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October 8, 2015


'NCIS' Casts Melinda McGraw as Gibbs' Ex-Wife

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 29th 2011 6:55AM
Melinda McGrawSenior Special Agent Jethro Gibbs' penchant for marrying redheads has long been a source of humor on 'NCIS,' and this season we'll finally get to meet one of his ex-wives, the oft-mentioned Diane.

According to TVGuide.com, 'Mad Men' alum -- and redhead -- Melinda McGraw will guest star as Diane on an episode called 'Devil's Triangle,' airing in early November.

She'll be joined by Joe Spano, who plays her character's other ex-husband (and Gibbs' best friend), FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell.

"Imagine being the ex-wife of both Gibbs and FBI Agent Fornell," says 'NCIS' executive producer Gary Glasberg.

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Hank is truly painful to watch

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 15th 2009 2:03PM
Kelsey Grammer and Melinda McGraw of HankLet me give you a quick inside look at how things operate here in online entertainment journalism land: ABC sent us an invite to talk to Kelsey Grammer (and his co-star Melinda McGraw) during the same whirlwind "defending Hank" tour that Bob mentioned in his post yesterday. As much as I wanted to talk to Grammer, the conditions just didn't seem to be right.

For one, we would have had maybe ten minutes to talk to him. For another, he'd be defending a show that is a) terrible and b) on the verge of being cancelled. I want to talk to Grammer about comedy, Frasier, Cheers, his heart attack, and lots of other stuff. I wasn't particularly interested in him telling me how good he thinks Hank is for the whole interview.

But, when he told The TV Addict that last night's episode was going to be funny, it got me curious; maybe they had figured things out and made a leap in quality. So I tuned into last night's episode. I wish I hadn't.

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