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October 6, 2015


TVR Awards -- The Wildest 'Maury' Moments of the Year (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Dec 29th 2010 2:45PM

For the past few weeks, we've been celebrating the most outrageous and silly TV clips of the year with the TV Replay Awards. Now we've arrived at the most absurd category yet, as we salute the year that was in 'Maury' ridiculousness. Povich has pioneered crass, ridiculously entertaining television since his days on 'A Current Affair' in the 80s; his current show is a shameless 'Jerry Springer' knockoff featuring arguing couples, paternity tests, and generally the worst human nature has to offer, every day of the week. These are our choices for the Most Ridiculous 'Maury' Moments of 2010. Watch the videos, vote on your favorite, and then shower thoroughly.

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Holy Maury Mother Of God Blog

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 27th 2010 6:20PM
"The Results Are In!" Holy Maury Mother Of God is the funniest 'Maury'-based site on the Internet.

For nearly 20 years, talk show host Maury Povich has revealed peoples' most intimate secrets on-air. Teen pregnancy, paternity test results, sleeping with your girlfriend's sister, sleeping with your husband's uncle, surprisingly convincing transsexuals, "out of control" teens, lie detector tests and unusual phobias are all displayed for 'Maury's' audience on a weekly basis.

However, what if you don't have the time to watch? Do what we do with our Tumblr account: follow Holy Maury Mother Of God and get the feeling of viewing 60 minutes of 'Maury' in a few clicks.

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Raw Nipples Lead To Another Big 'Maury' Moment (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 17th 2010 5:01PM
Maury'Maury' (weekdays, check local listings) always has a moment when one person is exposed for doing something nasty about another person. A woman finds underwear in a car and strange marks on her fiance's chest and she puts two and two together.

A lie detector test reveals that he's lying about where he got the marks, and the woman has the reaction you'd expect to see on this show.

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Insults Fly During Paternity Test on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Aug 9th 2010 4:30PM
Ah, Maury Povich. What would we do without your paternity test episodes bringing people together?

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'Maury' Guest Tries to Blame Baby on Tiger Woods (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 2nd 2010 4:35PM
MauryIf you watch 'Maury' (weekdays, check local listings) regularly, you know that many shows revolve around women who don't know who the father of their baby is and the blood tests that confirm that another guest is the father or prove that he isn't the father. This one has a little twist to it. The guy actually tries to blame Tiger Woods.

Hey, it's not the worst strategy in the world. With all of the women coming out of the woodwork when it comes to the Woods saga...

By the way, why is the woman dancing at the end?

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A Man Is Actually NOT the Father of a Child on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 26th 2010 9:50PM
A Man Is Actually NOT the Father of a Child on 'Maury'Well, all good things must come to an end. Or, all bad things must come to an end. Either way, something is coming to an end here. Since we started covering 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated) on TV Squad, we've had a perfect, unbroken 100% success rate. Every single episode involved a deadbeat dad who claimed that he was not the father of a woman's child. Then, the dad would take a paternity test -- and every single time, it turned out that the man was the baby's father.

But no more! True, Wendell -- the guest on the latest episode -- seems like the perfect candidate to be a deadbeat dad. He slept with a woman a couple of times, and then she got pregnant. Next, he completely disappeared -- only returning once, on Mother's Day, when he ate all the food in the woman's house, including the baby snacks.

Like every other 'Maury' guest, Wendell says there's no way he could be the father. But then, the results of the paternity test come back, and ... he's actually not the father. Amazing! This has never happened before on 'Maury'! We feel like balloons and streamers should have come down from the ceiling.

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Another 'You Are Not the Father' Guest Goes Wild on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 21st 2010 6:39PM
"Jon, you are not the father."

Man, we're so tired of these jerks. Granted, if you're wrongly accused of being the father of someone's child -- especially if you're married to or living with someone else -- you have a right to be happy. But it seems like the non-fathers in the 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated) paternity cases are trying to outdo each other in their exuberance.

Here we have Jon going nuts when the DNA evidence proves he's not the father to Kallie's baby. He flops all over the stage, then runs up and taunts poor Kallie, who's visibly upset cause now she doesn't know who the real father is.

Man, have a heart.

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Maury's Guest Says That She's a "Dime Piece" -- Huh? Say What Now? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 15th 2010 9:40PM
Maury's Guest Says That She's a 'Dime Piece' -- Huh?  Say What Now?Do you know what a "Dime Piece" means, slang-wise? Think about it for a second. We'll be back with the answer at the end of this column.

Anyhow, where were we? So here we are with the latest episode of 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated). On the new episode, host Maury Povich talks with a young woman whose man is cheating on her with a teenage girl. Michelle is very angry with her fiancée, and with the teenage girl who has been messing around with her fiancée. She is shocked! Very shocked! Michelle is stunned by the fact that anyone could ever reject her.

"He ain't gonna leave me for her!" Michelle says. Then she gets up and starts dancing. "Baby, look at you and look at me!"

While dancing in front of the suddenly hooting crowd, Michelle has this to say -- "Honey, I'm a 'dime piece,' baby!" Then she jiggles around on the stage some more.

