though Sheila has become a constant fixture there.

Instead, it blew up at the firehouse after Tommy's interview went off the rails, and then aired on the news.

In reality, Tommy wasn't saying anything wrong, as the interviewer was asking questions designed to incite a negative reaction in him. He jumped down her throat at the thought of the FDNY being sexist and racist, then railed against the public perception of firefighters in general, before storming out of the interview.

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Tommy Saves Maura Tierney From a Terrible Date on 'Rescue Me' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 28th 2011 2:50AM
'Rescue Me' - 'Press'Tommy Gavin finally sat down for his interview about the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on 'Rescue Me' (Wed., 10PM ET on FX). His first statement? "There are no happy endings."

This was a rather melancholy episode, filled with reflections of those big moments in life, and death. Tommy was called in to save Kelly (Maura Tierney) from a disastrous date with her doctor, only to find out she's awaiting the results of her last round of chemo. Either she's good to go, or it all starts over.

Let's just take a moment to applaud the brilliance of Maura Tierney. We've known for years how great she is, but to come out of a real cancer situation and pour that emotion into this character, who's going through the same thing, was brave.

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8 Stars Fleeing From Cancelled Shows: We Suggest New Gigs

by Jane Murphy, posted Nov 3rd 2010 5:00PM
Recent TV cancellations have left some actors -- up-and-comers and established stars -- stranded. But there's no reason why these actors should be out of work.

Primetime shows just need to follow the lead of the still-breathing soap operas, whose casting directors are picking up actors from canceled shows (Maura West moved from 'As the World Turns' to 'The Young and the Restless'; Kim Zimmer jumped on 'One Life to Live' from 'Guiding Light,' etc.)

So let's take our favorite actors from primetime shows we've lost and plug them into current hits.

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'The Whole Truth': 5 Ways to Show Your Support

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 20th 2010 5:00PM
The Whole Truth
Happy Wednesday! While many of you are looking forward to new episodes of shows such as 'Modern Family' and 'Top Chef: Just Desserts,' there's a little gem that you may have overlooked: ABC's 'The Whole Truth' (Wed., 10PM ET).

Yes, the soap box is coming out once again. By tuning into 'The Whole Truth' tonight, you may be saving the series. Not to harp, but what have you got to lose? We don't want to have to call Detectives Benson and Stabler to arrest you for not giving the Maura Tierney/Rob Morrow series a try because it's a crime if you miss 'The Whole Truth' tonight.

Already a fan? There are ways for you to show ABC you're behind this fledgling series.

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Why You Need to Watch 'The Whole Truth'

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 13th 2010 2:30PM
The Whole Truth
Why should you be watching 'The Whole Truth'? Two words: Maura Tierney.

Yes, the former 'NewsRadio' and 'ER' star Maura Tierney should be enough to get you, loyal reader, to give up an hour of your Wednesday evening to watch 'The Whole Truth' (Wed., 10PM ET on ABC). She's not enough? Fine. What about Tierney's chemistry with Rob Morrow?

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Double Jeopardy on 'The Whole Truth' -- Will the Series Survive? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Oct 7th 2010 8:00AM
Double Jeopardy on 'The Whole Truth' -- Will the Series Survive?'The Whole Truth' (Wed., 10PM ET on ABC) is an odd type of legal drama. Unlike, say, the 'Law & Order' franchise, the show doesn't feature bunch of lawyers who are clearly the good guys.

Instead, 'The Whole Truth' presents us with two equal and opposing viewpoints. Prosecutor Kathryn Peale (Maura Tierney) faces off against defense attorney Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow). But Jimmy and Kathryn both lose as often as they win -- and we're never really sure who to root for.

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

On the latest episode, Jimmy takes the case of Judge Ruben Wright (guest star Judd Hirsch). The judge is accused of committing murder -- while he's in the middle of conducting a trial. Suddenly, the judge is on the other side of the law. The man who sent criminals to jail is now a suspected criminal himself. Judge Wright chooses Jimmy as his lawyer, even though the two of them have a tangled history.

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'The Whole Truth': Judge Likens a Legal Motion to a Coffeemaker (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 30th 2010 11:00AM
Judge Likens a Motion to Coffeemaker on 'Whole Truth''The Whole Truth' (Wed., 10PM ET on ABC) pits attorney Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow) against prosecutor Kathryn Peale (Maura Tierney). They're used to working on opposite sides of the courtroom. But things get unpredictable when eccentric judges are thrown into the mix.

Peale confidently cites a previous case to one judge to prove spousal privilege doesn't apply in that particular situation. In a convoluted way, she sticks to her argument. Brogan tells the judge, "This is logic wrapped in nonsense chasing its own tail."

