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October 4, 2015


Bones: The Verdict in the Story - VIDEO

by Richard Keller, posted May 6th 2008 1:06AM

(S03E13)"Friends don't let friends' fathers go to the electric chair." -- Angela, on why she wouldn't testify against Bones' dad

Doubt. A word that many of us use in some context at least once a day. We don't doubt it, we doubt it happened or, used in a positive manner, we prove that there isn't any doubt about it. In the legal world the word has a much more powerful connotation. Should a shred of doubt exist during a criminal trial, there is always that slim chance that the judge or jury will see past the crime of the defendant and rule in the opposite manner.

Sometimes, the physical evidence that the prosecution provides is the reason for doubt. Other times, it is the testimony of the witnesses that causes the judge or jury to think. Then, there are those times where doubt is seeded by the team of lawyers who are trying to get their client off.

Finally, there are those very rare occasions where the doubt is provided by the client's daughter. Guess which type of doubt was used in this week's episode of Bones?


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Bones: The Killer in the Concrete

by Richard Keller, posted Apr 4th 2007 10:01PM

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel of Bones

(S02E18) Organized crime in West Virginia? Who'd of thunk it! Oh, and cement is actually an ingredient in concrete. That's good to know.

A satisfying episode all around, especially after some of the soap opera that seeped into last week's show. It was Booth's turn to be abducted this time (Bones was kidnapped way back in 'Aliens in a Spaceship', which aired earlier this season.). Nothing as drastic as being buried alive, like Bones and Jack were. Just your normal, everyday abduction and torture. It was good to get away from the usual 'mystery of the week' format, particularly when many of you out there were solving the crimes halfway through the program.

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