So, what is a "Dime Piece"? It's kind of obvious if you think about it for a second. Or not. Anyway, your answer is coming right after the jump ...

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Tax Season Causes People to Cheat on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 14th 2010 7:54PM
More money, more problems.

Maria and Eugene faced off on 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated) because Eugene had been cheating on Maria. He'd been staying out all night and Maria just knew that he had been up to something. "I'm not down with that,' Maria said. "Cause you got a bed at home with mama and I'll take care of him."

When Povich innocently asked Maria what's the worst season for her, he got an earful. "Tax time," Maria said. "Cause when you get a little money in your pocket, you get to flirtin' around and the whores come flockin.' More money, more problems."

"I never heard of this, this is really good," Povich said.

So they administered a lie detector test to Eugene and asked him the question, "Do you cheat on Maria during tax season?"

The answer -- well, let's just say that if you raise taxes, the adultery rate in this country might drop. Congress, are you listening?

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Man Learns He's Not a Baby Daddy on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jul 9th 2010 4:30PM
A man reacts with relief when he discovers he's not a baby daddy on 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated). Actually, the man isn't so much relieved as he is ecstatic. In fact, he acts very much like he's just won a million dollar lottery.

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Accused Cheater Sniffs Panties on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jul 6th 2010 4:00PM
Surely, there are better ways to prove you haven't been cheating than this.

On 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated), a man accused of two-timing sniffs a thong found in the backseat of his car to prove they've never been worn. Classy!

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An Angry Woman Flies Across the Stage on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 1st 2010 9:45PM
An Angry Woman Flies Across the Stage on 'Maury'It's mother versus mother on 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated). Of course, since this is an episode of 'Maury,' the conflict is entirely paternity suit-based. Settle back in your chair for a second while we explain.

First, a girl named Jasmine claims that she gave up her virginity to a man called "M-Dot." And naturally, M-Dot says that he is not the father of the child. But because this is 'Maury,' we're going to break down their claims as follows ... Chances that M-Dot is the dad: 100%. Chances that he's not the dad: 0%.

Sure enough, the results of the test come back, and M-Dot is the dad. But meanwhile, as the test results are coming out, Jasmine is busy getting in a fight with M-Dot's mom.

M-Dot's mother Tina has come on the show to defend the supposed "honor" of her son. So she screams clever things about Jasmine -- such as, for example, "She's a liar!" ... Good one! Then, Tina and Jasmine just start cursing at each other.

So far, this is all pretty much par for the course. But then, Jasmine attempts a flying jump-attack across the stage at Tina. It just sort of comes out of nowhere. Impressive! We're used to fighting on this show, but Jasmine shows some unexpected 'Matrix'-style kung fu skills.

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Negative DNA Test Makes This Young Man Jump for Joy on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 28th 2010 6:40PM
Here's one happy dude.

Issac, Lisa and Lisa's family were awaiting the results of a DNA paternity test on 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated) and when Maury Povich revealed that Issac was not the father of Lisa's baby, the 19-year-old jumped for joy -- literally running up and down the stage, doing hand stands, and generally getting so exited that the audience also went wild.

Issac is so happy, in fact, that we suspect he's gonna go out and celebrate big time -- by sowing his oats, perhaps?

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Maury Digs His Guests' Faithfulness Contract (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 22nd 2010 7:59PM
Here's the burning question on everyone's mind today: "Did my sister-in-law sleep with my husband?"

On Tuesdays 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated), Povich held up a contract in which hubby Cedric agreed that if he ever cheated on his wife, Cherie, he would move out. Povich was impressed. "You are the first person to come to this show with a signed contract" he said to her. "You made Cedric sign a contract," he said .... which basically said that if Cedric didn't pass a lie detector test ... he would move out of Cherie's house ASAP.

"During your entire relationship with Cherie have you ever had any sexual contact with any other woman," Povich asked. Cedric said no. And the lie detector said ....

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A Cheating Fiancée Is Caught on Tape on 'Maury' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 17th 2010 9:30PM
A Cheating Fiancée Is Caught on Tape on 'Maury'Let us pause now to appreciate the mighty works of mankind. Man has built the enormous pyramids, scaled the heights of Mount Everest, even walked on the surface of the moon. But on the negative side of the equation, mankind has also created 'Maury' (weekdays, syndicated) -- the daily talk show that exposes cheating fiancées to the jeers and boos of the audience.

And so, here we go again. Nicole thinks that her fiancée Josh is cheating on her. Josh vehemently denies that this is the case. Oh, simple, foolish Josh.

In order to test him, Maury sticks Josh in the green room, where he is approached by a sexy female "decoy." Josh not only instantly admits to cheating on Nicole, but then he starts hitting on the decoy. "You have pretty eyes," he says to her. Oh, Josh -- you idiot.

It gets worse from there. Josh then invites the decoy to join him in a hot tub. "What are you gonna wear in the hot tub?" she asks. " ... Nothing," he replies. Yuck!

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