The whole thing reminds the judge of a coffeemaker her sister bought her "which had way too many bells and whistles ... [But] after reading the directions -- which were remarkably lucid -- I figured it out and it makes a damn good cup of joe."

So ... does this mean the motion is granted?

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'The Whole Truth' Series Premiere: Is There Love Outside the Courtroom? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 23rd 2010 7:00AM
'The Whole Truth' Series Premiere: Is There Love Outside the Courtroom?Can a pair of rivals find a love connection? 'The Whole Truth' (Wed., 10PM ET on ABC) is a legal drama starring Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow -- two TV veterans who are back on the small screen. The actors play sparring lawyers who are on opposite sides of every case and, as might be expected on this type of show, the sparks fly both in and out of the courtroom.

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

Kathryn Peale (Tierney) is a sternly devoted prosecutor who works for the District Attorney's office. Jimmy Brogan (Morrow) is a hot-shot criminal defense lawyer who doesn't seem to care if his clients are guilty or not. Kathryn is kind of uptight, Jimmy is relaxed and "cool." But even though the duo seem like total opposites, they've been friends since their days back in Yale Law School.

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'The Defenders' and 'The Whole Truth' Premiere Reviews: One Law Drama Comes Up a Winner

by Maureen Ryan, posted Sep 22nd 2010 1:00PM
Every year, and this timid fall season is no exception, the broadcast networks build shows around established actors.

Quite often, they're disappointingly contrived and formulaic, as is the case with NBC's 'Outlaw' and 'The Whole Truth' (10PM ET, ABC).

But 'The Defenders' (10PM ET, CBS) which, like those other shows, is a pretty straightforward legal procedural, has a surprising amount of fun with its familiar building blocks.

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Rob Morrow & Maura Tierney Give Me 'The Whole Truth' On Their New Show (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Aug 27th 2010 12:10PM
Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney, 'The Whole Truth'It feels like Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney have both been on TV for ages, and they've both tackled comedy and drama with equal success -- he on 'Northern Exposure' and 'Numb3rs,' and she on 'NewsRadio' and 'ER.'

That's just one reason why their pairing on 'The Whole Truth' (premiering Wed., Sept. 22 at 10PM ET) feels like a match made in heaven. Playing two opposing legal sides in a courtroom, both lawyers are sharp, witty and obviously share an interesting past. (The same couldn't be said for the original pilot, which had 'Nip/Tuck' alum Joely Richardson in the female lead role. So happy Maura was available and healthy enough to step in!)

'The Whole Truth' follows both sides of the trial, with Tierney's by-the-numbers Kathryn Peale prosecuting and Morrow's unorthodox Jimmy Brogan defending. Audiences will get a look at how each side prepares the case and, in the last few moments of the show, find out who or what was really behind the crime. Sound too procedural? Don't let the description and commercials fool you, the series is filled with subtly revealing moments for the leads -- just how close were Peale and Brogan as classmates at Yale Law? -- and the supporting players.

I caught up with Rob and Maura to get their take on this not-always-dramatic legal drama, why it's good that the bad guys sometimes get off, how 'My Cousin Vinny' might help them prep and their phenomenal wishlists for dream guest stars.

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Stand Up 2 Cancer Telethon Lineup Announced

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 19th 2010 11:30AM
Maura TierneySeasoned TV veterans and cancer survivors Christina Applegate and Maura Tierney are among the celebrities who will participate in the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon airing live across various networks on Fri., Sept. 10 at 8PM ET.

According to TV Guide, Stevie Wonder with Natasha Bedingfield, Queen Latifah, Martina McBride, Aaron Neville and Dave Stewart will all perform during the TV special.

ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Bio, Discovery Health, E!, G4, HBO, HBO Latino, MLB Network, mun2, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, The Style Network, TV One and VH1 will carry the telethon live.

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Pilot Watch: 'The Whole Truth'

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 15th 2010 11:17AM
Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney in 'The Whole Truth' on ABC
In our continuing effort to get you ready for the upcoming fall season, we're previewing pilots that were sent to critics earlier this summer.

Keep in mind that in each case, our opinions are based on a pilot that could be completely recast and reworked between now and the fall. This is one of those shows that's radically changed since its original pilot.

Show: 'The Whole Truth'
Network: ABC
Timeslot: Wednesdays, 10PM ET
(Premieres September 22)

The lowdown: Essentially, in this show viewers see the story of a criminal trial from both sides of the aisle. As we switch back and forth between the prosecuting and defense teams, we see how they operate to work the system to their side's advantage. On the defense side is Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow), who grew up in Hell's Kitchen and has a bit of an unorthodox style. Kathryn Peale (Maura Tierney) is a law-and-order prosecutor from New England. As the cases progress, the two lawyers, friends from their Yale Law School days, meet and talk about the law, justice, and the case at hand.

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