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October 7, 2015

Miami Dolphins

Did the flex schedule boomerang on the NBC football game?

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 7th 2009 4:15PM
tom_brady_nflAbout 18 million or so folks tuned in to NBC's Sunday Night Football Game last night, the Minnesota Vikings versus the Arizona Cardinals. That's a really good number, but it wasn't the boffo bonanza NBC had in mind when they used the NFL flex schedule option to choose Bret Favre over Tom Brady.

When I wrote about the flex schedule last week, a lot of reader comments said that NBC decision made perfect sense because the Vikings-Card game would be a bigger draw than the Patriots-Dolphins.

Well, guess what happened? The Favre game turned out to be a bust. The Cardinals, led by Kurt Warner, shredded the Vikings and won handily 30-17. It wasn't close and the ratings diminished from the second half on.

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NBC chooses Brett Favre over Tom Brady

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 25th 2009 8:29PM
nbc_football_night_in_americaOne of the perks NBC has over the other networks when it comes to its football coverage is what's called the flex schedule. Unlike CBS and Fox and ESPN which get the games that are scheduled months in advance without regard for ideal match ups, NBC has the option of plucking a better game for the Sunday Football Night in America broadcast. Hence the term, flex, as in flexible.

Thus far this season, NBC has had three chances to flip the switch and passed. However, on December 6, NBC has chosen a Vikings/Cardinals game over a Pats/Dolphins match.

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An open letter to ESPN's Bob Griese

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 1st 2009 11:13AM
Bob_Griese_Miami_DolphinsDear Bob,

I'm writing you because I read in Dan LeBatard's column today that you've had a horrible week since your slip-up on national television last weekend. You know, that comment about a taco and NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya during the ESPN football broadcast you were calling? It was definitely a bad joke and some people have gone so far as to suggest that you're a racist for having said it.

I don't think you're a racist based on this incident. Neither does LeBatard. I think you're not a very funny person. You were a great quarterback. You've been an excellent analyst of college football. But you're no Shecky Greene when it comes to off-the-cuff guffaws.

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Burn Notice: Hot Spot

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 30th 2009 10:29AM
"The one who burned you is closer than you think." -- Fiona

A year ago, the idea of anybody doing anything for a pair of 50-yard line tickets to watch the Miami Dolphins play football would have been a joke. Fortunately for Burn Notice, the Fins won the AFC East and are relevant again. Therefore, Sam's Good Samaritan act -- which got a major boost when Fiona got involved -- had a decent payoff, beyond the idea of them doing something nice for a friend.

Were you thinking Men in Black when you saw Fiona, Sam and Michael in their uniform black suits complete with sunglasses and heavy weaponry? They really do find a way to make the three of them seem like a much more formidable force. Even more than the old Mission: Impossible team, Michael, Fiona and Sam are like the IMF trio deluxe, with each of them more than able to handle adversity. More on that adversity after the jump.

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Dan Marino will NOT be Dancing with the Stars

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 7th 2008 2:43PM
D MarinoI knew it! In fact, in the comments to Bob's post about who was rumored to be booked for the new season of Dancing with the Stars, I wrote the following: "I love Dan Marino. He's always been one of my all time favorites, but he was known for his arm and quick release, not his footwork!! If Danny is one of the contestants, only his blue eyes will keep him on past round one. I think In Touch is out of touch about this name!"

Well, today Dan Marino's spokesman officially denied the rumor. While Dan was watching the Miami Dolphins scrimmage, his rep told the press that for every year since the show began, Dancing with the Stars has invited Dan Marino to find the dancer in his soul, and every year he's turned them down. Good for Dan.

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Budweiser: "Jay-Z and Don Shula"

by Brett Love, posted Feb 4th 2007 9:54PM

I really liked this commercial. Jay-Z and Don Shula are playing what I like to think of as Madden 2015. The animation for the game on the table was very cool, and they get extra points for pairing these two up. That's a nice bit of casting, especially given that the Superbowl is in Miami this year.

I'm a little disappointed with the outcome of the game. Come on, Jay-Z's cool and all, but this is Don Shula. 1972. Undefeated. Etc. He can't lose to Jay-Z. The gorgeous model that cost him the game by blowing his field goal back was a nice touch though.

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